What are Torrents and Why are They Popular?

Torrents are a peer-to-peer network that allows users to share files among themselves using the BitTorrent Protocol. This network of computers allows large amounts of files to be shared among computers in the network thereby reducing download times and removing any limits to the size of the files being downloaded.

Why are Torrents Important?

Torrents are popular because they use a decentralized network of computers (BitTorrent Protocol) to transfer and download large amounts of data without needing a centralized server to carry out the transaction. If you wanted to share a big file with an audience, you would need a large server to host this information before it could be downloaded but with Torrentz, the computers in the network act as the server, and the more people who have access, the stronger the network becomes.

To access torrent files, you will need to have a specialized torrent client. This client will enable you to download the torrent files as these files cannot be downloaded with a regular browser. Although there is a popular misconception that torrents are used to download illegal or copyrighted files, this is far from the case. Torrents help with the transmission of large files which would have otherwise been impossible for regular people.

Are Torrents Harmful?

No, torrents are not harmful. It is important to verify the content of any files you will download before you proceed with the downloads. Although torrent files themselves are not illegal, transferring copyrighted or pirated materials via torrent is. This is why you should only access websites that host verified files and remove any illegal content from their catalog.

 There are various legal websites you can use to download torrent files and you can find these websites on forums and social media platforms that host torrent communities.  You should also ensure you have a torrent client that will enable you to access and download torrent files when you need to.


Torrent files make life easier for individuals without access to large centralized servers. It is a decentralized network that allows its users to share big files over the BitTorrent Network without any of the associated costs. The network grows stronger with each new computer and the more computers on the network, the faster the download speeds become. Torrents can be used to share and transfer all sorts of files on the internet.

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