Webtoon branch in France is leading the way in 2022

As everyone knows, the comic book market in France has a long history and has achieved many resounding successes. Born in the late 19th century, the pioneers in this industry have created a solid foundation, as a stepping stone for subsequent successes. For example, Emile Reynaud, whose animated film was first shot, has brought many breakthroughs. Even from the past until now, France has been at the forefront of this industry, however, now there are more competitors such as the US and Japan. As you know, the development of digital technology has created conditions for many other industries to develop, such as webtoon (manhwa).Webtoons has not only caused a storm in the Korean market but is now reaching out to the world to serve readers around the world. With such a vision, Naver opened a branch in France. In France, the Naver platform is quite popular. As can be seen, Naver’s revenue in France is quite significant, the download on Google Play in France is also not small.

Naver is a popular news portal as well as a reading webtoons platform in Korea. Currently, Naver has opened more services in France in 2019 and switched to paid services in 2020. Despite switching to paid, the popularity of this platform has not stopped, it is at the top of the list. apps in the French Google Play. Currently, Netflix and Disney are gradually becoming popular, and Naver is currently competing with these two platforms. Naver has acquired a 25% stake in Tappytoon and has become a solid business partner. Combined with Tapytoon, Naver popularized the webtoon widely, specifically to more than 5 million users in 190 countries around the world. Currently, through the CANVAS system, the webtoon is gradually becoming more famous in France.

In order to promote the number of users as well as promote the webtoon to the world’s readers, Naver has organized a fairly large-scale contest, called Webtoons Concours 2021, from July last year. This is a contest known by many people for the prize of up to 77000 euros – a pretty attractive number. The winners not only receive money, but also sign a long-term contract with Naver service in France, in order to contribute to the company, to nurture talent and spread the product. This contest has attracted more than 50% increase in participants compared to last year. This number proves that the number of users who are interested in webtoon is increasing day by day. It can also be said that the purpose or vision of the webtoon is gradually being achieved. Not only that, Naver is also smart when it comes to coordinating with the world’s leading IP companies. Naver launched the project “Super Casting” which aims to release the “batman” series as the original webtoon manhwa. To launch the project, Naver teamed up with HYBE and DC Comics, both of which are well-known companies in the industry. The article has provided you with the 10 best Manhwa stories that you should try. Hope the article will help you find your favorite collection of stories.

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2 – Freecomiconline.me
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6 – Boyslove.me
7 – Manhwa.info
8 – Mangahentai.me
9 – Yaoi.mobi
10 – Manycomic.com

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