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As world is progressing rapidly, online movies have become very much popular. The reason for this uprise is that the increasing number of households have access to the web. Today in this advanced technological world people prefer to watch movies online and this new trend has led to the death of Dvd players and film theatres. Once there was a huge crowd gathered at the theatre at the time of new movies. Watching movies online with the help of internet has now become a trend, with this rising trend there are websites which provide free film streaming services. Users can have found these films with the help of just one click. Now a days there are few platforms for online movie streaming for example Netflix and Amazon prime. These two have become really important in our lives. Watching movies online has become a immensely important in our daily lives, we can watch movies, drama serials and TV shows online.

UWatchfree is a platform that allows users to watch movies online for free. The site has a wide selection of movies, ranging from old classics to the latest releases, and all of them can be streamed without any charges.Despite being a relatively new website, UWatchfree has quickly become one of the most popular places to watch movies online. This is thanks to its user-friendly interface and huge selection of titles. Whether you’re looking for a new release or an old classic, you’re sure to find it on UWatchfree.One of the best things about UWatchfree is that there are no ads or pop-ups. This means that you can enjoy your movie without having to deal with any interruptions. Additionally, the site is constantly updated with new titles, so you’ll never get bored.If you’re looking for a great place to watch movies online for free, then be sure to check out UWatchfree. You won’t be disappointed!

Free content is offered through various online movie streaming websites. One of the most important benefits is that these websites help in saving money. There is another method through which people buy a TV subscription, but the main problem with this is the rise of monthly budget. This becomes very expensive. In order to rescue users from this expensive system, free film streaming websites are introduced. These free film streaming websites unrestricted free access to films, series and TV shows. When watching films free, a monthly budget gets minimised. We will discuss various aspects of UWatchfree.

List of Contents in this article:

• UWatchfree movies

• Basic concept of UWatchfree

• Legal or illegal

• Reasons for popularity

• Access to UWatch website

• Alternatives to UWatchfree

• Links for UWatchfree website

• The Illegally leaked movies by UWatchfree website

• Safety regarding UWatchfree website

• Movie categories and available dimensions in uwatchfree website

• Major drawbacks of using UWatchfree website

• Fast uploading of the new movies at UWatchfree website

• Safe or Illegal

• Piracy Act of India

• Punishments and penalties

• Steps for the prevention of Piracy

• Biggest losses because of Piracy

• Conclusion

What is the basic concept of UWatchfree?

You would be astonished to know that UWatchfree is the illegal website, it is most frequently used because it helps users to download and watch online big collections of English Movies, TV shows, Hindi and Tamil movies. All of these movies can be watched free of cost. Another thing which users should keep in mind is that users can download movies that is English movies, TV shows, Hindi and Tamil movies in HD along with subtitles for the convenience of the user.

Now we will analyse why UWatchfree is an illegal website. Answer to this question is that UWatchfree leaks big collections of Tamil, English, Hindi, Kannada and many more for free. There is a long list of movies, latest and old as well, these all movies are available for the users for free. UWatchfree gives movies whose quality range varies from 360P to 720P. The main aim of UWatchfree is to provide their customers quickly launched movies in the best possible prints available. UWatchfree has leaked movies illegally of various languages. Such as Hindi, English, Tamil and Kannada movies. They are also famous because they provide Marathi movies. There is a huge list of leaked movies but few of them are Pressure Cooker , Avengers, Endgame , Bharat and many more. Nowadays many convictions are placed on UWatchfree for the leaking of Dabang 3, Bird of Prey, the Lion king, and joker etc.

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UWatchfree Legal or Illegal:

There can always be risks involved in downloading or watching movies from questionable resources. Doing such practices can expose a person to cyber crimes. There are many services which are legal. They stream movies legally for example YouTube, Netflix and Amazon prime. One more thing here is that featuring cheap streaming movies, users should be stopped otherwise they could be exposed to illegal websites. Anyone streaming movies illegally has never been prosecuted. In today’s world it is common that unauthorized upload of film illegally is expected to be claimed of the copyright by the associations. Cinema has become a big industry, there are many people employed there, actors directors up to spot boys. Their salaries are dependent on the cinema, if the audience do not go to cinema instead of that they watch online movies from websites like UWatchfree then there is a huge loss for these people who work there. In short words this is a crime to watch online movies from free sources. Keeping in mind Indian government has banned the UWatch website because it is an illegal movie streaming website.

What is the reason for the popularity of UWatchfree website:

Here is the list of aspects, on the basis of which we would see the popularity of UWatchfree website, which is Illegal and popular at the same time.

