What does Exness offer that stands out to competitors

Thinking about wanting to make up your investment portfolio? There must be numerous questions going through your head right now regarding educating yourself in regards to the financial market. Knowing where and how to start from. 

Well fret not, whenever it comes to picking out a brokerage firm for your funds, one should tally in certain things such as the authenticity of the firm, how trusted they are by their current clients, do they provide effective customer support and much more. 

In this article, we will break down why Exness might be the choice for your trading preferences in 2021. 

About Exness

Exness is a brokerage firm that was founded back in 2008, and within a span of 13 years it has risen to become one of the most reputable trading firms. Exness has gained its reputation among its clients due to certain authoritative bodies encircling its financial activities. 

It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority body (FCA) and Cyprus Securities and exchange. This one of many perks it offers due to which it has gained so much popularity; it happens to offer several favourable account types and financial indicators that are applicable to certain strategies upon execution. 

Features Exness Offers

Exness is appreciated by traders and clients alike because of its features which are as follows:

Ease of Deposits and Withdrawals of funds  

Whenever someone engages in trading; there are some questionable traits when it comes to transactions of funds. 

The company offers 24/7 services in regards to that which is why clients funds are instantly transferred in and out of their accounts without any troubles, this proves beneficial for an exness broker as well since they can easily manage funds for the client.  

Coverage of Negative Balance

Trading comes with certain risk, when a trader executes strategies with leverage there might be downside of having your holding capital turn negative. In such scenarios, exness tends to set the trader’s balance to zero. Hence, this negates the need to deposit more funds to set the negative capital balance. 

Flexible low spreads

This is another great benefit offered by the business – Spreads tend to start from 0 pips (pips are the changes in the decimal values of a currency) and average around 0.1-0.3 for standard or mini accounts. 

Trading information and News

When you commence trading, it is crucial for you to be aware of financial reports and changes in the monetary and fiscal policies around the world. The Dow Jones market is linked to the trading center of exness and offers data and news directly to the trading profiles of clients as well as traders. 

Flexibility in Leverage 

Trading through Exness allows traders to indulge in margin trading, which allows them to leverage their capital fund to higher market exposure. For some clients there might be certain increments ranging from 1:30 to 1:10. For most, leverage is unlimited. 

Exness Security and Reliability

Traders need a safe and reliable trading environment to make sure interruptions or crashes do not hinder trading strategies. This is crucial for algorithm trading – since any crashes in the software can lead to catastrophic failures. 

Exness takes full custody in case of such breakout since it is regulated by the FCA and CySEC and ensures that it carries out its duties without any loopholes of any sort. 

Educational Tools 

Exness has its own Exness Academy, which provides support and education to thousands of traders throughout the world. Learning materials have been produced based on the amount of experience and cover the essentials from the start, as well as providing further development by learning how to manage risks more effectively and finishing with practise.

Exness offers a free Demo account, as well as Dow Jones financial news, instructional tools, and Web TV with the most recent changes. Exness organises their information base and invests in the development of its traders. As a result, Exness’ expert teams offer active traders a one-stop shop for powerful instruments.

Customer Experience

In addition to preferable trading circumstances, you will benefit from advanced assistance, which includes customer service in 13 languages available 24/7 and help in English and Chinese and other notable spoken languages 24/7. Exness has received excellent ratings for its customer service and is well-known in the financial sector.

Recognition and Awards

Exness has received numerous awards and recognitions over its existence, honouring its achievements in areas such as customer satisfaction, trading technology, and overall rankings.

Exness currently supports Real Madrid, the world’s top football team, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the best football player alive.

Final Note

Exness is a transparent brokerage firm that is completely licenced by multiple countries and has been acknowledged for its accomplishments and high operational standards on a timely basis.It is tremendously regulated and operates a secure, streamlined buying and selling surroundings. investors can pick to apply the famous MT4 or MT5 platforms, and enjoy access from web-pages and through mobile applications as well.

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