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Video Projection/3D mapping



Video Production

Do you need to provide a memorable, remarkable event or create an unforgettable promotion? Dubai Magic Innovations is precisely what you are looking for.

Today, it is not so difficult to impress and even surprise people, as it is generally accepted. Just add a bit of magic using the technologies of the video projection.

Modern audiovisual art is actively developing today. Thus, when it comes to such prominent projection type as 3D mapping, this is not only about projecting on a building anymore. Now, you can select from 3D planes, including cars, sculptures, water surfaces, interior objects, and others. So, 3D projections allow proving magic literally anywhere.

3D mapping is a technology of creating projections on any surface, considering its geometric features. Thanks to specially created content that considers all architectural forms, the illusion of object transformation in the projection area is created. In other words, it is a way to bring a wall, a car, a column of a building, a cake figure to life with the help of video equipment and properly prepared audio and video content.

Why Magic Innovations?    

Basic information you should know about Magic Innovations:

  • Over 10 years of experience.
  • More than 1,000 successful projects.
  • Work in 20 countries.
  • Multiple prestigious international awards.

What is especially attractive is that the company provides a comprehensive approach to the service. Thus, Magic Innovations is responsible for:

  • Idea. The team of professionals can create a 3D mapping project suitable for any event you need.
  • Planning. Video projection is painstaking work as it requires a lot of technical preparation. The company provides necessary measurements, blueprints, and calculations.
  • Equipment. If you want to get a high-class project, you require high-quality equipment. Magic Innovations assures a supply of everything necessary for prices lower than on the market.
  • Production of video content. Entrust the creation of the video to masters of their craft. Relevant content of any difficulty is guaranteed when it comes to Magic Innovations.
  • Software development. It is necessary to consider that video projection is based on a complex system. The professional team assures the functioning of every device.
  • ●      Setting up and supporting. The company monitors and controls every stage of the project, so all you need to do is just enjoy the show.
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Top 7 Mobile App Development Platforms in Us




As the world is evolving very fast, the progression of technology is making things utterly diverse. A study regarding the most used smartphones was directed and the consequences came out revolutionary. It was estimated that the United States of America has nearly 113.8 million iPhone users and it is predicted to cross 120 million by the end of 2022. People around the world trust smartphones the greatest. This is because of the quality and the standards maintained throughout the Apple company. The motto of Apple company is “bring the best private computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals, and consumers around the world through its trailblazing hardware, software, and internet offering” (Apple, 2020). The company launches new products almost every year and the next big launch is going to be the iPhone 14 series.

The popularity of the iPhone is uncanny and thus escalates and predicts the bright future of iPhone app development podiums. The usage of entertainment, social networking, editing, shopping, chatting, and dating apps has increased by 70% in recent years, especially during the pandemic. People are now so much dependent on their smartphones, whether it’s a need for grocery or a taxi service people look for these apps as this makes their work just a tap away. Undoubtedly these applications are a game-changer as they save a lot of time and bring things within reach of everyone. Not just this there are many healthcare-related apps available that are very helpful for example meditation apps or intermittent fasting counter apps.  In this post, we will be discussing the topmost USA-based iOS app development platforms.


This is the top leading mobile app development company in the United States of America. They are world-famous for producing the most innovative well-built apps They work along with technology and predict the upcoming scenarios using proven strategies and methods.


This is one of the leading iOS app development companies in the United States of America. It is a digital revolution agency providing cutting-edge solutions for global organizations. It has offices in USA UK and Norway mainly. The services they are providing are of high quality and trusted by some of the world’s biggest organizations. These services include:

  • Custom iOS and Android apps expansion
  • Native and cross-platform solutions
  • Second platform app development
  • UI/UX design
  • Consulting and prototyping
  • Automated QA and testing
  • Power management, notification, and geofencing
  • Embedded Android & AOSP customizations
  • Preservation and post-warranty support


This is another famous iOS app development company in the United States of America. They are famous for adapting technology and working within deadlines. They assure the highest level of security sideways with artificial intelligence generating world-class iPhone apps. Their workforce is highly capable in both consultancy and app development all over the world typically in the United States of America. 