• UWatchfree is a famous website which gives new and top movies to its users. It is also famous because of the promotion of different songs and web series online. People can easily get to watch movies, whether new or old, web series local and others as well.

• Another reason for the popularity is that UWatchfree provides movies in different qualities ranging from 360p to 720p. The users can easily choose and download the movies or songs in a really simple way.

• There is a lot of variety available on the website. When users are trying to find different things they can get to know each and every thing of this site. There are different categories of movies which depend upon the mood of the user, It is up to him what kind of things he wants.

• The most interesting and important point regarding the uwatchfree website is that it changes its URL so frequently that if the government blocks them users can still download movies. The presence of mirror servers are really helpful for the users to download their desired movies. If the government blocks them, the site will still work.

• uwatchfree is easy and simple. Easy in a sense that to download a movie is much easier without any complications.

Access to UWatch website:

As I have stated previously that uwatchfree is an illegal site, using such illegal sites is a criminal act in India. But there are people who still want to watch and download movies from uwatchfree website. First of all they have to download VPN. VPN must be downloaded before visiting the uwatchfree website, this will help users in downloading the movie from this website, VPN does not show the IP address of the user so they cannot be traced by the government.

Follow these simple and easy steps if you want to visit uwatchfree website.

• To bypass your restrictions, download the VPN on your mobile phone. This is the first step.

• There are many countries where the uwatchfree website is not banned. Now all you need to do is, Open the VPN and select the IP address of a country where uwatchfree website is not banned.

• As the IP address is changed now, your job has been done, you can visit uwatchfree website to download all the movies for free.

Apart from using the VPN method we have another simpler method to access uwatchfree websites.

UWatch is an amazing app for watching movies, and downloading them for free. If there are legal issues in your state and you do not want to access UWatch website directly all you can do is to download uwatchfree app download on your mobile phone. Keep this in mind that this application will not be found on the play store, you will have to access it through some search engine. Just type uwatchfree apk in the search bar and you will see a number of links. This application is the most popular, people get to download all the latest and old movies so it is easier to use and user friendly. Best advantage of this application is that users can get free access to all things.

Alternatives to uwatchfree:

If a user still cannot get UWatch there are many alternatives through which he can download movies or he can watch as well. There is an element of vastness in the internet, users can get everything which they want. I am providing you a list here but keep this in mind these websites are not registered as well they can also be banned by the government.

• A2movies

• Moviesflix

• Cinema villa 

• Moviezwap

• Pagal movies

These are some of the most notables.

Now the problem lies here is that the user is not always willing to use illegal websites, in such cases what should he do, no need to panic we have another list of sites which are legal. Users can download movies through these websites without any fear.

• Hulu

• Sony Crunch

• Amazon prime

• Netflix

• Sony Live

These are some of the best available websites, users can enjoy quality movies, songs and web series.

Links for uwatchfree website:

As UWatch is banned in some countries, they change their server in order to keep working. It has different extensions . As we know it, the uwatchfree website belongs to torrent and it has been banned on the internet. Here we have extensions with the help of them users can very simply get to download free movies, dramas, or TV Shows. Here we will provide top extensions.






Now we have found that in a few cases some users are not satisfied with the performance of the uwatchfree website, then what should they do? We have a solution for them as well. There can be a case when you are not entertained by the movies of the website, a user can install a uwatchfree application on his mobile phone then he can enjoy all the songs and streaming of movies. If we compare the performance of the application with that of the performance of the website, clearly we find that the application has got more features than that of the website. For example one feature is downloading speed, downloading speed is an important feature of an application. The downloading speed of the application is faster than that of the website. Yet another advantage of using the uwatchfree application is that it prevents the unwanted pop ups. uwatchfree software is available for Android, Smart TV and laptop. Most importantly, users must always use a VPN before visiting the uwatchfree website because it is an illegal website.

The Illegally leaked movies by uwatchfree website:

Whenever a movie is released, people get interested in them. Everyone cannot afford Netflix or Amazon prime or people cannot attend cinema. Some users love to watch movies at their homes. So for this purpose whenever a new movie comes, UWatch releases them on their website.  Here are some of the top movies and series which were leaked by UWatch.

