What are the classifications of seaweed fertilizer?

Seaweed fertilizer refers to the biological fertilizer produced by fermentation, acid-base process or fertilizer mixing process with seaweed or seaweed extract as raw materials. There are three main effects, namely, improving soil, improving crop photosynthesis and improving crop stress resistance. What are the classifications of seaweed fertilizer? What are the advantages?Seaweed is rich in a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, polysaccharides, alginic acid, mannitol, betaine, highly unsaturated fatty acids, antibiotics and a variety of natural plant hormones. Seaweed has simple biological structure and is conducive to the processing and extraction of active substances. It has been widely used in agriculture and other fields. The classification of seaweed fertilizer in the agricultural materials market is still not unified, and there are several common classifications:1. According to the ratio of nutrients, add the nutrients required by plants to make liquid or powder. According to its function, it can be divided into broad-spectrum type, high nitrogen type, high potassium type, antifreeze type, disease resistance type, growth regulation type, medium and trace element type, etc. it is suitable for all crops.2. According to the physical state, it can be divided into liquid seaweed fertilizer, such as liquid leaf fertilizer and flushing fertilizer; Solid seaweed fertilizer, such as powdered leaf fertilizer, powdered flushing fertilizer and granular seaweed fertilizer.3. Seaweed bacterial fertilizer is a product directly made of seaweed or residue extracted from active substances in seaweed and fermented by microorganisms.

4. According to the additional effective components, it can be divided into humic acid containing seaweed fertilizer, amino acid containing seaweed fertilizer, chitin containing seaweed fertilizer, rare earth element containing seaweed fertilizer, etc.5. It is divided into foliar fertilizer according to the application method. For foliar fertilization and spraying; Flushing fertilization: for shallow root fertilization; Seed soaking, seed dressing and root dipping seaweed fertilizer: the seeds can be soaked by a certain dilution of seaweed fertilizer or the seeds soaked by seed dressing can be sown after drying in the shade. During seedling transplanting or cutting, the stems of seedlings and cuttings shall be soaked with seaweed fertilizer, drip irrigation seaweed fertilizer shall be applied with dropper, and granular, powdery and compound seaweed fertilizer shall be used as base fertilizer.
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