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What Do We Want To See In Mario Kart 9?



The Mario Kart franchise was launched all the way back in 1992 with the Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992, but was really launched into the stratosphere of popularity following the releases of Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64, Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS and Mario Kart Wii for the Nintendo Wii in 1996, 2005 and 2008 respectively.

The success of the series has essentially kickstarted the crossover karting subgenre of video games, and there’s now a real sense of Nintendo having to produce a Mario Kart title every time they release a console or system, rather than it actually being something they want to make or not. 

Both Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Home Tour continued to strike a good tune with fans and critics alike, but what features would we love to see come into play whenever Mario Kart 9 releases?

Double Dash’s Two Racers Per Kart

Mario Kart Double Dash!! was released back in October 2003 for the Nintendo Gamecube, and is still easily the most original and wacky-feeling the franchise has ever been. The pushed in camera, drifting mechanics and quicker pace were unlike anything the series has ever replicated, the tracks were more ambitious than the three games released previously, and the game’s unique feature of two racers per kart, although divisive to some, was certainly a new and interesting addition. 

The first and still the only time the series has utilised this feature, Double Dash!! was designed with this feature in mind. With one racer steering and one using items, Double Dash!! really brought with it a skill gaming element by getting players to really work hard at mastering the switching between roles, and strategizing about when they should be using items. 

It’s quirky enough of a feature that it probably couldn’t justify being a headline feature front and centre of a new release, but it would be good to see two racers per kart make a return in some form in the future. Even as an extra game mode or a bit of bonus material, it would inject the series with something new, raise the skill ceiling a little higher than before and really improve the replay value of the title. 

DS’ Mission Mode

Despite being on a handheld system in the mid 2000s, Mario Kart DS bundled in arguably more content than any other game in the series to date. An extensive roster of characters were playable with, karts could be customised with a player’s very own emblem, time trials and grand prixs once again returned, sixteen retro tracks were added to double the amount of tracks available from Double Dash!!, an online multiplayer was available, battle mode had two unique variants and was fully customisable and included retro tracks, however undoubtedly the most unique inclusion in DS was the single player mission mode. 

The Mario Kart franchise has always had a patchy record when it comes to its playability for single players, but this mode managed to almost single handedly make it the best in the series for those gaming solo. 

These missions were never anything wild, with most of them tasking players with driving through a number of gates or pick up a certain amount of coins on one of the courses from the game, but there were an absolute plethora of them to burn through and the game did even manage to throw in a couple of unique stages and boss enemies reused from Super Mario 64 DS. 

Nintendo obviously understood the potential of this mode and how much the fans loved this feature, with the company attempting to include follow ups in DS’ sequel, Mario Kart Wii. An online challenge mode was introduced on the Mario Kart Wii channel that was updated every week and there were plans for an offline singleplayer mode to return, but sadly time restraints meant this was never finished. 

And that is pretty much the closest the franchise has ever been to Mission Mode making its long awaited return. Mario Kart 7 and neither of the Mario Kart 8 ports featured the same amount of content as what had come on the DS. 

It’s a feature that just adds so much replayability for solo players to sink their teeth into and lends itself exceptionally well to the handheld systems out there in particular.

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DRAGON222 Online Slots | List of Trusted Online Gambling Sites



DRAGON222 Online Slot is an alternative link from  trusted online  gambling sites as one of the places you should visit. Why? Because there are various types of the most complete online  gambling games. Also, it can be played online according to its website. After all, there is currently a trend or era of playing online slot  games that is no less exciting than other games. Because Indonesian online slot games can make real money profits. 

As we know, playing fruit arcade games online is one of the most sought after things by people. Because it has the convenience of generating real profits. In addition, playing DRAGON222 online slots is a way to fill  spare time or pass time. In addition, it can provide entertainment and enhance the atmosphere. 

2021 Trusted Online  Gambling Site  in Indonesia 

Now, the Trusted Online Slot Agent DRAGON222 itself is one of the lists of trusted online gambling sites. Helping you when you want to play the Play1628 online slot machine with big prizes. Who is not familiar with Indonesian online slot  games, identical to the casino as a place of entertainment offered. 

Previously there were many gambling sites, leading casinos that provided casino games and online slots for real money. This is why many are looking for casinos, but it is considered quite a hassle, online slot games are only provided for a few. Finally, the newest online slot agent itself brings new innovations by becoming a trusted online  gambling site that provides the best online slot games. 

