What Are The Different Types Of Flagpoles In The USA?

A flag is generally considered a matter of pride for the country. Whether it’s a patriotic feel or a tribute on any occasion flying these shows zeal and cheerfulness among the masses. With a variety of flags, it has become prominent to get the right flagpole on your yard so that it withstands all weather conditions and boosts the appearance of your home. However, finding the right flagpole at Atlantic Flag & Pole might be tricky if you don’t know the type of flagpoles available and don’t have thorough knowledge about them.

So, fret not! Here we tell you the types of flagpoles available to help you make a better decision. Read the entire blog to know more.

  • Commercial Flagpoles

Now you can proudly fly any flag of your choice in front of your office, business, or any government building having a commercial flagpole from www.atlanticflagpole.com for all your flagpole needs. These commercial flagpoles are durable, tall, and are manufactured to hold heavy weight flagpoles for a longer duration. With all these attributes, you can easily display various flags without any fuss. You can get a massive variety of poles right from 15-foot height to 130-foot and embrace your garden area with these beautifully designed flagpoles.

A commercial flagpole is all you need, whether you need to fly an American flag or the one with your company logo. You can opt from any options from external halyard and internal halyard or sectional flagpoles as per your needs.

  • Residential Flagpoles

Flying flags outside your home on a residential flagpole is a simple way to show respect and patriotism for your country. It increases the aesthetic appeal of your home and is available in different sizes and materials. You must be aware of the fabric of the flagpole, whether it’s sturdy enough to fly various flags without any hassle. According to your city guidelines, you can choose from different types like a telescopic flagpole or standard aluminum. Mounting a flagpole in your home has become easy with Atlantic Flag & poles. So get one today!

  • Indoor flagpole

The next type in the flagpole family is the indoor flagpole. Indoor poles are all you need, equipped with a graceful gold base and various ornament options that complement your needs. You surely don’t want to display the American flag on the wrong flagpole on your building. So, these are the best for religious organizations, businesses, schools, and military offices.

Wrapping Up

All the flagpoles, as mentioned earlier, are an excellent choice whether you require them for your residence or business. Selecting the right one can be tricky, but all you need is to check which option is suitable as per your choice.

Moreover, there are various aspects that you need to ensure before purchasing any flagpole, such as sturdiness, quality, wind rating, the material used, height, storage needs, and others. These elements are vital and help you discover the efficient one that lasts for longer.

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