What Can You Expect to See at the Victorian Manufacturing Showcase?

What Can You Expect to See at the Victorian Manufacturing Showcase?

Every year, the Victorian Manufacturing Showcase displays the best of manufacturers in the state and allows them to shine on a larger stage. As an event held by the Victorian Government, Industry Capability Network, and six local councils, manufacturers spend time with businesses while also having meaningful conversations with various other manufacturers within the Victorian market.

Back in 2019, the overall theme was as follows: Engage, Innovate, Create. In truth, the day’s schedule is always quite loose, and this allows manufacturers to mingle with others. Arrival typically opens around 6 am, and the organisers expect exhibitions to be ready by 7:30 am. At 8 am, delegates arrive, and this leads to the bulk of the day. Between 8 am and 3 pm, exhibitors and delegates network together.

Although the event in 2020 was affected by the COVID pandemic, the 2019 edition attracted more attendees than any event before it. In total, over 650 manufacturers, agencies, and industry organisations came together for the Showcase. As the sixth event in its history, the Minister for Jobs, Innovation, and Trade opened the event and welcomed businesses from food, transport, medical technologies, defense, construction, and many other industries.

Manufacturing has always been an important part of the local economy in Victoria, where 270,000 people work for just under 12,000 manufacturing companies. This event shows the very best of manufacturing in the state, and you can expect to see some of the finest craftsmanship, design, and manufacturing on display.

The Industry Capability Network in Victoria helps to organise the event. This organisation itself is a state government support system that has already provided manufacturing companies with private investment of $1.8 billion and over 7,000 jobs.

Aims of the Showcase

Why does this annual event run in Victoria? For one thing, it allows both emerging and leading manufacturers to not only show off their amazing products but also build relationships with other manufacturers and professionals in the industry. After the Victorian Manufacturing Showcase, many manufacturers have built a strong network and used this to grow in Victoria and across Australia (and even the world!). Now, many look to Amiga Engineering services for a wide range of industries, and this has been beneficial for everyone involved.

In 2019, a particular focus was on high-growth manufacturing sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, food and fibre, defense, transport, and construction. Organisers were pleased to see engineers communicating with other manufacturers, and it furthered many relationships.

Exhibitors and Delegates

For those who want to display their manufacturing business at the Victorian Manufacturing Showcase, you’ll need to register on the website (there’s no news on the 2021 event just yet). In 2019, exhibitors received a space of two metres by two metres with a table to display goods. If you need more space, be sure to request two tables.

Organisers want to keep a uniform approach to the Showcase, and they request that exhibitors keep their products on the tables. However, you are allowed to bring tablecloths, pull-up banners, marketing literature, and more.

On the other hand, delegates aren’t charged to enter even though there is a registration system (so you can’t just turn up and expect to get in). When inside, you’ll see the best that Victoria has to offer when it comes to manufacturing. It’s the perfect event for not only Victorian manufacturers but also suppliers, customers, project owners, government stakeholders, and anybody with interest in the industry. For example, this last group could include apprentices, students, and graduates.

What can you expect to see at the Victorian Manufacturing Showcase? Leading manufacturers on display while networking with various parties and growing relationships that can benefit the state and country!

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