You can now play all kinds of online slot  games and choose your own by going to a reputable online  gambling site. There are many games that can be played on the list of the best and most trusted online gambling sites, such as: 

  •  Joker123 
  •  Pragmatic Play 
  •  Playtech 
  •  Habanero 
  •  Microgaming 
  •  Spadegaming 
  •  RTG 
  •  Flow Gaming 
  •  Slot88 
  •  One Touch 
  •  YGG Drasil 
  •  PG Soft 
  •  Play`n Go 
  •  CQ9 Slot

If everything is mentioned here, there must be a lot and maybe the members themselves will be confused to see it. Because there are still many games that you can play with the online slot agent DRAGON222. 

List of the Latest and Most Trusted Joker123 Slot Gambling Sites

As the official and trusted online slot gambling site provides the latest online Joker123  slot gambling site. It also provides a place to register for an online slots account. So  members who want to play the newest Joker123 online slot but don’t have an account can register right away. Why do you have to register first at the DRAGON222 Online Slot Agent?  Of course, because later all players who want to play must pass the login stage to  the JOKER123 slot gambling site  or other provider. Then access to the game requires an ID or account to access Joker123 Login. The method is very simple, on the real money online slot dragon there is a special menu  for registration or registration for Joke123. In addition, there is a Live Chat feature that is intentionally provided to make it easier for you or you to ask questions. Usually new members or beginners will  be confused when they want to play the latest wild card online slot machines and don’t know where to start. So it is our goal to provide customer service, so that players can easily play Joker123 slots online.

List of Latest Online Slot Games 

So what are you waiting for? Register now for a trusted online slot to play online  gambling with a  deposit of 10,000 on the Joker123 site right now. Get many other convenience benefits by playing online slots with a credit deposit. It’s fun and easy to play  the DRAGON222 Slot Agent, because with just one ID you can try the most complete online slots and other games. 

Trusted online  gambling sites are always active for 24 hours, so players don’t need to rush or be afraid. They can play anytime, anywhere. Also, whatever your win, DRAGON222 will pay out. There are 10,000 deposit facilities  through BCA, BRI, BNI, Danamon, Mandiri and CIMB Niaga banks. 

Indonesian online slot sites offer convenience, everyone can play online  gambling without  large capital. DRAGON222 always helps members  get satisfaction from every game and online lottery list available. For those of you who have difficulty making deposits from banks, OVO, DANA, SAKUKU and GOPAY can also be used. 

So  those who already have an account can directly make a deposit and play online slot machines with a credit deposit. Now you can play and get big profits by playing the simplest gambling on the Easy Win online slot game site.

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Reasons to choose online sports betting.



People enjoy sports as they provide entertainment and allow them to share time with their families. Sports are not only watched but also gambled on. There are numerous reasons for this, including the fact that gambling raises people’s interest in the game while also assisting them in gaining money. People nowadays prefer to wager on sports online rather than using the old way. Websites like 먹튀폴리스 allow you to wager on your favorite sports game from the comfort of your own home. You might be wondering why the majority of individuals are switching to sports gambling and why they don’t still like traditional sports gambling. Therefore, here are the causes:

You can wager on more games:

People who choose online sports gambling have access to a large number of games to gamble on. Because the number of games isn’t constrained by territory, you may watch or wager on any sport you like, anywhere in the globe. Conventional sports gambling services do not offer this option. So, once you’ve decided on online sports gambling, don’t concern about whether or not baseball is offered in your area; you can wager on it digitally. You should use an online sports gambling system if you wish to wager on a large number of games.

Don’t ask for too much cash:

Unlike traditional sports gambling, digital sports betting does not require a large sum of money to begin. If you would like to gamble on conventional sports betting, you’ll need a lot of money in your wallet, but you can wager online for as little as a buck. It is the perfect option for people who simply want to experience sports gambling for fun and aren’t interested in generating a lot of money from it by putting a lot of money. As a result, internet sports gambling is more appealing as it does not require a large sum of money to engage.

Change your mind:

In online sports gambling, you have the option of switching your choice if you believe your chosen side will lose the game. You can just obtain this option while gambling on sports digitally, which increases your odds of winning. People who haven’t tried online sports gambling yet are unaware of the benefit of being able to change their online sports gambling choice.


