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What do you know about Steven Assanti



Steven Assanti is famously associated with the TLC show ‘My 600lb Life” with his brother Justin Assanti. He is a married man now.  We all know that he appeared for the show on the TLC My 600lb Life in season 5, viewers didn’t like the show and Steven Assanti gathered lots of anger. On the show, he was weighing 734 lb and the surgeon took over him obviously for medical reasons. However, unlike the exceptions, where the stature of a man like him should have cooperated with the doctor, but that wasn’t the case with him, as he cheated on his diets and was throwing tantrums every now and then. Later, as the episodes ended, he was taken to the rehabilitation center after a sleeve surgery was performed on him. 

Something about Steven Assanti

After ending of the show, the Assanti brothers were no more associated with each other. Usually, a reaction from Steven was awaited, but he was unavailable on various social media platforms. While his brother Justin Assanti was very much present on social media and started to lose more 200 lb weight. Later on, there was the news, about Steven getting married to a lady namely Stephanie Sanger who was a licensed massage therapist from Iowa in 2018. 

Who is Steven Assanti’s wife – Stephanie Sanger?

Stephanie Sanger who was a forty two year mother of a teenage daughter was born and raised in Iowa. After her graduation, she has started to work as a licensed massage therapist. The couple secretly tied the knot in 2018. Steven is living with Stephanie and her daughter.

What do you know about Stephen Assanti?

Steven’s brother isn’t in any contact with him. However, his father is in touch. Before, getting married, Stephanie dated for a while and soon took the decision of marrying her. The wedding ceremony was very secret and confidential and was only attended by bride and groom.

Initially, Steven’s family was showing reluctance for him getting married to her, but with time relented and his father eventually gave green signal to the relations. Quite like her husband, Stephanie also opted to be out of limelight. However, one can find several of their photos while browsing through Facebook. 

How the union of Steven and Stephanie did come into existence?

Stephanie first looked at Steven on a show and it took her little time to announce to the media that she is actually in love with him. She went on to say, that she has already found a soul mate in him. Stephanie Sanger said that both of them started to chat through social media and soon through an online video chat, where they developed an instant connection. As the show ended, there was an announcement from his father that Steven is moving to Iowa to be with his girl friend. Although, as per the version coming from the father, he thought that the relationship wasn’t going to work out, but that wasn’t the case, as the couple got married soon. 

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How to Download Shows Officially



Download Shows Officially

The credit for taking successful and progressive changes in media and amusement mostly visits the legit sites that provide their clients and visitors with a sufficient amount of entertainment. The websites supply the clients with 1000s of shows which they are able to view online. They have also presented them with the features of downloading such flicks on their PC’s therefore that people may watch their preferred shows whenever want they desire. The issues linked to the lack of flicks on the market or stores have already been resolved by such websites which supply the people with the rarest and earliest shows which have been released even in the international countries.

Persons can find it very necessary for themselves to download flicks at their houses without having to invest needless income on highly charged DVD shows that could either be bought or hired from retail shops. They don’t need to concern themselves with paying some extra on their vehicle gasoline merely because of their small and frequent visits to retail stores. Occasionally the stores have reached a good range and visiting them mightn’t be therefore inexpensive for you personally and your family. So, what’s more of good use than watching your chosen movie or video show at home, sitting before your Pc or TV and have the movie saved in a short time. You can watch your individual beloved shows any time by keeping the saved record and you don’t need to book the exact same movie every time. Equally, you might end up returning from the store bare given merely as the store has run in short supply of the movie or flick that you wanted. The web movie websites provide their people and movie fans with a countless number of movies. Even the international shows could be saved from some properly reputed and trusted websites that provide the films in an official way.

By subscribing to a great movie site that offers shows along with a number of entertaining video clips, one can access 1000s of shows and by pure clicking, they can view such shows online via live streaming. For such purposes, a great web connection is needed with a secure pace in order to stream the video or the movie efficiently. Moreover, online movie, download features may also be accessible via appropriate subscription to such legit sites. Still another benefit of the genuine online movie websites is why these websites are devoid of any type of malware or harmful worms that could cause potential or even the smallest of difficulty for your PC like slowing it down or corrupting the Hard disk drive data. So, these appropriate movie websites are fully safe to make use of and you won’t get your PC get infected whereas pirated websites that provide P2P (Peer to Peer) record sharing frequently transfer infected records to your computer.

