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Do you need to provide a memorable, remarkable event or create an unforgettable promotion? Dubai Magic Innovations is precisely what you are looking for.

Today, it is not so difficult to impress and even surprise people, as it is generally accepted. Just add a bit of magic using the technologies of the video projection.

Modern audiovisual art is actively developing today. Thus, when it comes to such prominent projection type as 3D mapping, this is not only about projecting on a building anymore. Now, you can select from 3D planes, including cars, sculptures, water surfaces, interior objects, and others. So, 3D projections allow proving magic literally anywhere.

3D mapping is a technology of creating projections on any surface, considering its geometric features. Thanks to specially created content that considers all architectural forms, the illusion of object transformation in the projection area is created. In other words, it is a way to bring a wall, a car, a column of a building, a cake figure to life with the help of video equipment and properly prepared audio and video content.

Why Magic Innovations?    

Basic information you should know about Magic Innovations:

  • Over 10 years of experience.
  • More than 1,000 successful projects.
  • Work in 20 countries.
  • Multiple prestigious international awards.

What is especially attractive is that the company provides a comprehensive approach to the service. Thus, Magic Innovations is responsible for:

  • Idea. The team of professionals can create a 3D mapping project suitable for any event you need.
  • Planning. Video projection is painstaking work as it requires a lot of technical preparation. The company provides necessary measurements, blueprints, and calculations.
  • Equipment. If you want to get a high-class project, you require high-quality equipment. Magic Innovations assures a supply of everything necessary for prices lower than on the market.
  • Production of video content. Entrust the creation of the video to masters of their craft. Relevant content of any difficulty is guaranteed when it comes to Magic Innovations.
  • Software development. It is necessary to consider that video projection is based on a complex system. The professional team assures the functioning of every device.
  • ●      Setting up and supporting. The company monitors and controls every stage of the project, so all you need to do is just enjoy the show.
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