• The Ghazi attack

• Khuda Hafiz

• End game

• Pressure Cooker

• Avengers

Safety regarding uwatchfree:

As we have previously mentioned that uwatchfree website is banned, so it is illegal to use this through VPN or any other means. If we talk about the Indian or Bollywood movie industry it is one of the biggest in the world after Hollywood. In Bollywood we can examine that movies are released weekly and about forty percent of them are in regional languages. Languages like Tamil and Telugu are most common. So through the cinemas Bollywood gets a lot of money, so they tend to block such websites for their personal benefit. So, if someone is watching movies or downloading them through these illegal sites it means he is disrespecting Bollywood and all the people and worker’s associated with that. This is becoming a headache for Bollywood to stop them as they are providing them loss. Here most importantly I advise all of the users of such sites that respect the film industry and their workers and watch movies through the legal platforms. Users should keep themselves away from such sites, otherwise the government can take strict actions.

Movie categories and available dimensions:

We know that this website is a vast one here we can get almost everything. Here we can find variety in the sizes of the files. Customers  can choose on the basis of their needs, all of these opportunities are provided for the ease of the customers. Here are some of the sizes.

• Dimension 4GB videos and files

• Dimension 2GB videos and files

• Dimension 600MB videos and files

• Dimension 300MB videos and files

There are a lot of categories of the movies present at this website. These movies, TV dramas and series are absolutely free for everyone. Here is the list of Categories.

• Action movies

• Adult movies

• Adventure movies

• Biography movies

• Comedy movies

• Animation movies

• Thrill movies

• Documentary movies

• HD movies

There is a long list of categories that it is not possible to mention all of them. I have mentioned the most important ones. In simple words we can summarise this as that the platform of uwatchfree website has all the things one needs. The movies may be horror, science fiction, adult or romantic movies. Everything which a user wants is present there. All you need to do is to go to the website and type the name of the movie in the search bar and the movie will be downloaded from a single tap.

Major Drawback of using uwatchfree website:

We know that uwatchfree is a tremendous website for watching movies and TV shows. But when we use this website a problem occurs in the form of Pop ups, whenever a customer clicks on the screen, a Pop up is shown there. This results in the irritation of the user. You need not to worry, we have two ways to stay away from unwanted pop ups.

• The problem of pop ups can be prevented if we use a ad blocker. Ad blocker stops all the unwanted pop ups and customers can use the website without being interrupted.

• If a user cannot get an ad blocker then you need not to worry because we have another way, Users should use free proxy servers. What these servers do is that they block all the unwanted and unnecessary ads automatically, this will help the user to watch movies or dramas without being interrupted.

We know that uwatchfree is an illegal website that gives leaked content to its users. Because of this piracy the film industry which is the biggest business in the world, faces loss of billions. So this is wrong to use pirated content, in most of the countries of the world piracy is considered to be a crime. A huge loss is faced by the film industry because of such websites which promote pirated content. The user can get himself into trouble, if he uses such websites he can be arrested by the police or concerned authorities and can face the charges of uploading or downloading the pirated content.. So we advise you to keep yourself safe and stay away from such things which would result in trouble.

The last drawback which I am going to mention is about the harmful effects on the PC and mobile phones. We know it is an illegal website, so we should also keep in mind that a lot of hackers are there. What these hackers do is that they are continuously trying to hack the devices. They can get personal information of the user from the hacked device and can use that in a negative way. They always want to use your data in illegal activities and also add the viruses through the servers into your mobile phone or PC.

In order to keep yourself safe from hacking or misusing your data, then stay away from such websites.

Fast uploading of new movies:

Let’s now talk about proficiency and the fast working of uwatchfree website. All the latest movies, series and dramas are released on the website of uwatchfree in all the languages. They are released so quickly, the films are released officially on Friday in all the cinemas. Within two days of the release a movie then is available on the uwatchfree website. A user is able to search the movie, by the genre of the movie or drama. User can also look for desired movies by the release date and other qualities of the movies. Here is another thing that, all the series that are released on amazon prime and Netflix, they can also be released on the website of uwatchfree with two days of time. This is really a useful Website for the people who do not have money to go to the cinema to watch movies, it helps them to get movies cheaply at their homes. Apart from all the benefits this website is illegal, so it is risky to watch the pirated content.


uwatchfree is a tremendous website which contains movies, dramas, series and many other things. Here a question arises that can everyone upload the movies on this website or not. So here is the answer that, only the owner of the uwatchfree website can upload or remove any movie drama or series, whether in English, Hindi, or any other language. Only the owner is responsible for the uploading and removal of the movies. No other person can upload or remove any movie, drama and series. Always keep in mind that using such content which is illegal and pirated can send you behind the bails. Apart from such risks it has its own advantages that primarily, poor people can also afford movies, dramas and series in the qualities ranging from 360p to 720p. This website is causing the film industry loss of billions in the world. The money which is earned through the cinema or any other platform is wasted just because of illegal release of the movie through this website. The owner of the uwatchfree website is always concerned about the newly arrived, he makes sure that all the movies should be uploaded regularly after the two days of release in cinema. So that the users could get the movies as quickly as possible.

uwatchfree website is a famous website and its familiarity is because of some reasons. First of all the first reason for its familiarity is the presence of all kinds of stuff such as Movies, series, documentaries, adult movies and TV shows in HD format. Another reason is that it gives all this content free of cost to its users. In cinema watching a movie can prove to be costly or having the access to the premium accounts is also costly, for example having the subscription of Netflix or Amazon prime costs money. Another most important reason is that this website is easy to use. These are all the properties that make it a unique website.

