What are the reasons behind the rising number of young addicts?

According to a recent survey, almost 22 million Americans are suffering from drug addiction. This number has recently grown to its current size and experts suggest that the number will grow higher still if no action is taken to curb this rampant growth. The damage that our country will be forced to face otherwise can be devastating. Even now due to addiction and related causes America loses 590 billion dollars each year. Moreover, drug addiction, directly and indirectly, results in thousands of deaths each year. Drug addiction is directly responsible for death by people overdosing or mixing multiple drugs or indirectly by people dying in accidents that could have been prevented had drugs not been in the picture. Drunk driving or driving under influence is a common example of avoidable deaths due to drug addiction. Here not only the addict suffers but the innocent people that were at the wrong place at the wrong time suffer as well. Another harrowing statistic is the fact that an overwhelming number of these new addicts belong to our younger generation. People who should have been enrolled in colleges and universities instead are locked in a deadly struggle against addiction.

One of the main reasons behind the sudden increase in the number of young people getting addicted is the fact that a lot of young people are very impressionable. Therefore, they pick up habits from their fellows very quickly. A common scenario that happens which ends up spreading addiction can be summed up as follows. A student looks to form new friends and ends up in a group. The group already consists of a few members and among these members some are habitual drug users. The new member tries to mix in with the older members and in trying to do so they start to do similar things to the older members and end up doing drugs. Another possible scenario is that the new guy is offered drugs and they accept in order to make their place in the group.

Younger people are also among the most targeted age groups for drug dealers. Most dealers try to get one person hooked on drugs and either recruit them into their business or just offer them a discount so that they are willing to attract more customers. Some dealers might even get these youngsters to spread their drugs in their respective college or university campuses. This means that their drug is spreading without their intervention and at a place where they might not have direct access. This is an additional danger for the youngsters involved since the possession and distribution of illicit substances carries a hefty criminal penalty which can destroy any prospects of a future for the student.

Another reason students especially are turning to drug abuse is to get better grades in their schools. The modern educational system puts a lot of expectations on a student and these expectations translate into a lot of mental pressure. In order to alleviate this mental pressure and get the energy required to prepare for their exams and complete their assignments and projects. The habit of taking these drugs to help their performance can continue into their jobs and eventually form a lifelong addiction.

So, if you believe that your loved one is struggling from addiction or maybe you yourself have picked up some sign of addiction in your daily behavior, it is the time to act. Try to stage an intervention with the help of a rehab center, which often has specialists for such an occasion. Look for information and local rehab options online i.e., Drug Rehab Birmingham Alabama. Help your loved one to a rehab center so that they can live the best life possible.

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