What are cable tie guns?

A cable tie gun is the name given to a tensioning tool or device that is utilised for the application of a cable tie with a particular degree of tension. The device may remove any excess cable tie with the head to avoid leaving any sharp edges that could cause an injury. There are a number of applications that may require the use of a cable tie gun as they require a particular tension in order to be able to meet certain requirements and standards. 

Cable tie guns are excellent tools for use within the home or work environment and may be used in many different ways. Cable tie guns are just as useful within the context of an installation project as they are for simply tying back a number of wires. They are very easy to use and ensure that a finished product will come with a neat and organised appearance. 

The cable tie gun simply needs to be loaded with a tie and the handle then squeezed in order to have the cable tie quickly fastened. Cable tie guns can be very useful for any project that needs multiple wires to be tied together as well as those that involve just a single wire. 

There are a number of different materials that can be used in the manufacture of a cable tie gun, including the likes of plastic and metals. 

Different types of cable tie guns

There are different types of cable tie guns, which have different functions. Some cable tie processing tools have been designed to be used in areas that have access difficulties, while other types are actually able to function without the need for electricity in regards to mobile applications. 

Durability and efficiency are also factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing between types of cable tie guns, though it is important that every cable tie gun me convenient and reliable at all times, even when used over a long period of time. 

Cable tie guns can be used for the cutting and optimum tensioning of cable ties flush to the head of the cable tie, eliminating sharp snags that can be left behind by standard wire cutters. Cable tie guns are also able to help with the acceleration of bundling processes and can tie different sizes and types of cable ties together in a more professional manner. 

Cable tie guns are essential for handymen and electricians that may make use of thousands of zip ties, as manually pulling them all tight can result in aching hands at the end of a long day. Cable tie guns not only spare your hands but also make the job much more quickly to accomplish and make certain that the zip ties have been tightened properly and the excess cut correctly. Pneumatic cable tie guns make use of compressed air, thus even sparing you having to make use of your own strength in order to get the ties strongly tightened. 

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