Earning of uwatchfree website:

uwatchfree provides videos, movies and dramas for free to its users. This comes to mind how they earn, so the answer is a simple one. They get money through online pop ups and ads in the videos. They add a pop up in the video and for that they get money from the owner of the add. People get their things shown on the screen of the users in the forms of ads, and then they pay money to the owner of the uwatchfree website. Advertisement is done through the videos , when we play a video an ad comes of small length. We can skip that add or can watch it full. Adds can be prevented with the help of ad blocker. If we use an adblocker, we can get videos without ads and it would be a pleasant effect because we are free of unwanted pop ups and ads.

Different domains:

As we have previously mentioned that the website is banned by various governments, because it supports the pirated content. It usually affects the film industry in a bad way, causing them to lose billions. So for the proper working of this website the owners usually change its domains regularly. In this way they can prevent them from banning. Even if governments ban them they can also be working and giving profit to their users. The owners are very clever; they tend to save themselves from the ban. This illegal release of the movies can affect its users in a bad way. They can be send to jails for the accusations of the watching of the pirated content. We would never encourage such activities, rather we would like users to go to cinema for watching movies and dramas etc.

Safe or Illegal:

As we have stated that this is an illegal website. It is banned by the Indian government. A person involved in the illegal usage of such websites can be subjected to punishment under the Piracy act.

Now we would tell you what is the Piracy act in India and what are its punishments.

For the better handling of the copyright disputes the Indian Constitution has copyright act 1957. This act states that under section 13 copyright protection is given to the literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films and sound recordings. This is the main statement of the act which prohibits piracy.

• Protection of economic rights: This act basically saves the literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films and sound recordings. All the earning which is achieved through all these is only accessible to the original owner of them. No third party can interfere with them. Third parties can only have a part in a shade if it is officially licensed, otherwise it is a crime to be involved.

• Protection of the moral rights: Now we consider the moral rights, they are divided into two parts by the section 57 of the act, right if paternity and the right of integrity. The right of paternity means that the original owner of the property can claim ownership of it and prevent any other people from claiming ownership. The right of integrity means that the owner can restrict any alterations of his work, and can take action regarding them which may be damaging his reputation.

Piracy in India:

There are multiple dominant box office film industries in India, which makes India a unique country. Having multiple dominant film industries makes equally dominant for piracy. Here we can have a lot of material in which people are keen . Users often use VPN to visit the pirated sites to get access to the songs, games and movies. Then they are sold at a cheaper price as compared to the original one.

Pirating movies and sites:

Having the fact in mind that the heavy film industry exists here, then the sites which host the pirated content are also more as compared to some other countries. There are a lot of movies which are released illegally for example Dabang 3 and kabir singh. We are giving a list of sites which people are using for free movies

• Filmywap

• Bolly4u

• uwatchfree

• Tamilrockers

Now turning our attention back to our subject that uwatchfree movies, now we will tell about the punishments in the constitution for pirated content.

There has been an amendment made in the act of 1952, through which they explained that the punishments for the pirates who without authorisation of the owner use any device, or copy the film. If the person tries to record the film in the cinema he is also guilty under the act 1952.

The punishments for these can be thrown behind the bars, or fined heavily or both in severe cases.  Keep in mind that these punishments are also applicable to those people who download or watch movies through illegal means like uwatchfree.

The punishment is not only applicable to the pirates, it varies from industry to industry. The more punishments and explanations were added in the act of 1957 and act of 2000. We will mention some of them here in order to give a brief and comprehensive understanding of the punishments for our users.

Copyright act: This act states that if a person uses an illegal or pirated computer program or we can say that the program which is used by the person is acquired by copyright infringement on any computer device, he will be imprisoned from 7 days to 3 years. Furthermore a fine can also be imposed on him which will be no less than 50, and can also be increased to 3 lacs.