Moreover, the web movie websites that provide the people with unlimited amount of shows also provide the people with the feature of downloading the movie in just about any structure they like. The movie quality is convertible too. Persons may download the films in HD quality. The high definition quality mainly includes two kinds of promises nowadays which are the720p decision and the 1080p resolution. Besides HD downloads; DVD quality shows may also be downloadable here at some very nice appropriate movie portals. It’s possible to also get the films in FLV or mp4 quality for his particular purpose. The films may instantly be viewed on line in just about any structure or type too. It has undoubtedly made the features of equally watching and downloading from the exact same appropriate site, interesting and appealing. People who get alternatives of Microsoft Windows may also get such shows designed for downloads on their units or Pc’s too. With a great personal computer and requirements, one can view on line HD shows quickly without any interruptions or slowdowns.

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Direct web slots do not go through agents.

We always hear that choosing to play an online slot game website to play directly on the web Without going through any of the agents, players are encouraged to play with specific websites not exceeding the agents. This method is fun and has many benefits. It starts with the luxury of a gambler who has easy access to a wide variety of betting options.

All menus are designed for quick use, smooth gameplay, and player support. Playing in a casino without agents Because the website is designed to make it easy for players to use. Of course, he is not just focusing on website design. But it also helps to increase deposit debt, withdrawals and various financial transactions. It supports Thai baht and Thailand’s leading banks. In addition to communicating directly with online employees Not only through an agent, but also with customer service.

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Asset-Based Lending: 4 Solid Reasons to Refinance Your Fleet



Refinance Your Fleet

Getting the right kind of funding is vital to your growing trucking and hauling business but qualifying for small business loans isn’t always easy. The biggest banks have tough lending criteria that can be difficult to meet, especially if you’re a relatively new player on the block.

A young business faces unique funding challenges due to its age. You may have less credit history than an established company that’s been in operation for decades, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less responsible with your finances or your need for financing is any less mission-critical to your success.

Luckily, asset-based lending provides an alternative route to funding with fewer barriers. It’s a refinancing process that leverages the assets you already own, allowing you to use your trusted fleet as collateral to unlock better rates and terms.

If you’re tired of getting denied for funding, keep scrolling to uncover the reasons why you should consider asset-based lending seriously.

1. A Streamlined Experience

Asset-based lending cuts through the annoying red tape slowing down most small business loans. This process doesn’t require an in-depth review of your past financial history. Rather, it focuses on the here and now by assessing the equity in your equipment.

You’ll want to find asset-based lending services for companies in your industry, as they’ll have insider experience with fleet management and equipment financing.

2. Lock into Lower Interest Rates

Did you lock into a loan only to realize the rates plummeted the year after you borrowed money? Ordinarily, you would be too late to capitalize on this opportunity, but asset-based lending companies can help you tap into these savings.

Refinancing through these companies usually involves taking out a new loan or line of credit to pay off an existing loan or line of credit. Since you’ll be using your fleet as collateral, you’ll be able to renegotiate your interest rates and snag a lower rate.

You can also use this opportunity to evaluate whether you want to choose a fixed or variable rate. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which option would pay off over the long-term. If you work with an experienced asset-based lending company, their representatives will take the time to understand your budget and the market trends to share informed guidance at every step of the way.

3. Reduce Your Monthly Payments

Refinancing a lower interest rate means less interest will accrue over your loan’s overall life time. Alternatively, you can ask asset-based lending companies to extend your terms to give you more time to pay off what you owe.

Together or alone, these steps will reduce your monthly payments. By reducing what you pay into your debts each month, you’ll have additional cash flow to reinvest into your company, giving you the chance to make these exciting business moves:

  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Paying off or consolidating debt
  • Making essential repairs to your existing fleet
  • Expanding staff
  • Settling outstanding tax payments

Using Your Equipment Equity to Unlock Financing

Although traditional small business loans may be hard to unlock, they aren’t your only option. If you have equity in trucks, other vehicles, or heavy equipment, you can use this to refinance what you have to get the money you need.

Between lower interest rates, increased cash flow, and a convenient experience, refinancing offers a smarter path to funding for small businesses.

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Closing Your Summer Cottage for the Off-Season



Summer Cottage

As the heat waves end and the leaves slowly begin to change, it’s easy to recognize the signs that Summer has come to an end, and so with it, the prime summertime at the cottage.

Since the Fall can be a busy time, especially with school beginning and getting back into regular schedules, trekking up to the cottage for frequent use is less likely, and it’s time to begin preparing it for off-season closure.

And while those seeking cottages with year-round usage can try looking to buy a cottage in Gravenhurst, here are some tips to closing your season cottage in the meantime.

Check the Plumbing

Cottages can be prone to septic issues, especially the older ones. If your cottage uses a septic system, make sure to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines. If the septic is not used year-round, it is important to establish a regular maintenance schedule to prevent costly repairs. Call in a professional if you think it’s due for an inspection, lest you be greeted with an unpleasant surprise come reopening time. Consult your local sanitation company to discuss how often you should have the tank pumped based on your usage.

