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Wall Clock Decoration Ideas



Ranging in style in classic and industrial to contemporary and innovative, decorative wall clocks make for the best pieces of functional accent wall decoration. If you have additional wall space to fill, think about a wall clock. Have a look at this manual for ten wall sockets decoration suggestions that will assist you become motivated.

Wall Clocks As Living Room Decor

Typically we invest a great deal of time at the living space, however only pass with a wall clock when entering or leaving our houses. An eye catching wall clock set in a notable, living area place makes it simple to tell exactly what time it’s without relying upon a smartphone, wristwatch, or even imagining. Additionally, a wall clock adds a little bit of flair to the room’s decoration. Let us take a better look at the prior pointers, which means that you may pick the ideal place to hang out a wall clock in your living space.

Auspicious Directions

Chinese who practice Feng Shui consider that since the term clock, even when spoken, sounds like the term death, it’s not better to place a wall clock onto a central place of their living area. In Feng Shui, the contour, structure material, and colour of a clock represent its own link to the earth’s energy and elements. In keeping with Fen Shui decoration, a square-shaped clock, rather than oversize, is ideal for a living area.Shade can also be a Feng Shui variable to ascertain the place on your clock. A wall clock that’s reddish, purple, or orange relates to the part of fire and needs to be put in the southern stage in a space. Putting a clock in the east or southeast is joined to the wood component, a preferable place for a cyan-colored clock. It’s ill-advised to hang a clock in the west or north points since it brings bad luck.

Think Big – Really Big

Decorating with big wall sockets is all of the rage at the moment, and for good reason — they’re eye-catching and striking. Their size means you could save on extra pieces of wall decor without forfeiting any effect. These oversize clocks are exceptional in farmhouse or industrial areas, however there’s also a broad variety that could accommodate more diverse or modern styles. Decide on a comparatively easy design on your oversize wall clock on this large clock, also many details could be overpowering.

Dining Room Centerpiece

Wall clocks should not be restricted to only the regions within the living room mantel or over doors — they could be totally magnificent as the centerpieces of dining room walls, particularlywhen oversize.  It may be hard coming up with ideas for how to decorate your dining room walls, but if you’ve got an oversized wall sockets — notably a rustic, wooden one — you are covered. They will provide new meaning to the word”dinnertime!”

Steampunk dragon clock are also great for your dining rooms.

Unadorned Faces

The ideal complement to a contemporary or glam room layout is really a classy, unadorned wall clock encounter. As they can be found in just about any color and layout, such as granite or marble, you are guaranteed to discover a slick clock design is effective for your own personal style. Though they lack detail and ornamentation, these clocks may hold their own and may even be hung on a massive wall all independently.Steampunk decor UK is one of the best companies that provides you the best clocks.

Abstract Clocks

Minimalistic or abstract wall sockets are the great decorative pieces for contemporary rooms. Contemporary design is all about simplicity fit and layout, which explains the reason why wall clock decoration ideas that exude all ornamentation are perfect. Put a contemporary wall clock over a desk using easy beams such as little plants, bookends, and sprays to get a great minimalist design.

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5 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Sofa as New



Cleaning Hacks

Sofas can be an excellent investment in your home. Therefore, they require maintenance to keep in top shape. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning are the best way to keep your sofa look as good as new, even after using them for years. However, you can use many other tricks to keep your sofas in top shape and prolong their lifespan. Here are five cleaning hacks to keep your sofa as new

Use recommended cleaning materials

The first thing you need to do is check to see if you have the recommended cleaning materials. Do not just buy scrubbing brushes and other cleaning detergents without checking if they are compatible for use with your sofa. For instance, you may want to check if your sofa can be vacuumed before vacuum-cleaning it. This helps you prolong its lifespan and keep it in good condition. So using recommended materials for sofa cleaning is also very important.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Regardless of the type of sofa you own, vacuum cleaning will always help you remove all the dust and dirt. Vacuuming is also an excellent cleaning hack before you apply liquids on your sofa. If your sofa is made of fabric, vacuuming helps prevent grim when you use liquid washing materials. Grim removal is very challenging and can be costly. ‘

If you have a leather sofa, vacuuming helps remove most dirt. Vacuuming is the best way to remove hidden dirt and dust from your sofa. Accordingly, you can also use a soft brush to improve your results.