IT Act: While discussing the acts we must keep in mind the word authorisation. In this act if a person has gained the access of the computer device and then he goes forward to view or copy the data present in the device, with the help of digital means or by pen drive or hard disk, without the authorization of the owner of the electronic device or computer. There can be a huge penalty on him because he will be considered responsible for the damages or compensations. The compensation will be done in the form of a fine which will be increased up to 1 crore . Here a thing comes for uwatchfree websites, people who download such data from websites can also be punished with the same amount of compensation.

Steps for the prevention of Piracy:

The government has strived hard to stop piracy by allowing legal consequences to serve to act as a deterrent but then can not do everything alone. This is not enough to ensure the elimination of piracy. The actual cases of piracy are more than we think. They have not ceased because some property owners just try to stop or terminate the sites which are using pirated content. They must use actual methods to stop and finish them with the help of law and order. There are some effective as well as easy ways to stop piracy:

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Price Regulation:

The first and the best way to prevent piracy is that owners must offer the movies or dramas at a very low and realistic price, so that most of the people can afford that. This step is a bold one but still it will not remove piracy but it will act as an incentive to stop pirated content.

Entry barriers:

This method to stop the piracy is based and many related to the jurisdiction of the government. In short we can say that this is the method used by the government to prevent the Piracy. What governments do is that they restrict the entry into the site, which hosts the pirated content, they do it by blocking off the sites on the servers. This method is extremely helpful in that it reduces the risk of using a pirated site for a large amount. This works mostly just because most people do not know how to use the VPN or proxy. In this way they are restricted to get into the site.

User Confrontation: Price regulation and Entry barriers are used by most of the TV and streaming services often with the real time interaction with users. What pirate users do is that they get the real time messages, through the account of these messages they know that the producer knows about them by using pirated content. This technique is often used by the game developers, they troll pirate games and make fun of them.

Industrial corporation: The methods i have listed till now are good but they can be fizzled out whenever there is a weak link. Apart from this weak link in the chain they are great methods to prevent piracy. This one bad link can occur to be a producer who does not know about the concepts and extent of piracy. What I mean here is that all the 3 methods which have briefly explained must be executed systematically and efficiently in order to get the best possible results. They can be the biggest barriers for these websites which are illegally leaking the movies, series and dramas.

The biggest losses:

The best and the most notable attack of piracy to the film industry was shown before the release of the super hit movie The Expendables 3. Here what happened is that the movie was acquired by hackers and they put up a full movie for download before even the release of the movie. When statistics were observed and we found that over 70 million people downloaded that movie from an illegal website. This was the biggest set back received by the movie owners economically. The movie was downloaded on laptops, phones, tablets etc.  This set back affected almost everyone in the film industry even the small workers such as electricians, set designers, composers etc.

The Conclusion:

As we talked about uwatchfree website, because it provides video movies free. But still it is an illegal website. We are not the ones who encourage piracy, as we have given you detailed accounts of Piracy acts and the punishments. We urge everyone to go and watch movies in the cinema or have a subscription of some Netflix account but do not go towards illegal means. Do not go to those websites which provide free of cost illegal content. These acts are punishable and we have mentioned all the details about that. We should not affect our economy in a negative way by watching illegal content, rather than watching legal content. For your own security and safety watch legal content and follow legal websites, create an account on Netflix or Amazon prime, and enjoy watching Movies, dramas and series of your own will. Don’t go for illegal means it will affect you and your family in a bad manner.

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What To Consider When Buying A Vape Pen




What To Consider When Buying A Vape Pen

Vape pens are becoming ever more popular as a mode of consuming cannabis. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational enthusiast, the convenience of a vape pen makes it a great choice for an efficient and clandestine means of consumption. With so many types to select from, it’s essential to make sure you pick the appropriate one. This list contains things to keep in mind when buying a cannabis vape pen so you end up with one that fits your personal specifications, offers a satisfying experience, and is worth the expenditure.

1. Battery Capacity

The first thing to consider when buying a vape pen is battery capacity. Vape pens come with either a pre-charged or rechargeable battery, and you can also opt for a disposable option. If you’re looking to save money, you can opt for a pre-charged or disposable option, but the downside is that the battery will not last as long as a rechargeable one. Vape pens with a higher battery capacity will last longer, but they usually cost more. 

If you’re mostly using the vape pen at home, you may want to splurge on one with a higher battery capacity. If you’re not sure whether to go disposable or not, you should read more about disposable weed vape pen ranges. 

2. Heating System

The heating system is an imperious factor to view when buying a cannabis vape pen. Generally, configurable settings come as either a conduction or convection heating system. 

Conduction is when the flower or concentrate is placed in direct contact with the heating element and convection is when hot air passes over the material, vaporizing it without burning it. Convection is usually seen as healthier and more efficient, as it vaporizes the cannabis more evenly for a more pleasing experience.

