What are the Stages of Plumbing?

You may be building a new house or a commercial building, plumbing installation will be an integral part of the process. Just like any other area of construction and installation, the plumbing will have to be laid in stages. While your Plumbing Penrith job will be handled by the experts, it helps to know the most basic stages and steps involved in the process.

So, what are the different stages of plumbing and what steps are completed during each stage? Find out in this guide.

Stage 1 – Groundwork

Groundwork is the first stage of plumbing installation and a permit is required. The authorities will visit your proper and carry out the inspection the same time when the footings are poured in. The groundwork may be completed simultaneously as the rough-in plumbing or the two points could be installed once the walls have been poured into the basement. 

The plumber will find the supply and waste connections during the underground rough-in stage. These connections are located between the public utilities and your building system. They will determine the point where the systems enter and leave your building. All the drains will be connected up to the main service. If you have any future basement bathroom plans, they will have to be installed at that point. The experts will also bring the main water line from the service to the area where the meter is placed.

Stage 2 – Rough-In Plumbing

Rough-In plumbing is the second phase of plumbing and can also be completed along with the groundwork. The key steps taken during this phase are as follows:

  • During this stage, the plumbers will install all the water lines, drains, and vent pipes.
  • Your faucets, bathtubs, steamers, showers, shower bases, and body sprays will be installed.
  • The plumber must test all the components before closing up the wall.
  • All the gas lines must be installed before the drywall is put up.

The installations made during this phase may need to be accessed when a Hot water repair is needed in the future.

Some of the steps taken by the professionals during the aboveground rough-in stage are as follows:

  • Holes are cut in walls, floors, and/or ceilings to fix or hang pipes for connecting to fixtures.
  • Installing the pipe for the different supply and waste systems for your building
  • Using welding tools and other equipment for joining pipe runs. Chemical compounds are sued for plastic pipes.

Some of the equipment used during this phase includes power threading machines and propane torches.

Stage 3 – Finish Plumbing

During this phase, the toilets and other fixtures are installed. The valves are shut off, the water heater is installed, and the fireplace and gas appliances are hooked up. All the wiring will need to be completed at this stage. Once the fixtures have been installed, the plumber must test everything and check for any signs of leaks.So, these are the 3 main stages in any Plumbing installation job. Make sure that you are hiring an experienced plumbing company for the job that has the licensing, certifications, and experience for your project.

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