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We stay in a world that revolves around social media. It is favored to buy items online for the sake of ease. Whether it be grocery, clothes, jewelry, or even make-up, every segment has witnessed a significant upswing in e-commerce availability. However, the only drawback of shopping online is the lack of evidence backing the product.

People are also apprehensive about how the final product will turn out concerning the fit and appearance. After careful consideration, many websites enabled the virtual try on option. It helps the shoppers get an understanding regarding the final look and whether it suits them.

A hallowed web server like Google has also facilitated its use. With just a few clicks, you can reap the benefits of life like shopping. Having a virtual try-on option can expand sales and lure more consumers. People feel more at ease when they can buy a commodity by trying it on. It saves money and time.

This feature gives websites a leg up over others because not many people have imbibed this innovation yet. People are more assured about their purchases and might spend less time returning or exchanging them.


1) Make-up

Buying make-up is probably one of the most complex shopping items. Most websites do not enable a return feature because it is unhygienic to return used make-up. Hence, people always find themselves in a lurch. The rise of the pandemic made it impossible to step out and buy make-up.

People were getting agitated because they wanted to purchase new products but could not because the lipstick shades and eyeshadows might look very different once they arrive. Understanding a foundations’ shade online is also very difficult.

Hence, google collaborated with virtual try-on partners who help people visualize their face against make-up products like lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundations. You can now sit back and enjoy premium brands like M.A.C, L’Oreal, Charlotte Tilbury, and several others.

It begins with you placing the front camera before your face and allowing it to develop the image. Once that happens, select a color of your choosing. Perhaps a lipstick or gloss that you wish to buy. Having done that, you will see the color painted across your lips. That will help you understand whether you like that product on yourself or not. This feature has simplified lives for make-up buffs and women all over the world.

It correctly assesses your skin tone and finds the perfect match for you. You no longer have to buy make-up skeptically, hoping it turns out alright. Google also exhibits the choice of talking to experts to make your purchase seamless.

They show you recommendations based on your previous purchases and typical shopping patterns. If you tap on a product of your liking, you can consult with experts to see how they would style it and what makes that product special.

They also give insights into using a make-up product in differing ways and make the most of it. These recommendations are paramount in assembling gifting items. They enhance the shopping experience and help you in weighing your options.

And the best part is that they have the most renowned brands that people shied away from buying because of insufficient methods to assess them.


Virtual try-on for Google is primarily available for make-up and will explore more territories soon.

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Should Laws Be Stricter For Teenage Driving?



Should laws be stricter for teenage driving? In many countries across Europe, and in the US for that matter, teenage drivers often find themselves in very difficult situations when it comes to passing their driving tests. If you are a teenage driver in one of these countries and you have an accident, who is responsible? The answer is quite simple: it is you! The age of the majority will usually restrict you from driving, but driving even with your parents’ age can be dangerous if they don’t know how to drive properly, and there are some countries which will ban teenagers entirely from driving. 

Most countries across Europe and the US have very lax laws about the minimum age for drivers. Teenagers as young as 13 have been known to be able to operate both the motor vehicle and the wheel on their own, although this is not usually the case. Teenagers also find themselves in situations where they may be held liable for accidents and/or crimes due to their inexperience. For example, it has recently been found that inexperienced teenagers who are driving without the proper understanding of how a car works, may cause an accident which causes extensive damage or even death to another person or vehicle. Teenagers who are found to be driving without a license are usually punished by having their cars impounded, as well as spending a great deal of money on paying a fine and attending school. Should laws for teenage driving be stricter in these types of countries? 

The fact is that most countries across Europe and the US have no minimum driving age laws, and teenage drivers can easily drive any time they want until they reach their legal driving age. Most parents feel that they should be, especially considering the numerous incidents involving young people getting into accidents and committing offenses – whether they are guilty of these crimes or not. 

Many experts believe that teenage drivers are simply not responsible enough to be entrusted with the care and protection of another human being, and that they should not be given the chance to drive until they are more mature. However, this is just one side of the coin. 

Other people argue that teenage drivers are not as responsible as adult drivers because they do not live, work, and attend school. They do not face financial responsibilities, social obligations, and work or study responsibilities like other adults. This, they feel, leads them to be less concerned with the law and make irresponsible, careless driving choices. Should laws for teenage driving be stricter so that more lives are saved? 

