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What brand of Bed mattress lasts the longest?

It’s hard to emphasise the importance of a supportive and comfortable bed mattress. On average, people tend to spend around one-third of their time in bed, and a good quality mattress can determine the difference between restless tossing and turning and restful slumber. 

Even the premium-quality bed mattress will degrade over time, then how to get the maximum out of your investment?

If you intend to find a durable bed mattress from reputed brands like Wakefit, Sleepyhead, Springtek or other known brands, then you are in the right place.

Let’s take a look at the best durable bed mattresses from top brands that come with at least ten years of warranty:

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe King Bed Mattress

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe bed mattress was designed by Dr Tripathi after years of R&D and implemented their patented SmartGRID technology to develop the most luxurious bed mattress. Unlike other products, the innovative grid structure would smartly conform to your sleeping position or body shape.

The walls of these unique grids would buckle down on the user body curvatures like shoulders, head, hips to give five-star hotel-like comfort, yet the walls will retain their firmness under the back for extra neck, shoulder and spine support for Orthopedic requirements. 

An excellent choice for anyone suffering from joint pains, spondylitis, back, shoulder, and hip aches. As per most user feedbacks sleeping on the Sleep-company bed mattress is something like “floating on a cloud” and comes with a 10-year warranty.  

Furthermore, the unique grid is made of hypoallergenic material to ensure that the mattress never attracts bed bugs, germs, or any types of bacteria. 

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed Mattress

The Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam bed mattress comes with a trial period of 100 days and a 10-year warranty. This bed mattress can be an excellent choice whether you are a pregnant lady or just somebody who has a history of neck, spine, shoulder or back pain. It does not just aid you to reduce your back pain, but its unique temperature flexible memory foam material keeps you cool even during hot summer.

This Wakefit bed mattress locks on to your favourite sleeping position and gives great comfort to the spine, and helps to reduce your back pains. The Wakefit Orthopedic bed mattress’ core is densely stuffed with memory foam material fused with other high-quality foam (orthopaedic foam). The thickness of foam helps in maintaining the shape of the bed mattress and ensures durability even with prolonged usage over the years.

 SleepyCat Original Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Bed Mattress

SleepyCat orthopaedic gel memory foam bed mattress comes with a 30 day trial period and ten years of manufacturer warranty. Both young and adults can comfortably use this bed mattress. This sleeping pad can be a saviour for individuals suffering from neck, spine and back pains. Older people may need some time to get familiar as they may feel slightly uncomfortable due to the softness of this bed mattress.

Composed out of five unique layers of 6-inch thickness, it has the base layer, netted cover layer, memory foam sheet and orthopaedic gel. The outer surface of the bed mattress is manufactured out of high-quality GSM fabric that is knitted and handcrafted. This bed mattress comes with an easily removable Zip cover which makes it easy to remove the main product and clean from time to time.

Be it a Springtek or other known brand bed mattress; they don’t typically come with an explicit “expiration date.” It’s up to the user to judge when it’s the correct time for a new bed mattress. Often, we tend to grow so accustomed to our bed mattress that we don’t realise that there’s an issue.

Since the support and comfort of our mattress is essential to the quality of our sleep, it is highly advisable to opt for a good quality bed mattress that comes with a reasonable warranty period. No matter which bed mattress you pick from the above list, you will cherish your sound sleeping experience with a bonus assurance of their long durability.

The Bright way of purchasing your bed mattress  

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