What are the Factors That Determine How Much to Expect from a Car Accident Settlement?

No matter that you have been involved in an unfortunate car accident and have suffered injuries, or it is any of your family members who have been subject to an accident, fighting a legal battle after being a victim of an accident is always difficult. 

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Factors that determine the total car accident settlement- 

1- Insurance policy- the value of the accident claim will depend largely on the type of insurance policy which the drivers hold who have been subject to the accident, in those cases where there is more than one liable party, each of the insurance policies can be effectively utilized to cover you up.

2- Establishing the liability- this step is the foundation of every accident claim case. Your medical benefits will be able to cover only some of your expenses. The ability of your attorney to establish the liability of the opposite party or secure a settlement with them will determine the coverage of your injuries. 

the attorney must be able to show that it was the negligence of the opposite party which had resulted in the accident and had caused you severe injuries. To prove negligence, the following elements must be put in place:

                          I. There was a duty of care which the opposite party owed to you. 

                        II. There was a breach of this duty of care.

                       III. Such a breach had led to subsequent injuries to you. 

3- The present and future medical expenses- you must never jump on an offer made by the opposite party without analyzing the injuries in great detail. It is not uncommon for the real ramifications of your injuries to unfold after some time. If you reach a settlement in a very short span of time, you might have a very narrow perspective of the injuries. 

This might make you settle for a lesser amount than you really deserve. However, an early settlement defenestrates all the future chances of increased settlement. Thus, you might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to your hasty decision. Thus, you might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to your hasty decision. 

4- The ability to work- the quantum of working hours you have lost due to being on bed rest, hours which you have squandered going to hospital appointments, all these could have been utilized in working and earning. The ability to work is greatly hampered by accident. This, too, is taken into account while we affix the amount of settlement. 


Accidents are undesirable, and their ramifications are always bad. If you have been subject to an accident, you deserve total justice and full reimbursement of your current and future expenses, which you might incur in addition to the damage being caused. 

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