In general, people feel that teenage drivers are the most likely to end up in an accident because they are new to driving and do not know the traffic laws, which can lead to an unnecessary collision. Should laws for teenage driving be stricter to prevent this type of tragedy from happening? The answer is yes, but teenagers are just a part of the problem. Statistics show that even adult drivers can be careless and make mistakes, but the number of teenage accidents would still be much higher if teenage drivers were not existent. There are many young drivers who are very responsible and should not be punished for other people’s carelessness.  It has been mentioned that this age is deemed to be appropriate for mature enough drivers to be on the road. 

There are many things that could be done to prevent teenage driving problems from occurring. Laws should be made more difficult to give teenagers the driving experience they need before

they get behind the wheel of a car. Teenagers are generally taught to be afraid of driving on the road before they are taught how to obey it. Parents and teachers should spend more time teaching proper driving habits to their children, and less time reacting to misbehavior by teenage drivers. They may have already learned what they need to know to drive on the road, but they need help when they are learning how to drive on the road. Speeding laws for teenage drivers should be more strict to try to slow them down and reduce traffic accidents. 

Even if laws are not changed to enforce more safety, reliable cars could help the problem. Parents buy auto extended warranties for their children’s cars to avoid stress with mechanical breakdowns. These are unforeseen incidents that can cause accidents to young drivers and having to worry about the costs make it worse. If you have constant problems with your Honda, Mazda, or Toyota, you can look into a Toyota extended warranty solution from Any of your car manufacturers will have extended warranty to choose from. 

A reliable and safe car is important for everyone, especially a young adult driver. Don’t let your kids drive a “jerk car”. This will only cause you more pain and suffering with higher repair bills and overly expensive costs. 

Should laws be stricter for teenage driving? Of course they should. Teenagers are just as much a danger on the road as any other age group, and they need to know the driving laws and be familiar with them so that they can follow them properly. When teenagers know what is expected of them and are aware that their actions can result in some serious consequences, they will be more responsible drivers. When the laws are more strict for teenage drivers, it also makes driving on the road safer and more fun.

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Five Creative Ways To Use Your Restaurant Analytics Platform



The restaurant industry runs on relatively low profit margins compared to most other industries. As every dollar counts, restaurateurs constantly need to find ways to boost sales and fill more seats. Luckily, you have access to the information needed to run a successful restaurant. Reviewing the analytics of your restaurant provides a clear view of what works and what needs improvement.

With the right cloud POS software and analytics platform, you can capture helpful metrics for analysing everything from sales to labour. The variety of data can also be overwhelming. Explore the value of data with five creative ways to get more out of your restaurant analytics platform.

Why Should You Track Restaurant Analytics?

Most restaurant professionals review their sales reports regularly, with many also regularly reviewing labour reports and menu data. However, how many restaurateurs routinely track metrics from an analytical point of view? 

Restaurant managers have traditionally relied on spreadsheets and basic computer software to track sales and labour. A robust analytics platform implemented with your restaurant’s POS software provides access to even more data compared to traditional methods.

The data is also easier to obtain, sort, and understand. Restaurant analytics provides you with data on an easy-to-navigate interface that you can access on any web-connected device. You can quickly review data for a specific period or compare data from last week, last month, or last year.

Viewing data related to sales, menu items, and labour makes it easier to determine which areas of your restaurant need more work. The insight that you gain may help you determine the best path for reaching your goals, whether you need to reduce labour costs or increase your profits.

1. Use Restaurant Analytics to Improve Your Menu

Restaurant analytics give you a better understanding of how each menu item is performing. The data may help you cut menu items, add items, or adjust the pricing. Restaurant managers can quickly determine which dishes perform best.

Reviewing this data allows you to remove items that underperform to cut down on food and money waste. Streamlining your menu increases your profitability by reducing your inventory needs.

Over time, you gain the ability to review past sales data to forecast sales for different times of the year. For example, you can review sales patterns to optimise your seasonal menus. Along with adapting your menu offerings, restaurant analytics can assist with pricing. A complete breakdown of sales, costs, and the popularity of different menu items can help you set better prices and boost profits.

2. Prioritise Labour Based on Restaurant Analytics

Use restaurant analytics to improve your scheduling. Your restaurant is likely slower on certain days of the week or hours of the day, which can make scheduling more of a challenge. Bringing in too much staff on a slow day drives up your labour costs. Being left understaffed may hurt sales and customer service.

Using sales forecasts and reviewing past data allows you to schedule staff more efficiently. Improving your scheduling may also lead to less overtime, which can dramatically increase labour costs. Identifying the slowest times of the day may also help you adjust the restaurant hours to cut costs.

