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vastu consultant in Kolkata reminds to change the painting of the second hand home. 

Whether it is a new property or second hand property, vastu consultant in Kolkata finds it suitable for its people. 

As long as it’s architecture is bide by the rules of vastu shastra, you can use it without any worries. 

However, in order to make sure that it imparts no negativity, you must change it’s wall colors, suggests vastu consultant in Kolkata

You see the wall paints are like the bloating paper. They not only reflect their shade and enhance the aesthetics of the surrounding but also absorb the energies from the outside.

That is why of you live you must get them changed before living in it. 

If it is not done, the paints will give off the aura of its previous owners and their negativity. 

Remember that once you start living in the second hand property, you already begin the experience the negative effect of the the vastu. So you must make these changes before shifting in it. 

Though it might seem like an additional cost for you, but vastu consultant in Kolkata insists on doing it either way. You must consider it as a one time investment that will guarantee good prospect for your future endeavor. 

While you are changing the wall colors you must make sure that the new paints are done as per vastu color therapy. 

As per color vastu therapy, there is a right color for each direction based on the zone. Likewise there are some prohibited colors for each zone. 

When you follow these guidelines religiously, you can balance the elements of nature perfectly which brings blessings for its occupants. 

In this regard you might be wondering what to do if the painting is still in good condition. Well, even if the painting is new, you are to change the same for ensuring best result. 

All in all remember that old property can be as good as new, provided you follow certain additional instructions for the same. 

To know what other features of the second hand property needs changing, rely on the expertise of vastu consultant in Kolkata. All you need to do is get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal, the leading vastu agency based in Kolkata. Description- the vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals the importance of changing the wall colors of the second hand home.

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