Weddings Gone Wild

The wedding day is the most special occasion. It’s a time for family and friends to come together, dress up in their finest clothes, eat delicious food, drink champagne, play wedding games – and finally witness the bride walk down the aisle on her father’s arm to meet her groom at last.

The wedding celebration often continues with partying late into the night. But what happens when things go wrong? When guests get drunk or rowdy? Here are some funny wedding gone wild moments we would like to share with you.

The Wedding Gone Wild Stories

I never attend a wedding without a wedding gift. It is my tradition to have at least one wedding a year. I love giving wedding gifts! I am learning the wedding gone wild stories from my friends on Facebook. Here is some example of a funny wedding gone wild stories I’ve heard:

Mary’s wedding reception was going well up until her husband had to tell the band to stop playing because she couldn’t hear them over all of the celebrating. It turns out, her hearing aid batteries were dead and no one noticed.

One wedding I attended had a wedding guest in a wedding dress that was so short she couldn’t take more than four steps without flashing the whole room. This woman did not know what kind of wedding dress to wear and that was her wedding gone wild story.

One wedding venue I’ve been to had a wedding done outdoors on the beach. The wedding reception was during high tide so there were no chairs for everyone because they would get wet. The wedding reception was also held during a tornado warning. This wedding gone wild story is especially funny when the wedding party started to do their wedding photos with wind gusts of 50 miles an hour and the wedding dress blowing around in the ocean.

I love wedding photos! And sometimes I laugh at them too because wedding photos gone wild happen all the time. I know wedding photographers who have had wedding guests step in front of the photoshoot to take wedding pictures themselves.

There was a wedding I once attended where the wedding party gave everyone disposable cameras! Can you imagine? Their wedding photos ended up looking like snapshots taken by a drunken granny with Parkinson’s.

There are wedding photographers who will not take wedding photos during a wedding reception because they don’t know how to be wedding photographers at the wedding reception. The bride and groom often help with this because they are getting married. It is their wedding after all! Wedding photography is something you need to learn before you decide to become a wedding photographer.

Another wedding I attended had wedding guests wearing a wedding dress with wedding hats attached! The men in their suits as well. The wedding photos at this wedding were hilarious because each wedding guest looked like an old woman on Viagra trying to hit on the wedding photographer.

There was a wedding I attended where the bride had a wedding surprise for her wedding guests. She hired a group of African American men who were dressed in king and queen outfits to do wedding dances! At the wedding reception, the wedding guests started to do wedding dances with them. The wedding photographer said something about this wedding gone wild story being a wedding gift in itself because it made wedding photography so much fun to do.

Anyway, these are those fun times in my life. So, what mistakes have your loved ones made at weddings that you can learn from? Share them with others! You may be able to prevent future mishaps by learning from others’ experiences…

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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