Use a scrubbing brush to restore colour

If you are worried about fading sofa colours, use a scrubbing brush to wipe it off for some minutes. This helps loosen the fibres and remove accumulated dust. At the end of the day, you should be able to restore the original colour of your sofa, making it look new. However, this is only possible if dust accumulation is the reason for fading.

Use cushions to preserve the shape

With extensive use, your sofa cushion may start losing its shape. To prevent this, make sure you fluff your sofa cushions frequently. Additionally, make sure you wash all removable cushion clothing. Lastly, you should consider flipping the removable parts to prevent excessive wear and tear on one side. Washed and fluffed cushions look great on your sofa.

Use paper tape to remove pet hair

If you are a pet lover, you will know that pet hair can be a challenge when cleaning your sofa and the entire living space. To add to that, even vacuum cleaners cannot pull out all the fur from your couch. Your best bet should be on paper tape to remove all the pet hairs from your sofa. You can do this by wrapping a piece of paper tape around your palm and tapping gently against the sofa fabric to attract fur.


These easy cleaning hacks will help keep your sofa new and in top shape. However, you may need deep sofa cleaning services to remove deep-lying dust and dirt once in a while. In this case, make sure you get a professional upholstery cleaning company to get the job done.

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All You Need to Know About Pre-Approved Home Loans




A pre-approved home loan is a type of loan provided on the basis of your financial standing, age, repayment capacity, and credit history even before the property is finalised. It is a quick process that does not require extensive documentation and legal authentication of the property you want to buy.

When the verification process is completed, the lender issues a letter of pre-approval that comes with a validation period, in which you’ll have to finalise a property.

Here’s all you need to know about pre-approved housing finance.

Loan term

The terms attached to a pre-approved loan, like the rate of interest and loan tenure, may change during the validity period. So, the final loan terms are decided at the time of loan disbursal, not when the loan is sanctioned. For instance, the interest rate may change when you finalise the property, resulting in modifications in the EMI payable.

In such a case, a home loan EMI calculator can help you estimate the expenses depending upon the changes.

Validity period

As mentioned before, pre-approved housing finance usually comes with a fixed validity period. This validity period ranges from 3-6 months, depending upon the lender. The purpose is to give you sufficient time to finalise a property before the expiry of the approval letter. Lenders disburse the final loan only after the property documents are submitted and verification has been completed successfully. 

Loan processing charges

Most lenders charge a nominal processing fee to carry out the pre-approval process, which is typically non-refundable. This amount usually differs depending on the lender and is charged either as a fixed amount or a percentage of the loan amount.

How to get a pre-approved loan for property purchase?

You can apply online or offline to initiate the pre-approved loan process.

1. To secure a pre-approval, you have to first fulfil the home loan eligibility criteria set by the lender. This will be followed by a verification process wherein you’ll have to submit the following document proofs:

  • Valid identity proof
  • Bank account statements (for the last six months)
  • Salary slip (last three months)
  • Address proof
  • Pan card
  • Income tax return or Form 16 (last 2 years)

However, this is only a standard checklist. The actual document proofs required for verification might differ depending on the lender.

2. Once you’ve submitted the required documents, lenders will carry out a verification process, and if you are deemed fit, they’ll sanction a pre-approval letter defining a validity period.

3. Next, you’ll have to select a property and submit its relevant documents within the stipulated period. The lender decides the other loan terms like home loan interest rate and tenure after the property valuation.

4. At last, if your chosen property meets the standards, you can get the required funds in a couple of working days.

In conclusion

As you can see, a pre-approved home loan can help you get started on the property search without any wait. From home loan eligibility verification to the final loan disbursal, the process is quick, easy, and straightforward.

Just make sure the residential unit you select comes under the lender’s “approved projects” list, and the rest will flow smoothly.

