Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas To Keep Them Tidy And Decluttered

If you are looking to streamline your morning routine, then one of the important things is to have easy access to all the necessary things. To accomplish that, it is essential to have an organised closet, whether you have a small or a big wardrobe. If you want to make the best use of the wardrobe, there is a need to reimagine it so that it is not a mess. On the other hand, if you are yet to invest in a wardrobe browser through Wakefit wardrobes, find a perfect one and implement the below ideas to keep them decluttered and tidy.

Categorise your Clothes

When you are going through your clothes, tossing every piece of clothing that you have in your wardrobe can be overwhelming and an inefficient way of sorting things. Instead, sift through the clothes and categorise them into innerwear, pants, tops, dresses, etc. Then sort the items into categories before moving to the next category. This is an easier way to compare clothes as they are grouped together and easily throw away unwanted things. Also, when you are going through clothes, commit yourself that you will keep only things you wear frequently and love them. If there is any cloth where there is doubt, toss it and donate it.

After you have categorised the clothes and before you start to implement these small closet ideas, check if anything is still inside. Remove any lingering stuff from the closet and give it a deep clean. Vacuum, wipe, and scrub any marks on the walls or the shelves and get ready to implement your organization ideas.

Plan your Closet Space

If you have the money and the time to purchase a closet, then go for it. Else, you can get creative and work with what you have and implement wardrobe space saving ideas. Make a note of all the features you have in your closet, like whether you have more shelves or have hanging rods, have more vertical or horizontal space, etc. Use these to your advantage, and if you have areas that are not so great for storing, figure out accessories that can help make them usable. Some of the ideas you can implement are having large bins to store hats, bathing suits, beachwear, etc. Suppose you have many shelves but not enough hanging space, then use hooks on the walls or a portable clothes rack. If you have large shelves, use closet organisers that help you divide the space. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to using organizers.

Store Bulky Clothes Creatively

The wardrobe you have will include not just everyday wear but also winterwear which is usually bulky. If you think it can be hung over hanger rods, think again! It can get stretched accidentally, and you may have to say goodbye to those as they have saggy shoulders or things like that. Instead, one of the wardrobe organisation ideas is to cleverly store them away by rolling them and stowing them away until you need them.

Hang that Delicate Stuff

Not everyone will have enough space to hang every piece of clothing. Even if you don’t have too much space, hang the obvious things. Dresses, skirts, suits, and blazers are some of the items that are a great choice for hanging. To give your closet a neat and organised look, use space saving hangers, hang clothes in the same direction, and longer items on the left and the shorter ones on the right to create an upward slope.

Stack the Heavy Clothes

If hanging space or even the drawer space is precious in your wardrobe, stack them one on top of the other. For example, pile all jeans on one stack, sweaters on another, etc. Since these are thick and sturdy, they don’t easily lose shape and can be stacked on each other. It also gives a clear view of what you have, which makes it easy to pick what you want.

Colour-code your Clothes

At first, colour coding the clothes is a tedious process, but when you get through this task, you will realise that it was a good idea as it makes choosing an outfit easy. Going VIBGYOR makes it easy to distinguish and also to navigate. Another key idea is to ensure that you keep things that you regularly wear at eye level, which is the middle of the closet. That makes it easy to grab when you are in a hurry in the mornings. The lesser-used pieces can be behind, below, or above the regular clothes.

Use Drawer Dividers

Using drawer dividers is one of the best wardrobe organisation ideas as it lets you know what exactly you have and when to do laundry. It also allows you to maximise space and allow you to see everything. For example, you can separate socks, belts, underwear, and tights. These are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Use the above organisation ideas and ideal wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms and larger ones. However, maintaining these is an ongoing process; if you slip up, you will land up where you started!

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