What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Reckless Driving Attorney

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Reckless Driving Attorney?

You’ve been issued a ticket for careless driving, and your court date has been scheduled. It’s your first time committing a traffic offense, and the thought of facing the prosecutor and the judge gives you anxiety. This isn’t a fun experience as it can arguably drain your mind and energy.

The best way to fight a traffic ticket is to hire the best reckless driving attorney you can find. A ticket comes with serious repercussions such as penalties and a driving license suspension. Imagine going through all that after getting a ticket that you didn’t deserve.

There are many benefits you can derive from having an attorney represent you. This article will help you understand the benefits of fighting a ticket with a reckless driving attorney.

Reduce Your Penalties

In most states, driving recklessly is regarded as a misdemeanor criminal case. The sentence carries a penalty charge as high as $1000 or a jail term of 60 days for reckless driving.

But, it’s limited to the elements of your case; others can be a felony if there are any fatalities. A felony attracts thousands of dollars in fines or a jail term. Do you have the confidence to fight off a reckless driving ticket charged as a felony?

Hiring an attorney can reduce your penalties if found guilty. The attorney can fight off unnecessary charges in your ticket, reducing your penalties as a result.

Leverage Their Experience

An attorney who has practiced as a reckless driving attorney over a long period has experience for days. The attorney may know loopholes and errors that you can use to maneuver your way out of the case.

If you represent yourself, high chances are you will miss mistakes in your ticket that can dismiss your case. You need someone with valuable experience to evaluate and ascertain the accuracy of your charges. Go to peterlouielaw.com and get yourself a zealous courtroom advocate to fight off your ticket.

Respect for Your Rights

Prosecutors and judges can be intimidating, that you fear speaking out when your rights are being violated. More so, you may have a vague idea of what rights you have as a reckless driving defendant. This is why most people who choose to represent themselves end up paying the fine.

An attorney would never allow the court to violate your rights in any way.

Sells Innocence

Most guilty people charged with speeding tickets pay the penalty imposed or attend the court to accept the charges. Appearing in court with an attorney shows how much you’ve invested in fighting off the undeserving ticket. It speaks innocence to the prosecutor, and your case will be heard from a different point of view.

Beat the Traffic Charge by Hiring a Reckless Driving Attorney

If you were skeptical about hiring a reckless driving attorney, the above benefits are a good tradeoff worth considering. Even if you are guilty as charged, an attorney can lessen your charges or even get your ticket dismissed.

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