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Tips for renting out apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi




One of the main reasons for apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi is that foreigners worldwide regard the process as transparent and straightforward. All documentation is designed so that it is easy and straightforward to understand even a nonprofessional person. Government authorities control every transaction. A large number of significant real estate developer companies also indicate their reliability. Immobilien is very diverse, and the number is growing steadily. Most buildings are under five and stand out from the rest of Abu Dhabi’s older buildings.

Apartment benefits:

1. Return 

Investment returns are also an essential factor. This is an excellent indicator because not every bank in the world can boast that its depositors have such a share of income. At the same time, you gain two times by apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi. Firstly, the potential revenue for rent, and secondly, the property’s value is increasing year by year. Many see real estate in Abu Dhabi as a two-way investment: you can get rental income for several years, and then you can sell the object profitably.

2. Flexible.

For their flexibility, some renters prefer the property to rent Abu Dhabi whether working, travelling or just a slicker apartment on the street. For example, a Dubai short term rental will enable you to see a job outside your natural “commuting” zone if you are looking for work. Or, if you need to move to another city for a temporary assignment, a short term Dubai rental will give you additional mobility. Moreover, if you move to a new town and want to take your time to the area in the best place to settle, a short-term Dubai rental would give you the opportunity to hang up in town while you live in it.

3. Ready for space living.

In Dubai, property to rent Abu Dhabi is usually fully equipped and ready to live, from kitchenware and tableware to material and bath sheets.

4. For your money, you get a lot more.

A short-term rental in Dubai usually features an equipped kitchen to save on food at restaurants: great for individuals and families.

5. Cost. 

For renters, short-term rentals in Dubai can have minor inconveniences. For one, property buyers tend to sell more for a short-term rental, including cleaning and rental furniture costs. This will not only cost you in the short term but also long term if you continue to renew the short-term rental for a more extended period. Furthermore, rent increases and changes in terms of the lease are always possible more frequently than in a long-term contract.

Conclusion:  There are two options for long-term or short-term accommodation in Abu Dhabi. In the ABU DHABI, anything in the short term is less than one year (with renewal options) and in a long time is more than one year. In addition, unlike in other countries, short-term rentals via the Department of Tourism and Trade Marketing are fully regulated. Short and long-term opportunities are essential for a healthy property market and short-term rent growth in Abu Dhabi in recent years. Hence, when you are looking forward to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi, then it is always a good decision to get in touch with an expert and experienced company which has a proper idea about the same.

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How to Downsize Your Home Without Selling Everything You Own



Are you beginning to feel as though you are rattling around a big empty house? If you have had children who have left home or your living situation has changed, and you are now living alone, then you might feel like your house is a little too large for you.

However, you still have all your possessions to consider! How can you downsize to a more manageable space without throwing out all your items? Read on to find out!

Donate older items

While selling everything might not be for you, you can still consider donating items. Perhaps you want to pass on old items to friends and family. Check in with them before giving things away to charity – especially any more sentimental items.

Go digital

Do you have a vast amount of DVDs and books? It might be time to go digital! Most movies are available on a streaming platform now, and you can still purchase and own them. When it comes to books, many libraries offer digital rentals now as well as physical copies, and you can even simply purchase digital copies of these books. This strategy can help you to downsize a lot without losing anything that you love.

Pass your children’s items on

If you are moving but still have many of your children’s old possessions, don’t be afraid to ask them to take them home with them. This is especially useful for more sentimental items that they might miss if you throw them away.

Digitise paperwork

Go paperless when it comes to your paperwork! This process can help you to get rid of those piles of paper that you aren’t sure how long you should hang onto.

Scan photographs

Photographs can be hard to let go of. You can scan your physical copies into a computer and save them safely to cloud storage or a hard drive. It can help to keep them that much safer, too!

Use self-storage

If you don’t want to get rid of anything, you can store your items in a self-storage facility. These are secure places where you can visit your items as much as you want and retrieve them whenever you want. This idea works for all house sizes, so however big or small, there is a self-storage facility for you.

You can make a little money!

While you may not want to sell all of your things, don’t be afraid to sell some of your items online. This solution can help you to finance your move.

With these tips, you should be able to downsize your space without selling everything you own more effectively – but you can make a little money on the side, as well!

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Is a Vinyl Fence Cheaper than Wood?