This world-class app development company was launched in 2009 in Washington DC. They have the most talented workforce. Since its installation, this company has produced around 400 apps. The services offered by them are as follows

  • Endwise iOS app expansion services (iPhone/iPad)
  • Native Android applications development facilities using Java, Eclipse, Android Studio, and Kotlin
  • React native app development services at an affordable budget and less timeline
  • Custom Xamarin app development services
  • Flutter app development service

USM Business Systems

This company was established in 1999 in Washington DC. Today it has more than 1000 employees. The services they are offering are

  • Native mobile apps development services on Android and iPhone podiums
  • Cross-platform apps development by merging native and web app development outlines
  • Progressive web apps development facilities
  • Enterprise-centric software development services like CRM or HRMS development services
  • Mobile application development for wearables and IoT devices

They are good at iOS app development along with IT consultancy globally.


This is another famous iOS app development company in the United States of America. They work for multinational and small companies worldwide. They are good in the formulation of apps and consultancy also. Their main objective is to produce fine apps with the capability of running for years without crashing. For its quality services, MESSAPPS was crowned with many titles like Top app development company, the USA by app future, Top App Developers World Award by IT Firms, Top App Developers New York by GoodFirms, and Clutch. 


This is one of the leading app development companies in Dallas, Texas.  It was installed in 1996. They have delivered a vast number of highly functional applications with their technological proficiency. They have a portfolio of audio/video streaming applications, travel booking apps, e-commerce apps development, fitness apps, food delivery apps, video conferencing apps, mobile healthcare apps, and many other types of apps.

Wrapping up

These are some of the famous iOS development companies in the United States of America. Producing high-quality multifunctional apps with the capability of lasting for many years without crashing is their goal. These companies work for multinational companies and small businesses also. What makes these companies more promising is the idea of walking along with fast paced technology.

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Lifepo4 Battery is Capable of Work




As a “drop-in” replacement for lead-acid house batteries, the Lifos LiFePO4 battery does not require additional charging equipment. The fact that the battery is self-contained lends credence to this claim.

To provide the highest level of safety, dependability, and durability, they contain a Battery Management System (BMS). The manufacturer claims they are compatible with any lead-acid charger and DC-to-DC converter on the market.

At 90 percent DoD or 50 percent DoD, LiFePo4 Battery are capable of 2,750 cycles DoD or 5,000 cycles with a 25 percent lighter weight and 30 percent smaller size than a similar lead-acid battery, according to the manufacturer. An enormous leap forwards from lead-acid batteries.

Five-year warranties are offered.

Smart Victron offers ‘drop-in’ LFP batteries for installations using 12.8V or 25.6V systems from well-known Dutch manufacturer Smart Victron, known for the high quality of their electrical products. From 60 to 300 Ah, these batteries can hold a lot of energy. If the DoD is 80 percent, these will last for 2,500 cycles; if it is 50 percent, they can last for up to 5,000 cycles.

In addition to indicating the need for an external Victron VE. Bus BMS, the Smart label also indicates the presence of an internal Bluetooth module, enabling remote monitoring.

A 100 Ah battery can be discharged at a maximum of 100 amps and connected to five batteries in parallel.

A special heat sink is built into these BMS-integrated drop-in replacement LFP batteries to keep the cells cool while charging. The 120Ah variant can charge at 120A and discharge at 200A. A connector is included, allowing for real-time monitoring of the battery’s status.

Battle Born is a well-known LFP LiFePo4 Battery brand. Using their 100Ah LiFePo4 batteries, users may safely discharge them at 100A for the 20s and charge them at 1C without causing any damage. An advanced BMS is also built-in, which controls temperature and guards against short circuits, cell imbalance and voltage thresholds.


Lifos LiFePO4 batteries are self-contained and do not require additional charging equipment. They are compatible with any lead-acid charger and DC-to-DC converter on the market. If the DoD is 80 percent, these will last for 2,500 cycles; if it is 50 percent they can last for 5,000 cycles.

