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What Are The 7 Types Of Insurance?

A financial crisis comes in many forms. Some can be personal, like a minor shortfall towards a financial goal, while other financial crises can be global, like the ones caused by the pandemic. It is crucial for every family and individual to be financially prepared for uncertainties of the future. Insurance is designed to provide financial protection to an individual or an entity against certain losses due to unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances.

One of the main aims of insurance is to minimize financial uncertainty to a certain extent and make any unforeseen loss manageable. But there’s no single insurance policy that covers all aspects of your life. You’ll need different kinds of coverage if you want to prevent major financial uncertainties. Try San Angelo Insurance website for more about the concept of insurance.

  1. Life Insurance

Life insurance is a legal contract between an insurance company and the insured wherein the insurance company is liable to pay a lump sum amount, also known as a death benefit, to the beneficiaries after the insured person’s death or after a certain period in exchange for a premium.

In simpler terms, life insurance ensures that you and your loved ones will receive some financial support in the event of an unfortunate accident or retirement. It minimizes the impact of financial loss on you and your family and gives them the power to be self-reliant and independent. If you’re the sole earning member in the family, a life insurance plan can provide your family a certain amount each month, ensuring that their everyday needs are duly met.

  1. Property Insurance

Property insurance provides protection against theft, fire, natural disasters, material damage, etc., to the house or commercial establishment. It provides financial reimbursement to the renter or owner of the property. Property insurance comprises a number of other policies like flood insurance, earthquake insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and renter’s insurance. To prevent certain damages or losses, anyone who owns any kind of property, be it a house, office, a café, hotel, hospital, or educational space, should buy a property insurance policy.

  1. Marine Insurance

Marine insurance protects against perils of loss or damage to ships, cargo vessels, terminals, etc., when grounded or while in transit. Other dangers like the collision of ships, sinking, hook damage, burning, adverse weather conditions, navigation errors, etc., are also covered under marine insurance. When goods are transferred from the point of origin to any destination, there are chances of damage to goods due to unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances. Marine insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible plans that cater to every individual’s budget.
  • Customization options to suit the specific needs and requirements of each person.
  • Liberty to extend or enhance the plan with add-on benefits for greater coverage.
  • Extensive coverage against all the potential perils.
  1. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance provides the insured some coverage against the risk of getting legally held for malpractices, injuries, or negligence. Liability insurance policies cover certain legal costs that an insured entity is liable for if held legally responsible. Unlike other kinds of policies, this insurance policy pays the third party and not the policyholders. Workers’ compensation, commercial liability, and personal liability are all types of liability insurance.

  1. Social Insurance

Social insurance programs are government programs that offer protection against specific economic risks such as old age, unemployment, or disability. It is a kind of social security that comes in handy in case of emergencies that might lead to financial issues. Social insurance schemes include unemployment insurance, wherein temporary benefits are given in case of loss of job. It also includes a medicare program that provides for medical services that might be needed in old age and workers compensation, wherein compensation is provided to workers injured at work.

  1. Guarantee Insurance

Guarantee insurance covers certain kinds of loss that arise due to dishonesty or disloyalty on the part of the employees or another party. If the second party fails to be loyal, then the loss will be incurred by the first party. For instance, the insurer will reimburse the loss if the importers fail to pay the debt when it comes to export insurance.

  1. Fire Insurance

Under this contract, coverage is provided against accidental fires, explosions, lighting, etc. It covers specific damages to an office building or any commercial establishment, machinery, furnishings, stocks, and so on due to an outbreak of fire. Apart from fire-related perils, fire insurance also covers damages that occur due to natural calamities, bursting of water tanks, explosions, etc. 

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