There is no denying just how important a fence is to a homestead. For starters, it gives a home a natural feel on top of providing security and privacy. Historically, properties are shown using fences and by looking at a fence, someone can tell your personality. That’s right, we exhibit so much more with how we set up fences. 

There are many types of fences and more are invented by the day. But two common types of fences around the world are wood and vinyl fences. Both materials have been used to craft fences for mankind for a long time. At times it can be confusing to know which type of fence to pick as wood and vinyl look quite similar. Let’s debunk the two, shall we?

What to expect from wooden fences

Wood has been used to make fences for a very long time. Throughout the ages, wooden fences have proved to be durable and mostly affordable. On top of that, wood is also flexible which gives people a chance to exercise their creativity. But perhaps the main reason why wood is used all over the world is its availability. In nearly every corner of the world, you can expect to find timber, which makes wooden fences the go-to fence for locals. You can check out more about wooden fences here.

Why choose wooden fences?

Wooden fences come with a lot of pecks. See some of them below;

Flexibility in styles

There’s no denying that wood can be crafted in more than one kind of fence. Whether you’re going for a wattle fence or a split rail, wood will help you achieve that. On top, it’s quite easy to craft your desired styles. You can also paint the fences to match your house or gate for an improved look.

Easy installation

Most of the wood fences are super easy to install. In some, you don’t even need to call the professionals as you can do it yourself


Wooden fences are much more eco-friendly than vinyl fences. Once you modify your wood, it can serve you for a very long time. 


In a nutshell, you will need $6 per linear foot for a simple fence like split rail. But for the more sophisticated fences like privacy fences, you will need to cough up to $50 an hour. But compared to other fences like concrete, wooden fences are fairly priced.

The downside of wooden fences

The truth is, wooden fences also have their downsides. Check them out;

Susceptible to ants and termites

When it comes to wood, there is the age-old problem of termites. If left unchecked, wooden fences will fall due to termites infestations. Termites are kept at bay using pesticides or modifying the wooden fences while installing. This increases the initial costs.

Constant sealing and staining

Wooden fences require constant upgrades due to upgrades and rotting and sagging. On top of this, repainting is also due now and then which drives up the costs.

What to expect from vinyl fences

Over the years, vinyl fences have always been overlooked for their looks. But with time, more upgraded vinyl has started to hit the market changing the tides on how people see vinyl fences. So, why the change of hearts when it comes to vinyl fences?

The pros of vinyl fences


Unlike wooden fences that are prone to termites attacks and rooting, vinyl fences are not. This makes them low maintenance adding to their growing popularity.

Termite resistant

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why vinyl fences are preferred over wooden fences is because they are not attacked by termites. This makes them quite durable lasting through the seasons.


While wooden fences are susceptible to fade and the paint peels off over time, vinyl fences rarely do that. You’ll have them for a very long time without thinking of repainting.

Variety of styles

You’ve heard that vinyl fences are becoming quite popular right? Well, the main reason is that, now, people are getting a variety of styles to choose from. Having a variety means the fence will look as you would want it.

Little to no maintenance

While wooden fences require constant care due to rooting and tearing, vinyl fences require little upkeep. Once installed correctly, you will go for years without looking at it.

Easier installation

Compared to wooden fences, vinyl is a bit easier to install. Though subject to the person installing the fences, vinyl should not give you a hard time installing.

The downsides of vinyl fences


Vinyl fences are quite expensive to install than wooden fences. Though there is minimal maintenance, the general cost can go as high as $20,000 for a standard yard.


Hard to dispose

Vinyl does that decay which is a good and bad thing, good because it will serve you for a while, bad because you’ll have a hard time disposing of it.

Little choice of colors

Though the styles are picking up, it’s still not as many as wooden fences which forces you to make do with the available ones.

Parting shot

Vinyl fences are quite expensive to install than wooden fences. But, vinyl does not require maintenance or repainting which gives it an edge over wooden fences. On top, you won’t have to worry about termites and other insects feeding on your fence. On the other hand, wooden fences are quite easy to install with minimal costs involved. But you have to keep maintaining it for a long time. On the bright side, you get to choose the style and color you want without limitations. 

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