3. Vapor Quality 

Another factor to think about when purchasing a cannabis vape pen is vapor quality. You’ll get richer flavor and scent if you choose a vape pen that can create dense clouds of vapor. 

Check for a vape pen free of toxins and heavy metals since many are produced from medical-grade materials. This will ensure that your vaping experience is the best possible.

4. Cartridge Compatibility

Another important component to weigh when buying a cannabis vape pen is cartridge compatibility. Some vape pens accompany their own vape cartridges, making it easier to switch between varying flavors. 

But if more selection is what you’re after, you can pick a vape pen compatible with multiple cartridges from diverse brands. This will enable you to have a wider range of cannabis products to pick from. 

5. Temperature Adjustability

Temperature adjustability is another factor to ponder when purchasing a cannabis vape pen. Most vape pens permit you to adjust the temperature for optimal vaporization, though some may be confined to a few preset temperatures. 

If you desire precise temperature control, you can go with a vape pen that lets you adjust the temperature manually or by means of an app. This will offer you control over the intensity of your vaping experience.

6. Discretion 

Some vape pens are designed to resemble everyday objects such as pens or flashlights, while others display a more traditional vape pen look. Whatever selection you make, make certain it is small enough to stay discreet and can be tucked away rapidly in your pocket. 

In Summary

Buying a cannabis vape pen can be a daunting task, yet knowing what to search for, doesn’t need to be. By being mindful of factors such as battery capacity, cartridge compatibility, temperature adjustability, and vapor quality, you can make sure you pick the correct vape pen that suits your individual needs and tastes. Containing these key elements in mind, you can stumble upon the perfect vape pen and get the most out of your cannabis experience.

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How to find a formal charge



how to find formal charge

What is a Formal charge?

The formal charge is a concept in chemistry used to assign a charge to each atom in a molecule or ion. It helps to determine the most stable arrangement of atoms and electrons in a molecule, which is important in understanding the chemical properties and reactivity of the molecule. in this article, we will discuss the formal charges and how to find  formal charge

The formal charge is calculated by taking the difference between the number of valence electrons of an atom and the number of electrons it “owns” in a molecule. The electrons an atom owns are calculated as the sum of the number of lone pair electrons and half the number of electrons in covalent bonds the atom shares with other atoms.

Steps of how to find formal charge

To find the formal charge of an atom in a molecule, follow these steps:

Calculate the number of valence electrons the atom should have, based on its position in the periodic table. Count the number of electrons the atom actually has in the molecule, including lone pairs and bonds.

Subtract the number of electrons the atom has in the molecule from the number of valence electrons it should have. The result is the formal charge.

The formula for the formal charge is:

Formal charge = valence electrons – (lone pair electrons + 1/2 bonding electrons)

The sum of the formal charges of all the atoms in a molecule or ion must add up to the total charge of the molecule or ion. For example, if the molecule is neutral, the sum of all formal charges must be zero. If the molecule is a charged ion, the sum of all formal charges must equal the charge on the ion.

The most stable Lewis structure of a molecule or ion is the one that has the smallest formal charges on each atom. The formal charge helps to determine the placement of lone pairs and the distribution of electrons among atoms, which is critical to understanding the stability and reactivity of the molecule.

An easy method to find out the formal charge 

To find the formal charge of an atom in a molecule, you can use a simple formula:

Formal charge = valence electrons – (lone pair electrons + 1/2 x bonding electrons)

Here’s an easy step-by-step method to find the formal charge of an atom:

Determine the number of valence electrons the atom has. You can find this by looking at the periodic table and identifying the group number of the element. Count the number of lone pair electrons on the atom. These are electrons that are not involved in bonding and are associated with the atom.

Count the number of electrons the atom shares in covalent bonds. This includes both electrons the atom shares with other atoms and the electrons in multiple bonds.Plug these values into the formula and subtract to find the formal charge.

If the formal charge is zero, the atom has the correct number of electrons in its valence shell. If the formal charge is positive, the atom is missing electrons, and if it is negative, the atom has more electrons than it would have in a neutral state.

Remember, it is the sum of formal charges on all atoms in a molecule that should add up to the overall charge of the molecule, whether it’s zero for a neutral molecule or some number for an ion

Some Other Examples of formal charge

Here are some examples of formal charges for atoms in different molecules:

In the molecule NH3 (ammonia), the nitrogen atom (N) has 5 valence electrons. It is bonded to three hydrogen atoms, each with 1 valence electron, and has one lone pair of electrons. The formal charge on nitrogen can be calculated as follows:

Formal charge on nitrogen = 5 – (0 + 6/2) = 0

Therefore, the formal charge of nitrogen in ammonia is zero.

