What Are the Reasons to Buy Rado Watches?

If you are an avid watch collector and love the pieces that can stand tall from the crowd, then Rado watches can be the best ones for you.

Be it the use of rare substances or their out-of-the-box watch manufacturing, the timepieces of this luxury watch producer are hailed by the worldwide watch users and also the aficionados.

So, below we will know about the reasons why you should purchase a watch from the legendary watchmaker Rado.

1. Setting trends with Ceramic Watches: 

It is Rado which first used ceramic in their watches. The year 1986 saw their high-tech ceramic watches that were a turning point for the brand’s fame in watchmaking. These timepieces grabbed the attention of the watch lovers.

Rado Ceramica is the collection that introduced the accomplished high-tech ceramic watches to the watch admirers giving birth to a revolution in the world of horology. The speciality of these watches is that they remain lasting with their flexible and hard base. Later on, the brand fused cermet and titanium with ceramic that resulted to a new watch collection called Rado Sintra.

The Rado Diamaster watches are also ceramic watches. Their effective features with enriching design keep them among the favourites of the wearers.

2. Immaculate Designs: 

The design of a watch is very crucial factors that turn the tide and makes a buyer decide whether or not to buy it. Rado is among those few watch brands that always concentrates on the patterns of their timepieces.

Their world-class craftsmen with utmost care and skill produce watches that are perfect from all aspects. The flawless designs of their models keep them different. Be it an Integral or a DiaMaster, pieces of every collection have been an example of their uniqueness in architecting timepieces.

The wide array of their skeleton watches changes the game on their side. These are the watches that help a wearer to see either side of the dial.

3. Flexible price range: 

For a watch buyer, the price of a watch is very significant. He is or she sees the price of a piece before purchasing it. The Rado watches have a very reasonable price range that attracts the worldwide watch buyers, especially the Indians.

In India, you can buy a watch of the brand with a mere amount of around Rs. 40, 000 only. Of course, there are watches of a higher price tag.

The Rado Sintra R13719702 has been priced at Rs. 188, 100 only in India. This show-stopper is a square-shaped piece that adheres to the sturdy and glowing men. This silvery ceramic piece is engraved with four pieces of diamonds along the dial so as to reveal its worth and also to enhance the style of a wearer. Its outstanding shape keeps it an adorable piece.

4. Features that keep you updated: 

After price, it is the features of a watch that contributes a lot. They are offered with a piece in order to improve its performance. There is huge of timepieces from this Swiss luxury watch producer. Features like skeleton dial, tourbillon, chronograph, date display and others are attached to their watches.

It is a special kind of watch that has a seconds’ dial with a normal one keeping it a unique one. Treated with plasma high-tech ceramic, this watch is protected from scratches with its sapphire crystal glass.

5. Varying strap options and colors: 

Like dial and case, the strap of a watch is also very important. The Rado watches are offered with a huge variety of straps and colours giving a watch user chance to choose one of his or her choices.

A DiaMaster with a leather strap and brown colour is very much fashionable. On the other hand, a Centrix with two-tone colour and stainless-steel band creates a pleasing effect to a pretty lady.

The writer of this content is a watch enthusiast working with Kamal Watch Company and so shares information about them in his articles that helps everyone.

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