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Walnuts Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of walnuts

Cleopatra and Josephine Bonaparte used Walnuts oil for skin care. Fitness gurus are advised to eat a handful of nuts for a snack. Tourists bring home all sorts of Walnuts-based delicacies – each country has its own. Amaretto liqueur and nut flour sweets continue to conquer gourmets. Walnuts are everywhere, which is great. We will tell you how it is useful, what it is appreciated for. We will recommend the best Walnuts products and teach you how to choose the right nuts. 

Here is everything you need to know about the product that is called “super food” today health benefits of Walnuts.


The nut has been known since the time of the pharaohs. Archaeologists have discovered traces of oil in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Today Central Asia and the Middle East are especially famous for Walnuts. The leaders in terms of the number of crops are Turkey, Uzbekistan, and the US state of California, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

The fruits of the Walnuts tree are similar to green plums. Walnuts Nutrition Facts the other way around: the most valuable thing is the bone, but you can’t eat the pulp. Common Walnuts are a tree or shrub with pale green fruits. Over time, the shell dries up, becomes thinner, and turns gray-brown.

Pure Walnuts are sold in 5 variations:

  • fresh in a green shell;
  • dried in a gray-brown shell;
  • peeled fresh;
  • dried peeled;

Beneficial features

Walnuts are a powerful source of antioxidants, fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins and other valuable substances. Scientists have proven the benefits for the body from its use. It is enough to eat 4-5 kernels every day to feel the cumulative effect in a month.

10 most important medicinal and preventive Walnuts nutrition:

  1. Supports the work of the cardiovascular system. Walnuts strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize blood pressure, and reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol.
  2. Slows down aging. Brown Walnuts skins are rich in antioxidants. They fight free radicals and protect the body’s molecules from damage. Scientists have proven that this is a good prevention of several types of cancer.
  3. Improves the condition of the skin and hair. Vitamin E and manganese help with this. They are responsible for skin firmness and collagen production. And healthy fats are responsible for hair growth, improvement of their condition, and prevent hair loss. In this regard, Walnuts are especially useful for women.
  4. Normalizes sugar levels. Walnuts are good for diabetics. And also for those who suffer from spikes in blood sugar.
  5. Helps to lose weight. Provides long-lasting satiety due to its high fiber content. Fat from Walnuts is not deposited on the sides, but helps to improve the functioning of the body.
  6. Improves bone health. Walnuts are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is a good prevention of osteoporosis. Regular consumption of walnuts helps to strengthen bones and teeth.
  7. Helps the brain. Omega-3s, when combined with antioxidants, are responsible for improving memory. They also increase the concentration and activity of the brain. This helps in work, protects against nervous overstrain.
  8. Improves the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of Walnuts in small doses helps to improve digestion. B vitamins help the body absorb all nutrients from food.
  9. Strengthens the immune system. Sweet Walnuts should be used as a preventive measure against infectious diseases. All the same B vitamins work here. And the ability of the nut to fight insomnia and reduce nervousness only enhances the effect.
  10. For men’s health. The nut is rich in zinc, which promotes testosterone production. Walnuts are useful for maintaining the genitourinary system of men.

Harm and contraindications

Walnuts are a powerful allergen and should be introduced with caution, especially in children. A child can be given 2-3 nuts a day, starting from the age of three. Otherwise, there are no contraindications. However, an overdose of Walnuts will harm the body. Don’t eat more than 20 nuts a day.

Unpleasant consequences:

  1. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Walnuts are high in fiber, so they can cause constipation or bloating if overdose. If you eat nuts frequently, drink plenty of water.
  2. Weight gain. Walnuts can help you lose weight when consumed in moderation. But if you lean on nuts, do not change the diet in favor of a healthy diet, avoid physical activity, there will be no benefit.
  3. Mineral deficiency. The phytic acid in Walnuts binds zinc, calcium and iron. If you eat nuts along with foods that are rich in these nutrients, they will not be absorbed. It will be correct to consume Walnuts on their own as a standalone snack.
  4. Poisoning. It can be provoked by hydrocyanic acid. Therefore, the nut should not be overused. Bitter Walnuts can only be eaten after being cooked.

How to use and daily allowance?

The calorie content of Walnuts is 576 kcal per 100 grams. It is enough to eat 4-5 nuts a day for prevention or increase the dose to 10 pieces. The maximum daily dose is two handfuls. But it is dangerous to approach this line every day.

