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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat… Insurance Policy: The Very Real Dangers of Commercial Fishing

Are you considering a career in commercial fishing? This profession can be very profitable, the industry earns $5.6 billion dollars every year, but is also one of the most dangerous jobs out there. There are several different factors that can turn this generally enjoyable activity into a life-threatening business venture. 

Keep reading to learn why commercial fishing is known as the deadliest catch. 

The Environment

One of the main factors that make commercial fishing more dangerous than other careers, is the environment it takes place in. This job is mainly deep-sea fishing and the environment can be inherently dangerous. These fishermen usually push their boundaries and explore new areas many miles away from the land and where the weather and the seas can change at any moment. 

Another risk for being out far at sea is that if an issue does occur to the ship or anyone on board, help is too far away. This means that the crew will have to be able to solve whatever dilemma might come their way. It is beneficial for the crew to have some training in mechanical boat repair and first aid training.

Safety Training

One of the commercial fishing hazards is not having enough first aid training to handle maritime injuries or fishing accidents. Even though it is a very dangerous profession, there are some occurrences that could be prevented if given the proper training ahead of time. 

When an emergency occurs, those on board the ship need to be capable of acting immediately to help their fellow fisherman. They won’t have much time to think or ask too many questions before jumping into action. Most of the people who step foot on the boat have had little to no training before boarding which can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

There are many who believe that the Coast Guard should offer a safety training course that could be required before setting sail. 

Safety Equipment

Fishing boats should also have life-saving equipment on-board that is accessible and prepared for the unexpected. These types of items should be survival suits for cold water, floatation devices, lights, whistles, and ropes. As with first aid training, workers on the boats need to be trained in how to properly use these items. 

In the event of an emergency, they need to be able to locate their survival suits and get into them quickly. Then be able to help assist the rest of the crew into their gear and prepare to evacuate the vessel if needed. 

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Commercial fishing is a dangerous career choice for many reasons. The environment is hazardous, the safety training is sometimes not efficient, and not all the boats have the proper safety equipment on board. Yet, there are some steps that they can take, such as seeking out better training, that can lessen their risks. 

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