What Beard says about you, how you can grow it?

Just like any other part of your face, a beard is of much importance for men. It is an element of grace in your personality and says a lot about your nature. Also, it greatly contributes to the impressions you made on others. There is always a distinction for a beard person over the clean shaved ones. Here are given some important psychological points that exist with having a beard or not. 


Some people believe that having a beard makes you more masculine as it is what isn’t supposed to be in women. Beard is taken as a sign of grace in men as it grooms your personality making you more attractive. There are mixed views on having a beard, some believe that a beard person is more likely to commit crimes being more aggressive while others think a beard person is more trustworthy and less likely to deceive. 


Beard is considered a sign of maturity in many societies as it is linked with your ability to grow. It is also said to be a sign of power making you look more strong and capable of dealing with serious matters. 


Men produce a hormone called testosterone, which is responsible for beard growth in them. It is greatly uncommon in women, so a person having a thick beard is considered a strong man and through testosterone production, it is medically proved. 


Moreover, a beard greatly impacts the perception of aggression. When a bearded and non-bearded man gives the same expression of anger, the bearded one will look more aggressive as compared to the clean shaved one. Well, this makes sense too. Testosterone is not only responsible to stimulate beard growth more and thick, it also has strong impacts on your behavior, including your aggression. It is more likely that having high testosterone levels in the body will make you more aggressive. 


  1. Prepare your mind and set a goal for how long you desire your beard to be.
  2. As you start growing your beard, use beard oil or utility balm to control itchiness.
  3. Show patience, your beard will take a minimum of 30 days, to fill in, so don’t give up on it shortly.
  4. Take enough sleep, do exercise, and eat a proper diet to support your beard growth.
  5. After 30 days, trim your neckline.
  6. To exfoliate the skin beneath your beard, use a 100% Boar’s Hair Brush.
  7. Regularly use scissors to trim stray beard hairs that grow longer than others.
  8. Avoid making any drastic decisions about your beard.


  1. On average, beard hair grows half an inch per month.
  2. It takes about two to four months to grow a full beard.
  3. Studies reveal that the average beard will grow to 3-feet long if left untrimmed.
  4. If you can’t wait to have a thick beard, must have a Beard Growth Kit for better results. 
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