Digital sports gambling is a fully safe form of gambling. After deciding on a safe sports gambling website, you may confidently offer them your account information for payment. Some people believe that internet gambling is nothing more than a scam, but this is not the case. Only a few sites deceive you by claiming to provide the best services; you simply must avoid such sites. You can submit your information here without fear if you choose a reputable sports gambling website.

Whenever people engage in conventional sports gambling, anyone may simply communicate with them and learn about their activities, but this is not the case with the internet system. Nobody can see you or learn anything about you if you don’t give them permission. This ensures the safety of online sports gambling.

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Gaming Silk Guide to Things You Should Know Before Buying Motherboard for Your Processor



Gaming Silk

Choosing the best motherboard in many ways is an essential part of the performance of your PC, or choosing the best graphics card with the best CPU is often given the most attention. There is only two variant of processor manufacturers: Intel and AMD. And, while this may seem obvious, the Intel and AMD processors are designed to work on motherboards specific to each manufacturer. If you are buying an AMD processor, you need an AMD-compatible motherboard. If you are buying an Intel CPU, you need an Intel-compatible motherboard. The motherboard must be compatible with AMD or Intel and the next generation of processors you use. And if you’re following a brand new board from the new Intel Z590 or AMD’s X570, note that motherboard prices for both platforms have gone up in previous generations, at least in part due to PCIe 4.0 support. Just know that while AMD B550 boards support PCIe 4.0 now with a Zen 2/3-based processor, Intel Z490 boards calculating PCIe 4.0 support (and all new Z590 boards) will only work that is supported when paired with a good CPU following the Lake-S CPU. Gaming Silk recommends that your motherboard should have following before purchasing.

Buying Tips:


At first, you should have to look at the overclocking performance of the motherboard; while talking about the technical term, you can rely on an extremely low-end processor with a budget-friendly board. But if you want to squeeze things up, you have to get high-end CPU paired with a high-end motherboard to enable overclocking. Also, you can usually place an over-the-top processor on the motherboard designed for over-the-top. There are different motherboard chipsets that are considered best and worst for overclocking.

Overclocking Chipset Motherboards

  • Intel: Z590
  • AMD: X570, X470

Non-Overclocking Chipset Motherboards

  • Intel: H570, B560, H510
  • AMD: B550 (You can achieve mild overclocks with the B550 chipset, though)

As for Intel, you can only pass Intel CPUs with a specific name (“K” or “F” at the end of the product given number), and the same series goes for Intel chipsets. For more information, read in advance what a chipset is. Their chipsets usually define motherboard model numbers. While in the case of an Intel processor, you need a Z-series motherboard that’s compatible with your CPU.

In addition, consider the VRM or voltage regulator module, which converts the power supply to a CPU. In general, a higher number of VRM classes means pure power is provided by the CPU, thus improving performance.

Form Factor:

Secondly, you will need to select a form element. ATX boards are common, such as micro ATX (although this is small in size and reduces the number of expansion areas). If you wish to get a new motherboard and are not sure if the dimension of the product will place fit, you can always measure your old motherboard and compare it to different sizes. The ATX board is famous for having additional expansions, which can be useful.


A motherboard is an obvious part where all the parts of your computer connect to work together to bring your experience to the screen. There are slots, pins and connectors on your motherboard where you have too many parts to connect to. Also, while adding a lot of stuff to your board doesn’t lead to line improvement in performance, most ports offer you other options. The main ports of the motherboard you want to note are:

  • DIMM Slots
  • SATA Ports
  • PCIe Lanes
  • USB Headers & Ports
  • Display Interface Ports

Processor Socket

After choosing a form factor and reviewing the slots & ports, you’ll need to look out for the processor socket. There are sockets of different types used in the past. However, three are only valid today. These are LGA, PGA, and BGA. Intel uses LGA, while AMD uses PGA. BGA socks are not as popular as the latest ones because these are permanently integrated into the motherboard, so they cannot be provided with service or upgrades. When you take a look at the type of socket you have on your motherboard, it will determine which processor you can buy. So this will require you to consider which CPU you want first, and then buy your motherboard.


If you buy a motherboard with built-in features, you don’t have to worry about buying additional expansion cards. A more common feature that is usually included on the majority of motherboards is onboard audio, Wi-Fi and sometimes integrated graphics. However, this is usually suitable for mid-range users. It is worth noting that better motherboards often integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, but you will have to free your pocket on these features. However, they will reduce the need for expansion cards.

