What are the advantages of access control turnstile door system

What are the advantages of access control turnstile door system

In life, access control turnstile door system is more and more popular, widely used in all walks of life, especially in the campus, office, banking and other fields, can be seen at any time, in different entrance and exit scenes with different types of access equipment, they play their own functions to effectively protect the safety of the pedestrian.

What are the advantages of access control turnstile door system?

1. Intelligent and easy to use: as long as through simple operation training, the management personnel can quickly start, it can be said that the access control system is intelligent and convenient.

2. Advanced technology: adopt advanced computer network technology, communication technology, information technology, inductive smart card technology, and introduce biometrics to transmit through wireless network.

3. Easy expansion: the computer and intelligent management system adopt wireless communication mode, and the channel gate can expand the number of channels at will. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, the number of intelligent channel gates and elevator control equipment can be increased according to the demand. The hardware only needs to increase the corresponding channel gates, and the software can set the new equipment.

4. Cost advantage: by using TCP / IP transmission mode to replace the traditional mode, the installation, debugging and wiring costs are reduced, and the labor and material costs are saved.

5. Many uses. The turnstile gate management system adopts contactless intelligent IC card, also known as RF card, which successfully solves the problems of IC card multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear, easy operation, greatly improves the practicability of the system, and can authorize a card for many times.

The access control turnstile door system can only be convenient and low cost, which is favored by real estate, engineering companies, and other users. Mairsturnstile as a professional security turnstile gate manufactures, offers types of security turnstiles. What are the factors that affect the function of the access control system? 

Compared with the traditional channel, the design of access control turnstile door system is much more complex, and there are many factors that affect the function, which are summarized as follows for reference only:

1, advanced nature

The advanced nature of this is mainly the mechanism, because the advanced nature of the turnstile gate has a direct impact on the service life and operation state of the gate. Therefore, the advanced mechanism can run smoothly during the running process, without mechanical wear and long service life, and so on, so that the entire product is very stable when starting and stopping, and can quickly realize the brake locking.

2. Intelligence

For example, the flap barrier gate has the function of automatic reset. When the gate is opened and the user does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass this time. The intelligence of the flap barrier gate is also reflected in the automatic opening of the channel and the automatic closing of the channel when the flap barrier gate is powered off. Wing gate also has the function of line self-test, which can be found in time after failure, greatly protecting the service life of flap barrier gate.

3. Designability

Not only from the function, but also from the safety, modern, concise design concept and architectural environment, architectural style to achieve integration; streamline design is the main line, reflecting the simple, comfortable style, material use more glass and stainless steel to give the same fashion, transparent design, keep consistent with the intelligent building construction style.

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