What flowers are there in December? Top cut flowers for winter.

Cut flowers can bring a real sense of pizzaz to the home anytime of the year, whether you are cozying down in your garden room over Christmas or hosting a beautiful buffet in the dining room for New Year’s.

Some people mistakenly think cut flowers are only beautiful in the spring and summer, however you’ll find more than enough to make a stunning bouquet all the year around, especially in Autumn and Winter.

Seasonal flowers in December


Amaryllis are an elegant eye-catcher and have high season in the winter months. The extraordinary flowers with their velvety look can be combined with accessories and give your decoration a delicate touch of glamour.


Proteen are very popular at the moment with their impressive flower size. In bridal bouquets at boho weddings they must not be missing, they can be combined there great with eucalyptus and ornamental grasses. The South African exotic also scores with a particularly good durability.


The sympathetic flower you can now find in numerous finishes and colors. Whether classic, long-stemmed as with the French tulips, with filled flower or as parrot tulip. With them you can give your wedding decoration a dreamlike exclusive look.

Ilex branches

Ilex branches are wonderfully suited to a wintry wedding decoration. The stems can be combined well to amaryllis or roses and loosen up your arrangement.

South African flowers

With South African flowers you give your decoration a modern and exclusive charm. Create a special flair on your wedding with these expressive exotics.

Kangaroo paws

Let me guess – you didn’t know about this flower variety? Then you missed something! Kangaroo paws also known as Anigozanthos are among the tropical beauties. Their velvety flowers stand out and give an interesting charm. They also impress with their exceptionally good durability.


Greenery you should definitely plan into your flower decoration. Most flowers only really come into their own when they are surrounded by some greenery. In November you can choose from a rich assortmentfor your wedding here. Eucalyptus is a great evergreen, but also fresh sage and holm oak are beautiful seasonal green co-works. There you have it! Make sure you keep your eyes open and you’ll find some wintery delights to include in your arrangements!

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