What does SEO mean? What is important in modern society?

The modern world is increasingly immersed in digital waters. Many stores, magazines, businesses, etc. are moving to virtual space. In order to properly manage these businesses, their internal optimization needs to be streamlined. So, in this article you will find basic answers about SEO.

What does SEO mean?

According to, SEO means is a process during which a website is optimized to be properly displayed on a search engine based on what people are looking for, in other words, the keywords that they use.
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Why is it important to optimize your page?

Every day, new content appears on the Internet to grab the attention of searchers. As research shows through SEO tools, the TOP 5 Google results receive more than 70 percent of all the clicks. For this reason, many business owners want that their website would be seen as high as possible based on the queries from people who search.

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Who can benefit from SEO?

If your products or services are being searched for on the internet, website optimization will definitely be useful for your business.

Of course, if your market is mostly non-internet based, there is a huge chance that your SEO spending will not pay off. Before ordering SEO services from a specialist, we highly recommend conducting a keyword research based on the topic of your website.

What can an SEO specialist do?

  • Fix SEO gaps on the website
  • Improve a website’s rankings in organic search results
  • Increase the number of visitor from organic search results
  • Perform an internal website audit
  • Perform an external website audit
  • Identify problems within a site

What an SEO specialist cannot do?

  • Be responsible for your conversion metrics
  • Improve your website’s rankings overnight
  • Be responsible for your sale numbers (offline or online)

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SEO methods

Disallowed methods to optimize a website are in general called “black hat” methods. For the use of these methods, a website can receive an automatic or manual filter from search engines. In recent years, Google updated its algorithm many times in order to make SEO competition more fair, and that is why a number of websites were heavily penalized for the use of old SEO methods.

Manual penalties are given to websites from Google employees responsible for such matters (assessors). Usually, the site’s owner is informed about the punishment through the webmaster’s panel.

Black hat SEO method examples:

  • Links from unrelated websites
  • Automatic link publishing
  • Re-optimization of commercial anchors
  • Duplicate content
  • Invisible text or links
  • Links from link farms

Website optimization methods specified and encouraged by Google are called “white hat” methods.  The use of such methods guarantees that a website will not receive any penalties from search engines, though it is often the longest way for a site towards the top of search results.

White hat SEO methods examples:

  • Links from topically relevant websites
  • Orderly internal optimization
  • Social signals
  • Original content
  • Content relevant to the topic of the website
  • Content made for people, not search engine bots

In conclusion

In this article we discussed what SEO is and who benefits it. You don’t have to be afraid of innovation and technology to improve because you never know, maybe it’s your niche.

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