Ways To Prepare Yourself Before Doing A Body Jet In Thailand

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for offering the best body jet liposuction surgeries, also known among locals as ดูดไขมัน Body Jet. Surgery is becoming popular among medical tourists. Many people across the globe have battled with weight loss and loose skin. This has made them endure rigorous exercises and suffered through restrictive diets. Even though to some extent diets and exercises have helped, it’s difficult to get rid of excess fatty deposits especially on specific parts of our bodies. In Thailand today, body jet is one of the safest methods available for body sculpting and permanent fat removal. The procedure allows real-time precise contouring with today’s state-of-the-art technology that involves the use of water.

How should one prepare for this surgery? (h2)

Your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide instruction on how to prep before the procedure. You’ll achieve the desired results if you follow the instructed directions. To verify whether you can safely go under local anesthesia, your surgeon may ask you to undergo a blood workup. You’ll have to pause certain medications such as herbal supplements, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs, or aspirin as they can increase bleeding and stop smoking before and after the surgery. On the surgery day, your surgeon will require you to abstain from drinking or eating for a specific period of time, mostly 12 hours.

Depending on the surgeon and the hospital’s requirements you may be also asked to take certain medications or adjust your current medications and get a medical evaluation or lab test.

What should one pack for body jet liposuction surgery? (h2)

Planning for any plastic surgery can be a stressful task especially if you’ll be traveling to your surgery destination from out of state. You can eliminate half the stress that comes with getting ready for the surgery when you make a list of items you’ll need during your recovery. The following items can be bought in Thailand if you prefer to travel light. Conversely, you can also pack everything ahead of time if that helps you feel calmer!

Fluffy robe  (h3)

A soft and cozy robe is helpful during surgery recovery. You may have a hard time getting in and out of complicated clothes because you’ll be sore. By having a soft robe at hand, you can cover up and stay warm with minimal effort.

Maxi pads or surgical dressings  (h3)

With body jet liposuction, expect incision drainage after the surgery. Maxi pads or surgical dressings can help soak up any fluid drainage. To keep the incision as clean as possible, make sure to change them often.

Antibacterial soap  (h3)

During and ahead of the procedure, an antibacterial soap is a must. Using the soap during your shower will ensure your skin is free of any bacteria that can put you at risk of contracting an infection during surgery. After the surgery, once you are given the clear to shower again, the antibacterial soap can help you lower the risk of developing an infection after surgery and also help you keep your incisions clean.

Scar cream  (h3)

Once your doctor has cleared you, you may begin using a gentle scar cream to lighten up your incision scars. Using a scar cream can make the scars less visible and give you added confidence even though the incisions were placed in discrete locations.

Slippers  (h3)

A great pair of slippers will make moving around easier during your surgery recovery. You’ll be sore after surgery, therefore, putting them on should not strain you or require you to bend. With a comfortable pair of slippers at hand, you’ll make many post-op appointments with ease.

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