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What are the top features in WordPress to develop a website?

WordPress is the most popular CMS that powers more than 35% of the website around the world. Not only this, it has the ability to create a simple website, to complex websites, to blogs, and even applications, also you can built-in WordPress. WordPress combines simplicity for the user, publishers, and developers. This makes WordPress flexible for all to use, and free to do whatever you like to do with it, you can extend it or modify it or any way you want for your commercial projects. This is why WordPress CMS is most popular among all other CMS.

Below Are The Some Of The Of Features Of WordPress 

Modern Design Page

Whatever you own on your homepage, is how visitors will find what they require on your website will define the way you present your WordPress website. Modern WordPress websites must have a keen display that contains all over the pages. A design that presents plenty of articles at a time will have the chance of having more visitors on the website.

Typography Reader-friendly 

Picking the right fonts for the website content is another measure for the post. Because fonts bring a look that satisfies the reader’s eyes. Kindly, think before picking up a font for website content for the post. You can take reference from a major website, the visitor will mostly stick with what type of fonts you use for the website.

Advertising Options 

A fair advertisement on particular areas of the website will give more value to your blog. Because they will earn you some money in the long run of your website, having more ads on your website will mislead the links that will backfire. Once advertising links mislead to some other page, clients will no longer trust the website. Choose advertising policy wisely.

Flexibility It Gives

WordPress gives you immense plugins and themes for your website. It gives you a new look for your website and can change the trend online. With WordPress, there is a treasury of plugins that can be installed within a few minutes and it can be used for a variety of purposes for developing your website.

Various Comment Option

WordPress website will have a default comment option system. But having different options will deliver higher user engagements and easy to comment for visitors. Having Facebook and other commenting systems will assist them from opening accounts and allow comments immediately on the site.


WordPress makes SEO friendly. In ordering, you can use H1, H2, and H3 tags, use keywords in your website URL. Websites that are built using WP have easy and regular codes making them ideal for Google indexing and if you build a website for your customers, you make sure that they find the website easily.

Navigate Menu

Creating blog articles and additional resources available for visitors is the main thing the visitors stay on your website for a long time. Therefore, having navigable menus on a WordPress blog is a must. Besides setting blog articles on the homepage, linking relevant categories, and articles to the main menu items will reduce the bounce rate and bring more traffic in the large run.

Plugin System

WordPress API makes it feasible for you to build plugins to extend WordPress websites. WordPress software lies in the thousands of tools at your control. Even after building your website using plugins, still there are a lot of other plugins using which you can easily develop your website better. 

Theme System

WordPress gives you a number of themes to create websites for clients, other users or yourself. WordPress gives you the extensibility to create themes as easy as you wish. If you are wishing to give your theme for you can give it to the users in the theme container. 

Application Framework

You want to create an application, WordPress can help you. It provides a lot of features below the folder that your app will need such as user management, HTTP request, database, and more.

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