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What are the ways of marketing my edtech app?

Marketers need to know the best strategies and tactics to market to their customers in the ever-growing online marketing environment. While some of these strategies are great for marketing products and services, they must be specific and relevant when marketing professional services.

Edtech marketing uses strategies, methods, and tools to analyze the target market and adapt the services offered by schools to meet their needs and expectations. Education marketing is about promoting the school’s value proposition and making it a brand. Digital marketing for Edtech must be able to influence people for a life-changing choice. The internet and digital technology can help education marketers to show the best version of themselves in order to create a winning marketing strategy.

To understand the best marketing practices in Education marketing, let’s first learn the basics.

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Marketing basics

Marketing an educational institution should have two main goals: to increase enrollments and retain students. This is commonly known as acquisition and retention.

It is important to make sure that the institution can meet the expectations set forth in the marketing messages before you acquire the marketing strategies. It is essential to understand the expectations of your target audience in order to achieve great results. It doesn’t matter what tactics are used, it is important to understand the geographic location of potential clients.

Let’s look at the best ways to market an EdTech app.

* Video marketing

Videos account for the largest segment of internet traffic. Videos are the best way to show your audience how your platform works. The audience will be able to relate to your platform if you have a detailed, high-quality video. Videos also contribute a large percentage to the sharing rate on social media. This gives you a wider audience.

Videos must also be professionally designed in order to work.

To reach your target audience, live videos can be streamed online. The audience trusts EdTech platforms and live demonstrations. The live streaming of video can convince parents and students to sign up for the program. It also saves time and money by allowing them to see the offerings and take the necessary steps to understand them.

* Content marketing

The perfect way to promote the institution’s expertise is through content marketing. Potential students will be encouraged to regularly visit websites that contain content and materials that are relevant to them. This will improve your platform’s ranking on search engine result pages.

Writing just any content is not enough to drive traffic to your website. No matter what piece of content you write for platform promotion, such as whitepapers, videos, articles or webinars, blog posts, it is important to ensure that the content uses the correct keywords.

It must be informative, entertaining, and useful. Don’t limit yourself to sales-oriented or promotional content. Your content should be educational, as that is what you sell. Engaging with high-quality, useful content builds trust and generates leads.

* Optimise app store

It is important that EdTech apps are easy to use and have a friendly interface. Your content must be accessible to your target audience on the move, especially if you’re a start-up. You must also ensure that your app has been optimized if it has been published on the App Store.

When a user searches for a keyword or business related to yours, optimization will help you get recommendations from the store platform. This will result in more leads for the platform.

* Public relations online

Credibility is key to any EdTech company’s success. This is even more important than pricing because it increases online visibility and presence. Guest posts are the best way to increase your online visibility and presence. Trust is built by having the article published on a reputable blog. This is especially important when you’re still in your early stages.

* Search engine optimization

SEO is a great way to increase quality traffic and attract more visitors to your website. SEO is focused on local search and new search engines. It also includes image search and video search. You can get a better ranking by optimizing your application and its content for search engine results.

Search engines offer the greatest perk: optimization is free and still results in a higher conversion rate. Traffic will increase as long as your websites, pages, or platforms rank in the SERPS. This is without spending money on advertising.

The website must be user-friendly and include SEO keywords to achieve the latter. Search engine optimization factors, as well as many off-page and on-page factors. This audit will also look at all bugs and issues on the site.

* Social media marketing

Marketers have found social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to be very beneficial. The platforms are one of the most effective ways to advertise with their large user base.

The right social media marketing strategy can help you market directly to your target audience based on who they are. You must be active and respond to questions, as well as answer comments. This will ensure that your target audience is engaged and informed.

Make sure you are present on all social media platforms to increase brand awareness.

* Email marketing

You can collect leads using a variety of methods, including subscriptions, website forms, lead generation ads and subscriptions. This data can be combined with customer data to send regular promotional emails and offers to customers in order generate revenue for the business.

Many marketing tools are available to help you grow your business. Mail marketing automation allows you to segment your contact list to ensure that the correct message or mail is delivered to the right client.

* Chatbot marketing

Chatbots are the best way to interact with website visitors and gather their information. Chatbots are much more engaging than regular popups or forms online and can gather more information in a shorter time.

Chatbots answer visitors’ questions. They provide personalized answers, which makes them a wonderful user experience. Chatbots are a great way for students and parents to get quick answers on their questions.

* Remarketing

Online advertising campaigns are a great way to grow your business. Remarketing ads are more cost-effective and drive higher conversions. You can achieve a greater ROI with fewer expenses. To increase sales, gather data from visitors and target them with the right advertisements.

* Testimonials

It is important to include testimonials in your live video streaming or marketing videos. Students, parents, and alumni may be asked to make a video about their experiences with the application. This can then be used to promote the platform.

Last words

These best practices will help you market your edtech application to your target market using cost-effective strategies. Expand My Business is a trusted name in the market, having helped many edtech companies find their best partner agency. We offer a comprehensive range of tech consulting and project management services to ensure that the project is delivered within your budget and schedule. Call us today to start the journey to growing your edtech company! Also Read: 10 Features Of Best LMS Software.

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