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2022 Edition: How to Maximize ROI Using Local SEO




Image Credit: Megan Rexazin | Pixabay

An essential business investment you can make is partnering with a local search engine optimization (SEO) provider to improve your online branding and determine ROI. On the flip side, knowing how effectively you are maximizing your ROI will influence the road your business is treading. Are you succeeding or failing? Do you repeatedly gain many customers per click and purchase? Do you need to restructure your marketing objectives to attract more prospects? Most importantly, is the business generating more profit than creating expenses? 

With SEO efforts, you’ll learn how marketing helps businesses today to gain traction, generate conversions, and attract organic leads directly to the relevant content on website pages. SEO is an ongoing, long-term investment and is typically a you-get-what-you-pay-for business. When you partner with the right SEO agency, you’re investing in being searchable, having a competitive edge in being an industry leader, and strengthening your online reputation.

But why is it imperative to measure your ROI, and what’s the vital role that SEO ROI plays in your marketing and advertising efforts? Learn about this and more by reading the article.

The Role of SEO ROI in Your Marketing Strategy and Why You Need to Measure It

Maintaining your business’ competitive edge goes beyond answering the question, “Is marketing and advertising the same thing?” to have a well-established promotional plan and utilize the right platforms to reach potential customers. Another crucial part of your marketing and advertising campaign is understanding the relationship between the budget you spend on a strategy and what you get back as practical results in growth and awareness. This is why you must measure your ROI through local SEO.

Your SEO efforts help you provide a clear explanation of how marketing helps your business. They also position your company’s pages higher on keywords that are relevant to your potential customers. As established, SEO campaigns will take a long time to generate any return on investment as they depend on the search engine itself. It requires you and your organization’s commitment to creating efficient marketing efforts to drive prospects to your website.

To help you know if you are producing results beyond general brand awareness and maximize your ROI using local SEO, we gathered 4 techniques for you:

How to Maximize ROI Through Local SEO

  1. Get to Know Your Customers.

Before creating marketing and advertising objectives, identify first what your customers need to address their pain points. Research your customer base to create buyer personas (detailed descriptions of fictional [or semi-fictional] persons who represent your target market) and predict their keywords.

Let’s say, for example, that your target audience is those looking for a web development company in Toronto. You can meet their demands by using local SEO strategies and creating compelling content injected with top-searched keywords or questions.

Several SEO tools are available to help you place your web development content on the first page of search results. If you can do this, you will create a huge stepping stone in your SEO efforts and know which direction you want your business to go.

  1. Identify Your Goals.

Once you’ve researched your target audience in-depth, map out your marketing goals. All businesses have objectives that should be measurable. One scenario can be that your website could inform other start-ups about how marketing can help businesses gain a solid following on social media channels through SEO services. Similarly, you can teach them if advertising and marketing are the same things and how they can use each technique for their branding. In this case, you can identify your goals and funnels through Google Analytics to measure your revenue (or the number of people who will subscribe to your newsletter).

As a result, you can identify which tactics your teams should use to achieve your goals. This will give you criteria to see if your business is succeeding and generating profits.

  • Know Where to Focus Your Efforts.

When it comes to local SEO, your business should focus on local listings, pages, and online reviews to improve your marketing efforts. Your business must ensure that all your local listings are claimed so individual locations can start optimizing them. The key to being more visible for key search terms on search engines is filling each local listing with as much relevant information as you can provide about your business.

Aside from your business’ name, local address, phone number, and email address, you can add additional information. If you’re in the marketing industry, you can indicate in these listings that you offer marketing services—for example, providing a comprehensive answer to the question, “Are marketing and advertising the same thing?” and how each one correlates with 1 another. Simply include a button on your local listings to let your consumers schedule an appointment.

Other than that, keep in mind that it’s also vital for your multi-location business to monitor the Google Q&A feature of your GMB profile. If your business gets asked plenty of marketing-related questions, make sure to address them so that Google can understand your listings are accurate and updated.

