Various ways to use digital signage in classrooms.


Have you ever seen a digital screen in malls or restaurants? We might have witnessed them displaying menus, routes, and promotions. Some of us might also have interacted with them. These digital screens are called digital signages. This blog is all about the use of digital signages in classrooms. 

What is Digital signage?

As already mentioned, digital signage refers to large flat screens communicating specific information to its target audience. It can interact with people, allowing enhanced customer experiences. It also assists in promoting new products and bringing new customers. Due to its engaging nature, businesses adopt them for many uses. 

Digital signage in the educational sector. 

The healthcare industry first used digital signage to improve its service to customers and guests. Later it seeped into many other fields, and the educational sector is among them. Schools started using screens as an alternative to blackboards a decade ago. But there are a few different ways in which digital signages may be used in schools:

  • Screens in the main entrance or assembly block may display pictures and details of new teachers or students on their first day at school. It assists the other children in learning more about the background and other details of their teachers and new friends.
  • The school can use these screens to display important announcements, notices or bulletins for the students’ reference. Digital boards are more engaging than traditional notice boards and can catch the students’ attention.
  • Every educational institution can use digital signages to project maps and the directions of the building. For instance, the maps can mark the library, washrooms, principal’s office, staffroom, and many other blocks. It will help parents and other guests to reach their destination quickly. 
  • Digital signages allow installing information beforehand and scheduling to display it later. Schools can use this feature to display information on all special days without repeated efforts. For instance, if the technical team has already fed the information regarding environment day, malaria day, and mother’s day, the screen will display it on the scheduled date. 
  • The schools may display exam schedules and timetables for students’ reference during exam season. 
  • Schools can feed quotes and pictures of famous personalities into the system to show on the screens of classrooms to motivate and inspire students to stay focused and succeed. 
  • Human beings crave attention and appreciation irrespective of age. Children may need this more. It is always better to display students’ academic and non-academic achievements as an act of appreciation and to inspire others. 
  • Teachers can feed frameworks for assignments or activities on the screen so that the students can take their time to go through them and understand them instead of the teachers repeating them. 
  • The social media page of the school and the tags they receive may be displayed. It is an impressive way to attract the attention of the guests and prospective students.


Digital signages have already proven themselves as an effective technology to hook customers’ attention across businesses. The educational sector is yet to explore the real possibilities it offers that may happen in the near future. 

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