In the molecule CO2 (carbon dioxide), the carbon atom (C) has 4 valence electrons. It is double-bonded to two oxygen atoms, each with 6 valence electrons. The formal charge on carbon can be calculated as follows:

Formal charge on carbon = 4 – (0 + 8/2) = 0

Therefore, the formal charge on carbon in carbon dioxide is zero.

In the molecule HNO2 (nitrous acid), the nitrogen atom (N) has 5 valence electrons. It is bonded to one hydrogen atom, with 1 valence electron, and one oxygen atom, with 6 valence electrons. It also has one lone pair of electrons. The formal charge on nitrogen can be calculated as follows:

Formal charge on nitrogen = 5 – (2 + 4/2) = 0

Therefore, the formal charge on nitrogen in nitrous acid is zero.

In the molecule NH4+ (ammonium ion), the nitrogen atom (N) has 5 valence electrons. It is bonded to four hydrogen atoms, each with 1 valence electron. The formal charge on nitrogen can be calculated as follows:

Formal charge on nitrogen = 5 – (0 + 8/2) = +1

Therefore, the formal charge on nitrogen in ammonium ions is +1.

In the molecule SO4^2- (sulfate ion), the sulfur atom (S) has 6 valence electrons. It is double-bonded to two oxygen atoms, each with 6 valence electrons, and single-bonded to two other oxygen atoms, each with 6 valence electrons. The formal charge on sulfur can be calculated as follows:

Formal charge on sulfur = 6 – (0 + 8/2) = +2

Therefore, the formal charge of sulfur in sulfate ion is +2.

Lewis’s structure of the formal charge 

In a Lewis structure, a formal charge is assigned to each atom to help determine the most likely structure. The most stable Lewis structure will have the smallest possible formal charges on each atom.

For example,

 in the molecule H2O, the Lewis structure shows that oxygen has two lone pairs of electrons and is single-bonded to each of the two hydrogen atoms. The formal charge on the oxygen atom can be calculated as follows:

  1. Valence electrons of oxygen = 6
  2. Lone pair electrons on oxygen = 2
  3. Bonding electrons on oxygen = 4 (2 from the single bonds with hydrogen)
  4. Formal charge = 6 – (2 + 4/2) = 0

Therefore, the formal charge on the oxygen atom in the H2O molecule is zero, which suggests that this is the most stable Lewis structure for the molecule.

Overall, the formal charge helps to determine the most stable Lewis structure by indicating how the electrons are distributed among the atoms in the molecule.

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How to find liked posts on Instagram 2023



How to find liked posts on Instagram

We may have a lot of social platforms where we share our feeling and to day’s activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ticktok, and Snack videos. Where we uploaded our daily stories. in this article, we covered how to find liked posts on Instagram 2023.

As we have a collection of our history of all liked and disliked stories store. Because this is a way all the users and your fans can access you on the spot. but all we know is how to upload the stories all users don’t know about some of the nifty features. 

Here you will read the whole and complete description of your liked post on Instagram within a minutes in handy look. if you want to check your previous photos and videos that you have liked. Here I will tell you some tricky and quick ways to the collection of past liked posts without the need to recall and manually search for a particular post. 

Instagram introduced a recent post

you can see the 300 most recent posts that you have liked. Most probably you can’t see all posts due to privacy issues and reasons but now it is not too hard 

Now let’s read and see how you can find posts you liked on Instagram 2023. It is available to access for all android phone 

Updated version 2023 

According to the new version, the most recent ideas and steps to explore liked posts on Instagram 2023 are completely updated.

Latest Version of Instagram Steps 

  • 1st log in to your account  and browse it 
  • Next is to go to the top of the menu button which is displayed in the right corner.
  • Further, select your activity. 
  • After selecting the activity button ‘ Your Activity will display on the screen 
  • Now tap over the display screen of Interactions 
  • Moving toward the next producer The display screen is in front of you, there you will have to click over the Interaction button 
  • In the final step after clicking over the Interaction, the dashboard of likes will appear in front of you

Finally, the like page will show all the posts, videos, and reels you have liked on Instagram.