  1. Track the Success of Your Efforts.

As repeatedly outlined, measuring your SEO ROI is an ongoing effort. To improve your ROI through local SEO, keep tracking the success of your digital marketing efforts. Tracking your SEO efforts typically includes syncing, managing, and updating your local listing to custom audits and profile recommendations. You can use marketing tools to manage your local listings and pages. With this step, you are helping your business launch your listings to the top of search results.

You establish your business online to attract local consumers and eventually get a high return on investment. The goal of ROI, as they say, is to make more than a dollar for every dollar you spend on a marketing campaign. Local SEO provides countless benefits to your business, with maximized ROI on its list. In fact, a recent report proves that localized marketing leaders grow their revenue higher than their industry peers.

But maximizing your ROI is not always a straightforward path. If a business owner is looking to maximize ROI through localized marketing, highlighting the focus areas is essential. To know about them, you must understand if your business is getting the most out of its marketing investments. Additionally, it is vital that you meet your customers’ needs and continuously get updated on digital marketing trends. Apply our tips to track your success and ultimately win more sales. Before you know it, your business constantly boosts its online presence and generates more profits than you initially invested.

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How to Write a Marketing Plan for Your Website




If you have not yet developed a marketing plan for your website, now is the time. You should have KPIs and goals in place, including organic traffic, social media traffic, referral traffic, email traffic, and paid advertising. In your plan, you should also create pages to attract traffic through popular channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Your marketing strategy should also include a timeline. If you are unsure how to begin, follow these steps:

Content pillars

When you’re creating a marketing plan, it’s important to start with the overarching topic. The topic should be related to your business or brand, and it should address the audience’s interests, pain points, and buyer’s journey. To create content that will be useful to your audience, read some top-ranked blog posts on the topic and develop a topic outline. You can also focus on your area of expertise and provide valuable content for your audience.

For example, if your content focuses on bankruptcy, you can create a long-form blog post that addresses the question, “What is bankruptcy?” Alternatively, you can break the topic down into several subtopics, grouped by linked table of contents. Each subtopic is then covered in greater detail. You can also use visual elements that are optimized for social media and email marketing. These can help you promote pillar content in the most effective way.

Four main P’s

A good marketing plan incorporates the Four P’s to sell a product. The marketing mix should include demographics, price, promotion, and place. Each of the P’s plays a part in creating a profile of your target consumer. Here are some questions to ask to create this profile:

Place: Where does your product or service live? Is it on a retail store shelf? If so, how do you reach it? How do you get it in front of your target audience? Do you have incentive programs to encourage them to buy? Promotion strategies can include anything that gets your product in front of potential customers. Many new businesses tend to rush into all sorts of promotion methods without ever thinking about how they’ll benefit their customers. But even if you have a great promotional strategy, if you can’t promote your product properly, you’re wasting your time and money.

Place: Promotion is another important part of marketing. Make sure your product is well-known in the area you want to market to. This means you should outline your advertising channels and create a public relations plan. Research competitor’s products and their location. You’ll also need to know where your product is located. If you can’t find it on Amazon, you’re going to have trouble getting your products noticed.

Key performance indicators

A marketing plan is useless without a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). These are the metrics used to gauge the efficiency of the company and its marketing activities. By tracking these KPIs, marketing professionals can monitor the effectiveness of different channels, as well as determine the most effective budget spending strategies. To ensure that your marketing plan is successful, you must understand the purpose of each KPI and then create it based on your business objectives.

The KPIs must be specific, relevant, measurable, attainable, time-bound, and based on legitimate data. Your business objectives will determine which KPIs are most important. Once you’ve identified the metrics that will best help you achieve your goals, it’s time to select a marketing campaign. A KPI is the most effective tool in measuring your business’s performance. This is especially true if you’re trying to improve the quality of your business’ customer service, overall experience, and reputation.


A timeline of marketing goals displays the sequential order of strategies and objectives. Various types of timelines exist, such as flowcharts, graphs, and charts. Each one offers a different perspective, but they all have some essential elements. Below are some tips for creating an effective timeline:

Start with a template. You can customize a timeline template by entering your information in the fields provided. Most marketing timeline templates are customizable, so you can change the details to suit your business. You can also download related marketing templates for free. A template for an annual marketing plan, for example, gives a year-to-date view of the marketing plan. This template also accounts for seasonal considerations. For more detailed versions, you can also use an online marketing platform such as Smartsheet.

