How to Enable and Use VPN

VPN – What is it in the iPhone, How to Enable and Use

Users often wonder: VPN – what is it in the iPhone, what is its mission. Little-known to the general public technology is needed to visit restricted resources – those that are banned by regional location.

A popular VPN service for iPhone, located here.

VPN what is it in the iPhone and ipad To begin with, it is necessary to understand that by this term is understood as an acronym for Virtual Private Network or virtual private network. It is used in cases where the organization of the real one is not rational or impossible.

Its main feature is the ability to transfer information through the existing network (Internet). All materials are carefully encrypted and reliably protected – the index does not depend on the reliability of the network on top of which it operates.

VPN technology for iPhone or iPad can be used for various purposes: When connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi – in this way the user is protected from accidental leakage of information. To visit the Internet anonymously – if you want to hide your real location, it will help to do this.  GPN replaces the real address with an acceptable one, and the user can visit restricted resources.

What is a proxy in iPhone and iPad

When entering a restricted site, a message appears on the screen saying that access to the material is denied. There are many such pages and to circumvent restrictions and was invented penetration through proxies. Its features include the substitution of data about the device, localization and the possibility of hiding one’s real IP address.

If necessary, law enforcement agencies provide the appropriate court order to the owners, and they are obliged to disclose all information about the requests of a particular user. The IP address can still be found out, if desired, but in most cases it is used for self-protection.

What to do if the VPN does not work on the iPhone If the user is connected to the VPN utility, the shortcut located on the right side, at the top of the display, will be lit on the device. It is near the battery indicator and the alarm clock (if it is active).

If the connection label disappears, the connection is automatically terminated. If the user was connected through the utility, the following steps are required to restore the connection: Log in to the program and make sure the connection is established. If it is negative, you need to tap the “Connect” key – the shortcut should light up. Check the adjustment of the iPhone – after entering the menu of the VPN is found the switch “status”, it must be set in the working position. Just below is a button with the name of the connection – it is similar to the name of the access utility. It must have a checkmark next to it.

Quick disconnect VPN on iPhone

Go to “Settings” – “Quick commands” – “Automation” – “Create automation for yourself”.

Again select “Application”, check the one you want. But instead of “Open”, check the box for “Closed”.

Press “Next” and search for “Stop VPN. Check the Browsec app, and turn off “Ask on startup”. Click “Finish.”

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