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Vastu consultant in Delhi explains the importance of east pada 4 in brief!

According to the Vastu consultant in Delhi, the east facing side of the vastu is very auspicious. Whenever, people aim to buy or build any property of their own, their first preference remains east facing. 

Since the sun rises from the east apex of the horizon, often it is considered to be the direction of light and power. So, no wonder people prefer facing this zone for their home of office vastu.  

However, is it true that all the east facing properties are equally good? Does Vastu consultant in Delhi provide any insight on the same for better understanding? Let us understand the same. 

Like there are 8 prime directions, there are 8 padas in each direction as well. Among these padas, some are highly auspicious, while some are not. You must be able to identify them correctly. 

As already mentioned just before, there are 8 padas in the east side. Vastu consultant in Delhi says that out of these 8, 2 padas are exceptionally good for its occupants. 

Today, we will learn about the features of one such positive pada, so that you can get its positive attributes for your advantage while building or buying a new property. 

The 4th pada of the east side, EP 4 or more accurately mahendra is one of the most positive entrances in the overall vastu. It falls in between jayanta and surya padas in the vastu, which are needless to say, are Ep 3 and EP 5, respectively.  

The Mahendra pada is a positive entrance as per the rules of vastu shastra. The EP 4 entrance helps in establishing powerful social contacts of the occupants. This entrance brings the inhabitants closer to important people in the government sectors especially. 

As a result, such individuals can reap great benefits for themselves. It goes without saying that this entrance is extremely beneficial for both residential and commercial vastus alike. 

Vastu consultant in Delhi highly recommends placing the main door in here to reap maximum benefits for yourself. 

However, it often happens that the main door does not stay restricted to just one zone and it stretches partially or totally around its adjacent padas as well. Let’s see what happens for Ep4 in such case. 

Other than Ep 4, the Ep 3 is also a positive entrance in the east facing side. So, if your main door is present over Ep 3 and 4, it will both bring positive result for your overall wellbeing. 

But if the main door is present over Ep 4 and 5, things gets a little complicated, since Ep 5 is a negative entrance. But don’t panic, since Vastu consultant in Delhi can offer easy solution for it. 

All you need to do is correct the Ep 5 pada area with the help of suitable metal strip by the application of space surgery technique. 

For complete information on rest of the pada in the east side of the vastu, contact Vaastu Magaal. We have the expertise of Vastu consultant in Delhi for all your vastu needs.

Description- In this blog, Vastu consultant in Delhi explains east pada 4, called Mahendra and its features in brief. 

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