For example, you may find that no one shows up before 11am despite opening the doors at 10am. Moving your opening hours back reduces labour.

3. Incentivise Your Staff to Upsell More Items

Create a weekly or monthly incentive for servers to upsell more menu items, such as appetisers or desserts. The server with the best performance receives a gift card or a small bonus with their next paycheck. Quality cloud POS software includes access to sales metrics for specific menu items and servers. You can use the available metrics to determine which servers are upselling the most items.

Each transaction is tracked by the software, giving you accurate, real-time access to sales data. Along with tracking data for an incentive programme, you can use the data to review the performance of your staff.

Reviewing sales data helps you analyse your servers’ performance, which may help with scheduling and staffing decisions. For example, you may want to spread your best servers out across multiple shifts to help support under-performing staff.

4. Use Sales Data to Improve Marketing Campaigns

Looking at sales data allows you to tweak your marketing efforts and attract more business. The insight that you gain from the restaurant metrics may help you target a variety of goals, including boosting sales during slow hours or selling more of a new menu item.

After using sales data to identify slow hours, you can target your marketing to drive more business to pick up sales. For example, you may find that sales dramatically slump on Thursday afternoons. You can launch a marketing promotion with discount drinks or meals during those hours.

You can also track the success of your marketing efforts. After launching a social media ad promoting a new menu item, you can review the sales data to determine whether the advertisement helped boost sales.

5. Analyse the Performance of Multiple Locations

If you oversee the management of several restaurants, it helps to have a single source for tracking the performance of each location. Cloud POS software with an analytics dashboard allows you to view metrics from all the restaurants under your management.

You can review sales data, costs, and other metrics of each location or use a side-by-side comparison to see which locations need improvement. Accessing data for each location from a single platform saves time and allows you to make high-level decisions quickly.

Begin Tracking Your Restaurant Analytics Today

Overall, restaurant analytics give you access to a wealth of metrics for improved decision-making. You can find ways to increase profits by optimising labour, menus, prices, and marketing efforts. You may even use the data to track the performance of your staff, which may assist with performance reviews or employee recognition programmes.

In the end, using a restaurant analytics platform to review data allows you to continually improve the success of your restaurant and make better decisions.

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Migrating From the United States to New Zealand: Everything You Need to Know




Migrating From the United States to New Zealand

Learn how New Zealand compares to the United States and how to obtain a visa to experience our way of life after New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand’s Position in the World

New Zealand and the United States share a lot of similarities, including beautiful scenery. We share a lot of popular cultures, and English is our most common language.

Kiwis, according to people who have moved here from the United States, are laid-back, friendly, and easy to get along with. Our pace of life is what sets us apart. New Zealand, according to many US ex-pats, is quieter and softer, with a good work-life balance.

Work-life balance is highly coveted.

New Zealand is known around the world for its high quality of living and slow pace of life.

New Zealanders are known for their hard work ethic, but they also value a healthy work-life balance. Even in our largest cities, a beach, bike route, or national park is never far away. We enjoy the outdoors and like to spend time with our friends and families resting and relaxing.

There are numerous accommodation options available.

The biggest difference between homes in the United States and New Zealand is space. You have a lot of options when it comes to finding a home here.

You have a lot of options when it comes to finding a home here.

Whether you desire a huge home in the suburbs with a garden and space for children and pets, open space and land in the countryside, or a smart downtown flat in the city, New Zealand has a lifestyle to suit your needs.

You can expect to enjoy your property without wasting hours of your time commuting unless you live in a really isolated location.

Healthcare that is subsidised

If you are a citizen, resident, or have a work visa valid for at least two years, public healthcare in New Zealand is free or low cost. Some of our healthcare costs are covered by the New Zealand government, so you only have to pay a portion of the bill when you visit your local doctor, often known as a general practitioner or GP in New Zealand. As a result, healthcare is far less expensive than in the United States. Accident and emergency treatment at hospitals is free; however, elective procedures may need private healthcare.

However, those with New Zealand student visas may have to pay a decently subsidised but still a higher amount for healthcare. 

New Zealand as a place to work

The work market in New Zealand has been strong in recent years, with many Americans finding decent jobs and careers here.

You may still be able to find work and obtain a working visa if your abilities are on the official critical skill shortage list. You can begin to research this when you are on your New Zealand student visa

Take heart, though, if your career or trade isn’t on the list of talent shortages. There will be many more opportunities in New Zealand for persons with the necessary skills when the global response to COVID-19 takes effect.