You need to know how to eat Walnuts correctly to get the most out of them. Scientists’ advice:

  1. Nuts need to be soaked. Harmful substances will come out into the water if the Walnuts are treated with something. It will also make fiber more available to the body.
  2. For problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to use fried Walnuts. It is easier to digest. Buy goods from trusted manufacturers – they do not add vegetable oil during heat treatment.
  3. You do not need to remove the brown skin. If you soak the nuts, it will flake off easily. But it is better to leave it – it contains antioxidants and vitamins.

How to choose?

When buying Walnuts on the market, you need to choose them according to their appearance, smell, storage conditions. The nuts must be dry. Any hint of mold is a reason to refuse a purchase. Good Walnuts exude a subtle sweetish aroma. A nut is spoiled if bitterness or mustiness is felt.

When choosing in shell Walnuts, pay attention to the color uniformity. Green is a little velvety. Walnuts in a gray-brown shell should be dry, without any hint of mold – as in the photo above.

Peeled Walnuts are:

  1. Fresh. Kernels harvested in August or early autumn are distinguished by a sweet, moist crunch.
  2. Dried. It is sold from late autumn until next season. These Walnuts need to be soaked before eating.
  3. Fried. It is processed in a dry frying pan or with oil. Only the first option is useful. If the Walnuts are too ruddy and shiny, it is better not to buy them.

The healthiest Walnuts are organic. You can search for it in health food stores or order it online. Here are some of the top rated options on

  • fried Walnuts with sea salt at a good price, Now Foods
  • for connoisseurs of savory flavors: organic Walnuts in soy sauce, fried without oil, Eden Foods
  • California Organic Walnuts, Raw, Wilderness Poets

Walnuts products

Nuts are squeezed, grinded, fried, crushed, ground into powder. At the same time, many Walnuts products retain all the beneficial properties of the “original”.


It can be cold pressed or hot pressed. The oil is obtained from the kernels of bitter and sweet Walnuts. The first is cosmetic. It is appreciated by perfumers for its pleasant tart aroma. Sweet Walnuts oil retains most of the health benefits of nuts. It is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases, in cooking, cosmetology. Walnuts oil for external use can be brought from Egypt, Turkey and other eastern countries.

Walnuts oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, tonic effect. Normalizes the body’s work in ten parameters, has a positive effect on the appearance. It can be added to homemade masks and creams, or enriched with manufactured products. Walnuts oil goes well with poultry, rice, vegetables – it gives the dish a spicy, sweetish nutty flavor.

The product has only one drawback: unscrupulous producers can dilute Walnuts squeeze with cheap vegetable oil. Make sure there is no sediment in the bottle. The oil should be light yellow with a pleasant sweetish aroma. Walnuts can be bought in the markets with a close examination of the kernels, but it is better to order oil in trusted stores. Good options:

  • organic sweet Walnuts oil (food and cosmetic), Now Foods is a hit on ;
  • skin care oil, Aura Cacia -;
  • inexpensive cosmetic Walnuts oil from Aliexpress, 100 ml ;
  • Cold pressed product with pure composition – AliExpress, .


Nut powder with a pleasant sweetish taste and aroma. Walnuts flour retains most of the beneficial properties of the kernels. It is not greasy, suitable for dietary nutrition. You can make healthy sweets or classic nutty desserts with it. Walnuts flour baked goods are tender and do not stale for a long time.

The product should only be purchased from health food stores or ordered online from trusted manufacturers. Variants with Ayherb:

  • organic raw Walnuts flour ;
  • Blanched roasted nuts.


They are useful, but refined sugar reduces it. Cookies, cakes and pastries are made from Walnuts flour. These are healthy foods or classic desserts with sugar and cream. The most popular Walnuts sweets are glazed nuts, praline, nougat, and macaroon filled sweets. And also protein bars. The demand for Walnuts paste has grown over the past couple of years. It can be “pure”, with sugar or sugar-chocolate. It is a less fatty and healthier alternative to peanut butter.

Useful pastes with:

  • organic from raw Walnuts without extraneous additives;
  • roasted Walnuts butter, creamy;
  • Thick Walnuts paste with cane sugar and sea salt.

The drinks

A useful substitute for regular milk is Walnuts milk. It is rich in vitamins and protein. Aromatic, nutritious, sweetish taste. Good for vegans or people with lactose intolerance. The second most popular drink with Walnuts is amaretto liqueur. It is easily recognizable by its nutty flavor. It is profitable to buy Walnuts milk in Europe. Look for the most affordable options in supermarkets – health food stores sell it at a premium.

Eat Walnuts every day, or substitute nutty ones instead. This is a good help for the body and a sure step towards a healthy diet.

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