What are some tips on buying a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers or dressers is one of the most convenient pieces of furniture. It provides a lot of storage and accommodates bedding, clothes, accessories, etc. It can also serve as a TV stand, dressing table, changing table, bedside table which makes it multi-functional and practically universal.

The chest of drawers is relatively small in size, unlike a wardrobe or bed, the dresser is also used as an element of decor. It can be painted with unusual shades, decorated with drawings, and equipped with original handles. One can also place decorative table lamps, frames with paintings and photographs, plants, vases, and interesting articles.

Before buying the furniture one needs to decide what it will be used for. If the space allows, one can consider investing in a larger and deeper dresser model which can accommodate more things. To choose the right chest of drawers for your bedroom you need to deal with a huge number of styles and other features in the furniture market. It is necessary to choose furniture carefully and not be led by other impulses.

Tips on Buying Chest of Drawers:

1) Size: This is one of the major factors when deciding on the chest of drawers one wants. Although it’s possible to alter and build custom-made sizes. The person buying should ideally assess the size available for the chest of drawers. The best size should be one that isn’t too small to hold all the things and belongings without having to squeeze them. 

2) Style: Chest drawers are available in several designs, sometimes even within the same collection. Painted chests are always ideal for bedrooms with the right color scheme. Darker cabinets usually fit in with more traditional settings. It would be best to go for a style which goes with your furniture, the color of the walls, wardrobe, etc. Mirrored chest of drawers adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication. 

3) Color: The other factor is color. Most chests of drawers are available in basic colors. One can opt for other colors that work for your decor. The color should match the existing room furniture; it will complement the room’s appearance even more.

4) Price: The price for chest of drawers will depend on the size, quality, and style. It is generally worth spending on quality drawers as they will long last and will also have better resell value in case one is thinking to upgrade the size or style of the drawers. The best way to get a bargain is to shop during a sale period or festive offers, retailers usually cut their prices during such times.

5) Material: Material matters the most, it also varies between models and different shops. It is better to buy from a well-known shop that provides quality material. French-style chest of drawers can be made from paint. Many designs are crafted with oak, cedar, and maple to give the piece a more aesthetic look. 

6) Finger pull or handle: Drawers can have a handle or finger pull. It completely depends on the customer what they prefer. The main difference is that handles protrude further from the cabinet and finger pulls take less or no space compared to handles. It is easier to stack the drawer with finger pulls if it’s not in use or during shifting.

Final Words:

A chest of drawers is an excellent solution for bedrooms, dressing rooms, and bathrooms where storage space is limited. There are unfitted chests of drawers available in which the dividers can be adjusted according to needs. One can choose from different designs, finishes, and sizes which complement the décor of the room.

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Christophe Rude
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