When implementing a marketing plan, remember that different tactics will take different amounts of time. A social media campaign may take a longer time than a blog. Make sure to set aside the time required for each of these tactics. Then, keep an eye on the results of the various campaigns. This way, you can adjust your plan if necessary. Make sure you include metrics in your plan so that you can see whether or not your strategies are working.

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Digital Marketing Agency in Qatar



Digital Marketing

A good digital marketing agency is vital for a business that wants to keep its brand at the forefront of the market. DoFort Digital Marketing helps clients emotionally connect with their customers and capture their attention on a seasonal basis. Each project is carefully crafted and up-to-date with latest trends. The team of specialists at DoFort Digital Marketing is committed to keeping your business at the forefront of consumer trends. They work on all aspects of your marketing strategy, from website design to social media management.

Silverfox is a social media company

A social media company and digital marketing agency in Qatar can help your business develop a strategy to increase web traffic and generate leads. Silverfox can handle everything from web traffic generation to SEO and pay-per-click advertising. They also provide consulting services and custom digital marketing strategies. If you are looking to enhance your company’s digital marketing strategy, contact Silverfox today. They are experts in digital marketing and are highly experienced.

With over five years of experience in online advertising, Silverfox Digital provides a complete range of advertising services, including social media and search engine marketing. This award-winning agency has helped many big brands and businesses grow online. Silverfox also works with award-winning agency Osool Media in Qatar, where they have won numerous awards for their marketing services. If you want to increase your social media presence and increase your brand awareness, Silverfox is the perfect choice.

AlMajaz is a search engine marketing company

When you’re looking for an advertising agency in Qatar, AlMajaz is the place to look. Their team of experienced professionals is capable of handling a variety of projects and has the expertise needed to meet any challenge. AlMajaz employs a competitive SEO approach to increase their clients’ visibility in search engines. By using proven search engine marketing techniques, they can outperform their competitors.

Finyal Branding is a search engine marketing company

As a leading online advertising agency in Qatar, Finyal Branding provides a full range of internet marketing services. Using a variety of online marketing tactics, Finyal builds brand loyalty and develops your audience into brand ambassadors. The company’s talented team of web designers and developers is experienced in maximizing your online presence. The company’s Qatar-based services are aimed at improving your online visibility and achieving high rankings on Google and other search engines.

Innovations Qatar is a creative digital marketing agency based in Doha, providing innovative website design, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Development solutions. Founded a decade ago, Innovations Qatar has successfully carved a niche for itself in the digital marketing industry. The company’s expertise lies in website design, branding, and web development. The firm has a team of professionals with more than two years of experience in digital marketing and has a proven track record.

Nuance Digital Marketing is a social media company

If you’re looking for a social media company in Qatar, you’ve come to the right place. Nuance Digital has been helping clients get on page one of Google for the past four years. Their services are result-oriented and have increased their clients’ business inquiries. If you’d like to learn more about their services, read on. Listed below are some of the services they offer:

The digital marketing company, Innovations Qatar, offers a full range of services including Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, and Brand Building. Founded almost a decade ago, Innovations Qatar has built a solid niche in the industry by specializing in web design and development, custom PPC campaigns, and social media advertising. Their staff consists of experts with years of experience in the industry and are able to help you achieve your goals.

M&M Marketing is a search engine marketing company

Among the most renowned search engine marketing companies in the Middle East, M&M Marketing Agency ranks high among professional service providers. The company offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services that are geared toward Qatari business owners. This firm’s team of professionals is skilled at identifying the right combination of tactics for a particular business. Here are some of the advantages of hiring M&M Marketing.

M&M Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a variety of solutions, from web development to search engine optimization. Founded a decade ago, the company has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the digital marketing industry. They can help your business with SEO campaigns, custom PPC campaigns, and website design. They have over two years of experience in the field and are highly skilled in their fields of expertise.

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