Additionally, make sure that all your water pipes are turned off and drained, if possible, especially if your cabin is in a colder climate. This will help to prevent any pipes from freezing and bursting come winter. 

Clean the Gutters

If your cottage is in an area with many trees, your gutters can get clogged up by the leaves and sticks, which can lead to water backing up under your shingles, causing water damage to your roof and exterior walls. However, it’s best to save this step to the end of Fall to avoid any redundancy of further leaves falling and creating a new blockage.

Check the Roof

Summer storms and windy days may have caused some damage that has gone unnoticed. The off-season can be full of wet weather — Fall can bring rain, then winter brings the weight of the snow, which then melts only for Spring to bring more rain. It’s a good idea to inspect your roofing for any flaws or weak points that may be susceptible to leakage and address them.

Critter Proof

The outdoors is home to many wild critters, and they’ll be looking for a place to stay warm during winter. It’s preferable they stay out of your home as they can cause unwanted damage and mess, so check your cottage’s outer perimeters, and look for any openings where small animals might sneak in. This also means making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed and covering your chimney if you have one. Clearing your pantry and fridges of any food (even the canned ones) will also help reduce attracting any animals and insects and keep the house smelling fresh.

Unplug the Appliances

Depending on how advanced your cottage is, it’s not advisable to entirely turn off its power during the winter, as it will still require a working sump pump, alarms and cameras, and exterior lighting. However, unplugging your appliances and anything else in the walls can help save you money on the energy bills and cut down on any chances of electrical fires.

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Why You Need a Seat Cushion for Your Office Chair




It’s no secret that sitting for prolonged periods of time has a negative effect on your back and body. And with so many people suffering from back problems, it’s important to take steps to prevent damage to your spine and more.

If you sit in an office chair on a daily basis, you could be causing harm to your health and well-being. It’s just one of the many reasons why you need a seat cushion for your office chair. When you treat your back to the support it needs, you will enjoy lasting benefits.

Less Pain

In what is likely most people’s number one complaint, sitting for extended periods causes immense pain and discomfort that worsens the longer you do it. If you are currently struggling with back pain, getting a seat cushion for your office chair will help alleviate pain and make sitting more tolerable.

When you invest in and use a seat cushion regularly, you will benefit from reduced pain in your hips, lower back (lumbar), coccyx, and legs. That’s a lot of potential relief that you should not ignore. A seat cushion stands to provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

People with back problems like sciatica pain or herniated discs need to reduce the pressure on their spines. Of course, sitting aggravates such conditions and makes them worse. The good news is that you can combat this issue by using a seat cushion. 

More Energy

Do you often find yourself feeling run down and worn out at your desk? It’s a common problem for many people, but one that you can overcome. As you’ll discover in a moment, seat cushions promote healthy blood flow, which in turn allows for better energy levels.

Not only that, but sitting up straight and having the proper support go a long way in keeping you feeling energized and alive. Don’t let yourself fall victim to low energy levels. You may be surprised to learn that you can fight them with a simple investment in a seat cushion. 

Better Circulation

This is one that shocks many people when they hear it, but it’s true. Sitting for long periods does indeed affect your circulation. Your back and legs suffer the most, as they don’t get adequate blood flow when you’ve been seated for a long stretch of time. 

Thankfully, you can restore your blood flow to optimal, healthy levels with the assistance of a seat cushion. This is because seat cushions keep your body in a position and posture that complements healthy blood flow. 

Improved Posture

And speaking of posture, seat cushions do a wonderful job of making sure your back and body are where they need to be to promote excellent posture. As you sit, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy posture. 

That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to improve your posture. A seat cushion serves to help maintain your posture so that pressure on your spine is minimized. With reduced compression, you will feel less pain and have the energy to be more productive.

Moreover, improved posture makes it easier to remain seated for extended periods. If your job dictates that you must work at a desk for eight hours a day, you’re going to need more than coffee to help you stay energized and focused. The solution is a seat cushion.

Digestion Correction 

If you do have to sit for eight hours a day, there’s a very real possibility that your digestive health is out of whack. This can include anything from heartburn to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You might also suffer from constipation, diarrhea, cramping, or other pains.

You have a lot of stress put on you when you’re stuck in a chair for so long. But you can take steps to relieve this stress by investing in a seat cushion. Getting your digestion back on track will help you in profound ways, from feeling better overall to boosting your energy levels.

What’s more, it can help relieve back pain, making it easier to sit at your desk and accomplish your tasks as required. 

Get a Seat Cushion and Experience the Difference

You don’t have to let your office chair keep you from bettering yourself. When you take the right steps, you can enjoy pain relief, comfort, and so much more. It all starts with investing in a seat cushion. The benefits are irrefutable and will help you feel and function at your highest level.  

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