Vibration Level Switch Market Overview, Dynamics, Segments

The Vibration Level Switch Market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.82% over the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. Vibration level switches offer several advantages such as they are easy to install, setup and commissioning is possible without medium and provide reliable point level measurement independent of installation position, pressure, temperature, foam, viscosity, and grain size. The extensive use of vibrating level switches across various process industries is a testament to the technology’s reliability. The devices protect against overfill, indicate low and high points inside tanks, and are useful over a significant range of temperatures. A sturdy design, combined with product variants that include selectable probe length, a variety of sensor materials, and specialized output features, make vibrating fork switches applicable in several operations where the level indication is needed. Chemical processing, mining, food and beverage, water, and other industries utilize the switches due to their customizable designs and consistent performance.

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– Not all applications can utilize an absolute level sensor as the tank may be too deep, or the contents are not liquid. In these cases, a level switch is used instead, which can be thought of as a logical switch indicating if there is anything around the switch. Multiple switches can be attached to the side of a container, which is useful for determining if the tank requires refilling or if a pump connected to the bottom is running dry. However, highly viscous liquids are generally not good candidates for applying a vibrating fork level switch. Some liquids present the potential for material accumulation between the forks, which could result in poor performance. Both of these limitations are addressed by multiple design features incorporated by different manufacturers.

Key Market Trends

Chemicals Industry is Expected to Hold Significant Share

– Chemical manufacturing demands instrumentation as high as in no other industrial sector. Significant ranges of temperature and pressure characterize the processes; the sensors used must be made of chemically resistant materials and function reliably under the most demanding conditions. The manufacturing method of chemicals is done with most care in hygienic conditions to maintain safety and prevent explosions. The production of most chemicals is the combination of chemical reactions, absorption, and filtration. Level measurement is essential in bulk storage tanks, small storage and buffer tanks, reaction vessel, reactor, storage tanks for chlorine, toxic liquids storage, the distillation of primary products, storage and transfer of solvents, toxic liquids storage, process steam generation, silos, and separator vessel tank for recovery of raw materials.
– Chemicals are stored in cylindrical and round-shaped tanks that hold high pressure and vacuum and are capable of corroding the level switches when used with higher concentrations. To combat corrosion capacitive level switches with full PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), insulation will be fruitful. Vessels where chemical reactions are taking place and are usually jacketed by filling liquids present in a glass container to allow cooling. For the hygienic purposes, European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) certified tuning fork level switches are suitable solutions. Glass reactors are utilized for vital chemical processes where resistance to corrosion is significantly essential. Tuning fork level switch for liquids with halar coating is perfectly suitable for this type of application.

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