Visiting the Gym? Don’t Break These Rules

First-time gym-goers say that the gym can be quite an intimidating place. You might be a tiny guy looking to transform your body, but there are dozens of other guys there that are already twice your size. More so, you might have no idea how the machines work, what areas to work on, and how to behave the right way. That last part is very important, as the gym is a place where everyone should respect the rules.

But the thing is, these rules aren’t written. You will not get into trouble if you break the rules. Sure you might get a few grumpy looks, but bar doing something extreme, you won’t get thrown out. That’s not to say that you should behave like a madman. There are unwritten rules that need to be respected. As such, here are the five rules you shouldn’t break the next time you visit the gym.

Clean the Equipment After Using It

Before the pandemic made life difficult for us, this was an unwritten rule. Nowadays, cleaning equipment with a towel is plastered all over gyms. Despite gyms opening, we shouldn’t forget the basic hygiene rules. Cleanliness is so important that gyms take great pride in maintaining a high level of hygiene. Gym cleanliness is an important factor that potential members research before signing up with a gym.

So the last thing you want is to be THAT guy and leave a big sweat stain on the bench after finishing your bench presses. If you don’t want to be that guy, keep a towel near you to wipe the weights and machines after using them. In some cases, the gym will provide you with a towel for this specific reason.

Don’t Make Too Much Noise

When on the subject of being THAT guy, the last thing you want is to be the guy that makes too much noise. While gyms are quite notorious for being noisy places, everyone should respectably conduct themselves. Being too loud will draw attention to you. Not only that, but the staff will most likely have a thing or two to say to you.

In the worst case possible, you will sound the lunk alarm. Some gyms, such as Planet Fitness, have alarms that go off whenever someone is too loud. While it is common to make noise when lifting heavy weights, you should keep it to a minimum. Hardcore weightlifters might find it difficult to contain themselves, so when that happens, expect everyone to hear your grunts and screams.

Put the Weights Back In Place

This next one is quite simple. Gyms have special racks where they keep all the weights. Members pick up the dumbbells, kettlebells, and similar weights, and exercise. Some members might be using more than one type of weight, and they tend to keep them lying around for later use. But this is strictly forbidden, especially in smaller gyms where there aren’t enough weights for everyone to go around.

So even if you aren’t done using the weights, put them back in place. What you should absolutely not do is leave the weights on the floor whenever you’re done training. Please put the weights back in place. If you’re not sure where the weights go, ask the staff or someone at the gym. It is common courtesy and your responsibility as a gym member.

Don’t Hoard Equipment

Gyms come in all sizes. Not every gym has hundreds of weights or similar equipment. Most gyms are relatively small where only a few dozen members can train at the same time. So when that’s the case, it’s not uncommon to wait in line before someone else finishes with their workout. Although not ideal, you should make the weights available to other members when you’re done with your set. Hoarders get a pretty bad reputation, and they’re generally frowned upon by other members.

When working out in a smaller gym, make sure to diversify your training so that other members can use the weights when you’re not using them. Just because you got them first doesn’t mean you get to use them for an hour. It’s not ideal but we all have to make sacrifices sometimes.

Don’t Drop Equipment

Another way to make the lunk alarm go off is if you’re the ultimate scumbag by dropping equipment on the floor. Gym ethics 101 specifically says that members should never drop dumbells, kettlebells, or loaded barbells when finishing a set. Do the right thing and gently place them on the ground.

You’re not a Hollywood honcho, and you’re certainly not the Rock. Only the Rock and a few other guys who get sponsored to work out in gyms can do it. With that said, we’re pretty sure that even they don’t drop weights on the ground.

Although there are plenty of other unwritten rules, these are the ones that really get us juices flowing. When you see someone acting unethically at the gym, do the right thing to point it out to them. Gyms are all-inclusive places where people go to get their daily workouts done. It’s a stress-free place and vibe zone, and it should stay that way.

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