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Play games online on F95zone with several advantages





Online games refer to electronic games played over the Internet. As you can see now, online games are now very famous and prominent. These unique designs and colors attract people to play. The internet is flooded with the fluid of online games, and you can freely play whatever type of game you like best on f95zone. These are more innovative and creative in their own right. As you can see, there are many interesting free games online such as shooting games, fighting games, and action games.

Most of these games are the ones that people like to play in their spare time. Players can easily spend their free time while playing these games. People can enjoy while playing games in their spare time at f95zone. Most young people, even older people, like games. Online games on f95zone have many advantages, some of the basic factors are summarized below:

 • Decision-making ability

Every game you watch will absorb sudden changes and decision-making ability. Players can win and improve their decision-making skills.

 • Creativity

These are the products of the human physique, and they know their design and creativity very well. we can also see the gaming video on the youtube channel Maluk G. Games were very interesting and by watching videos of ghosts of Tsushima gameplay we can be a good creator.

 • Improve thinking ability

As you can see, a good game that focuses on specific skill tests and discovers players based on this, such as deep planning, reaction, a sharper memory, and quick action, can improve thinking ability. Playing games on F95zone is a good idea.

 • Escape from reality

You will see many people playing this game for different reasons. In this regard, the most basic part is to escape reality and help lonely people understand why people want to play games online.

 • Entertainment

It is easy to find a game that perfectly suits your interests because as you can see, there are many options online. Today, these types of games have become easy to use. The games on f95 zone provide you with the fun and entertainment that you need.

 • Confidence

These games make you feel confident because you feel like you are in control of something. A recognized online game player may feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction because they can achieve something. This is also a way to exercise communication and cooperation skills. There are many good websites i.e. malukg for gaming videos

According to offline games, the world of online games is fixed and there are too many new countries. In offline games, the user will assert the estimated artificial intelligence in the game, while in online games, you will see that the player will essentially challenge other players.

Final words: In addition, this is also one of the conveniences, which is also one of the first reasons for the proliferation of online games as offline games. In offline games, as you can see, one must first download the game before playing the game, but in the case of online games on f95zone, you can connect and directly play the game of your choice. This is why online games on f95zone are more fun and cute than offline games.

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Toto Bonus – An Attraction For All Types of Casino Websites



TOTO websites are a great reference and verification system to check the authenticity of a site. These websites tell everything about a particular website to the visitor in good detail without any compromise whatsoever. Moreover, they also suggest or endorse only high-quality or secure websites by which the visitor is expecting. This is done through the use of algorithms. The algorithms used for these websites are updated frequently and serve as a referral mechanism.

The Toto method is used widely in the online industry for the purpose of casino comparison. They do this by casino reviews that tell of the best online casinos, customer service reviews, physical verification, and physical verification of the games. This is an important factor, which determines whether the gamer is playing at an honest site or not. Physical verification of the game room can be done by visiting the establishment physically.

Another feature of the Toto site is the bonus feature that is unique to them. A gamer can get a different type of bonus at two different Toto sites 먹튀검증. The first bonus is exclusive to Toto online casinos while the second bonus is given away if the player deposits funds into their gaming accounts. These bonuses help in raising the popularity of the gaming site among the gamers. People visit the site more often when there is a bonus associated with it.

Toto is known to give better service than its competitors in the gambling world. This is because of their reputation in the industry. Therefore, the quality of the service offered at any Toto site is above average. Toto’s commitment to providing a reputed and trusted service to its clients is reflected in their willingness to back up their claims with hard facts. There have been several instances where a gaming house has tried to deny payment to players because they had lost their money on an unsecured basis. However, Toto has never tried to deny this incident or make any other illegitimate claims.

The most important factor that influences a customer to bet at a Toto site is its acceptance of all forms of payments including major credit cards. This ensures that gamblers can bet on any games at any time. This is because the platform can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Hence, the Gamblers Club at Toto allows its members to have access to the entire gamblers community irrespective of their location. They can interact with each other through forum boards and chat rooms. This forum provides gamblers with a platform to share their experience with fellow bettors, ask questions, and get answers from experienced professionals.

The Toto website and the bonus offered at Toto sites attract new customers from different parts of the world. There are different types of bonuses offered at Toto casino websites and a player can choose one that best suits his needs. Bonuses are generally given in the form of entries into special draws that are conducted once every month. These draws is based on special games that are played by players at Toto casinos. For instance, the draw for the jackpot prize takes place at the end of every month and the winner gets to take home a million dollars.

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