Benefits of Montessori Education

What are the Benefits of Montessori Education Wooden Toys?

Have you ever been to a Montessori classroom? One thing you must notice if you are going is that most of the materials are wood. Similarly, almost all toys designed for children and toddlers in the Montessori home environment are made of wood. There are many reasons for this — developmental, aesthetic, environmental, and health-related, among others.

Do you know about the benefits of Montessori Education Wooden Toys? If you don’t know, we can help you. With that in mind, we will try to highlight some of the benefits of these toys. So read the article and get an idea of ​​its benefits.

Wooden toys promote sensitive exploration

Wood contains valuable information for your young child. It is warm to the touch and cools in the air – as opposed to plastic – which stays at about the same temperature. Feelings and weights change as the size of the object changes due to the density of the object. So your little one will experience this change of perspective and dimension in a touching way and absorb what it means when they explore toys of different shapes and sizes. Playing with wooden toys has a lot of sensible value and this information will add to their development experience as they explore the world around them.

They are beautiful

Grain adds natural patterns to toys and your baby will absorb this organic effect. Even when they are painted, the textured wood does not make colored plastics in a way that adds depth and subtlety to the paint. Dr. Maria Montessori believed in giving beautiful toys to young children. Because they are forming themselves, and since they have a mind that exploits their environment without a filter, they will build their intelligence and vision from what is around them. Really beautiful toys will enhance this development experience. Wood is so beautiful that there will never be man-made materials and with this beauty of your little one you are feeding their young minds with the best materials.

Made from natural ingredients

They keep your baby in touch with their natural world, which is permanent and always relevant. By connecting with their environment in this way, you encourage connection with the qualities of the earth. While it is important to understand the wonders that society and humans have created, it is also important for children to connect with their natural world. Having this relationship will inspire their creativity and lay the foundation for their history and innovation – because all innovation ultimately comes from the earth.

Natural substances that ensures no health problems

Monty Kids takes extra care to ensure that the varnish used in even made wooden toys is water-based and non-toxic so that it has a neutral effect on your baby’s health. Additionally, when toys are made of very hardwood, such as Birchwood, which Monty Kids uses, they are less likely to splinter or break. Which means your child can play without worrying about injury. Dr. Montessori believed that your child should be able to explore their toys with all their senses. And having completely safe toys ensures that they can play without preservation.

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