Take a look at the Job market & key industries here –

Take a look at this list to know about skill shortages –

For more in-depth information regarding specific questions, feel free to explore further your visa options with an immigration adviser in New Zealand. You could also leave your queries in the comments, and we will ensure to address these questions.  

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First National Bank Locations Codes In South Africa



If you are living in South Africa, you always need an FNB branch code. Sometimes we need the Bank branch number for any queries like cheques, ATM cards, or others. We need to send some Business documents, but we don’t where and how to get there and save time. Suppose you are looking for PBN. The Branch locator is the best platform for knowing the FBN branch code. You can learn about all the FBN branches located in Durban. You can easily get all the information about all the Bank branches in Durban. 

Location of Bank branch location

If you want to go to a Bank branch first, you must have an address because you don’t know the exact location. It can make you spend more time. The Branch locator provides you with the accurate address of all bank branches; we have added all the FBN Branches’ addresses in South Africa. You can choose your nearest branch and save your time.

FBN code

Sometimes we need post office branch codes. We have to add in when we create account Business documents of other forms. We need these codes because they have value, and you need to use them for almost all the documentation work of your business. Suppose you need the Bank branch codes. The Branch Locator will save your time and effort. What will you do to go to a branch and ask them for code? It’s quite a time-taking and irritating work. The branch locator has all the branch shortcodes that you can frequently have.

Contact numbers of bank branches 

If you want any queries with the Bank branch and want to call them, you can easily reach them because the branch locator has all the branch contact numbers of all FBN. You can contact time quickly. All the branches located in South Africa add to our list. You can have your required number on our official website. All the branches of the FBN are available here.

Banking hours

Let’s suppose you want to visit an FBN branch, and when you get there, you find that they are closed. It is a waste of time, but you can set your schedule according to banking hours if you know their working hour. You can quickly learn about all the FBN branches working hours with the help of The Branch Locator. It will reduce your expense of visits without knowing their banking hours and save your time.

In short, if you want to know about FBN branches, new codes are addressed. You can quickly find out with The Branch locator’s help. Here are all branches of Durban added to the list. We listed their address, working hours, and FBN branch code. It saves your time because it’s an easy process, and here is not a lengthy process. You visit the official site of The Branch Locator and can get all the information about a branch of Durban. You can visit our official website and have all the info like FBN branch codes, address working hours.

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Bitcenter: The Best Trading Platform




Bitcenter is a cryptocurrency and forex trading platform that allows customers to invest in both cryptocurrency and forex. They offer the best trading conditions and tools on the market, ensuring that everybody who invests with them makes a profit.

What sets Bitcenter apart from the other competing crypto trading platforms is that it’s easy to use. For most people, cryptocurrency and trading can seem a little complex. But Bitcenter makes it a breeze.

The Development of Bitcenter

Bitcenter first opened its doors in 2010, and since then, it has been expanding as one of the best trading platforms for investing in cryptocurrency. There are many features including articles and tutorials on Bitcoin, Forex, and many more.

You can hire a personal manager who will help you in becoming a better trader.

Why should you invest in Bitcenter?

There are several compelling reasons to invest with Bitcenter.

For instance, with Bitcenter you don’t have to worry about the never-ending wait for withdrawals. With quick and easy withdrawals, you can get your money at any time and any place.

Not only does Bitcenter provides coaching for beginners but to ensure better communication, it has tutorials and articles in more than 16 languages.

Verifiable testimonials from satisfied customers

Traders prefer Bitcenter because it doesn’t only provide a trading platform but also a learning opportunity for the people who are just testing their luck in the uncharted territory of crypto trading and investment. Many online reviews about the company show that people who trusted Bitcenter with their money made a lot of money.

The Registration Procedure is simple

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to understand how their website works. All you have to do is fill out relevant information and signup to register your account. Their service team and market analysts will take you further from thereon.

From trading tutorials to personal investment managers, it provides safe techniques that you can utilize to make a profit on your investments.

The Bitcenter website is designed so that anyone may use it without having any assistance, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with such websites. To get started, simply open an account and begin investing.

A Decent Place To Put Your Money

Bitcenter is a good place to invest if you want to make a good return on your money. As previously said, Trustpilot has a large number of satisfied customers indicating that the organization delivers on its promises.


When it comes to bitcoin and FX trading, Bitcenter is one of the most well-known investing firms. They’ve been operating for about ten years, and throughout that time, they’ve established a name for themselves by focusing on giving the greatest service possible.

You can conduct your research by speaking with one of their customer service representatives, who will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you might have about the company or investing with them.

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