For the User, the previous and all desired posts are sown. New and oldest can be seen. So these are very easy methods to check your liked post which you have liked on Instagram. The second option is if you want to again see all posts Reels feel free to go through the same process. Just you have to click on the back button Scroll the same buttons and apply the same method to find out the best results 

How to find liked posts on Instagram on pc

For Pc the websites, there is currently restricted. but the Instragam app might be helpful for you

Soon the progress can be seen as an altered design by the layout addon for chrome and another browser. previously functionalities are now updated and available 

Steps For pc To see Instagram liked post 

  • Firstly you have you add the chrome extension page on your pc 
  • secondly select the extension. After installing the extension go to the plugin. You will see the layout has been changed. at the given display page three dots will appear and you just have to click over there 
  • A new webpage will be opened. Access may be very easy to your liked post on Instagram. 
  • Now your view of liked posts, Video, and reels will not be restricted 

How to Unlike Multiple Posts on Instagram

  • If you want to unlike multiple posts on Instagram, here are the steps you can follow:
  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  • Go to your profile by tapping on the “Profile” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings” at the bottom of the menu.
  • From the Settings menu, select “Account.”
  • Select “Posts You’ve Liked” from the list of options.
  • You will see a grid of all the posts you have liked. To unlike a post, tap on the heart icon under the post until it turns gray.

Repeat this process for all the posts you want to unlike.

Alternatively, you can also unlike multiple posts at once by using the “Activity Log” feature:

  • Go to your profile by tapping on the “Profile” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings” at the bottom of the menu.
  • From the Settings menu, select “Security.”
  • Select “Access Data”
  • Select “Activity Log.”
  • In the Activity Log, you will see a list of all the posts you have liked. Tap on the three dots on the right-hand side of each post you want to unlike, and select “Unlike” from the menu.

Repeat this process for all the posts you want to unlike.

By following these steps, you can easily unlike multiple posts on Instagram either individually or using the activity log feature.

The suggestion about how to check liked posts on Instagram safely 

If you want to check your liked posts on Instagram safely, here are some suggestions:

Log in to your Instagram account on a trusted device: Use a device that you know is safe and has up-to-date security software installed. This can help prevent unauthorized access to your account and keep your personal information secure.

Use the Instagram app: To view your liked posts, it’s recommended that you use the official Instagram app instead of third-party apps or websites. The Instagram app is designed to keep your account secure and protect your data.

Use two-factor authentication: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Instagram account to add an extra layer of security. 2FA requires you to provide a verification code in addition to your password to access your account, making it more difficult for others to gain access to your account.

Check your activity log: Instagram has an activity log that shows your recent activity, including your liked posts. To access it, go to your profile, tap the three lines in the top right corner, and select “Settings” > “Security” > “Access Data” > “Activity Log.”

Be cautious of suspicious links: Avoid clicking on suspicious links that claim to show you your liked posts. These links may lead to phishing sites that can steal your login credentials or install malware on your device.

By following these suggestions, you can check your liked posts on Instagram safely and protect your account from unauthorized access or data breaches.

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How Agency Branding helps in creating Successful Business Identity




How Agency Branding helps in creating Successful Business Identity

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, whether it’s a startup or an established company. A strong brand can help a business stand out in a crowded market, build trust with customers, and establish a loyal following. However, creating a successful brand is not an easy task. That’s where a branding agency for startup comes in. In this article, we will discuss how agency branding helps in creating a successful business identity.

Professionalism and Expertise

When a startup hires a branding agency, it gains access to a team of professionals who are experts in the field of branding. These professionals have years of experience in creating successful brands for various clients and can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. The agency will work closely with the startup to understand its goals, values, and target audience and create a brand that resonates with them.

Unique Identity

One of the key benefits of working with a branding agency is the creation of a unique identity for the startup. The agency will conduct market research to understand the competition and create a brand that stands out from the crowd. A unique identity will help the startup attract customers and establish a strong presence in the market.


Consistency is a crucial aspect of branding. A branding agency will ensure that the startup’s brand is consistent across all platforms, including the website, social media, advertising, and packaging. Consistency will help the brand become more recognizable and build trust with customers.

Emotional Connection

A successful brand creates an emotional connection with customers. A branding agency will work to create a brand that connects with the startup’s target audience on an emotional level. This emotional connection will help the brand become more memorable and create loyal customers.

Increased Visibility

A strong brand can increase the visibility of a startup in the market. A branding agency will help the startup create a brand that stands out from the competition and attracts attention. This increased visibility will help the startup gain more customers and establish a strong presence in the market.


As a startup grows, its branding needs may change. A branding agency will provide the flexibility to adapt the brand to the startup’s changing needs. The agency will work closely with the startup to ensure that the brand continues to reflect its values and goals, even as the business evolves.

In conclusion, working with a branding agency for a startup can help create a successful business identity. The agency will provide professionalism, expertise, a unique identity, consistency, emotional connection, increased visibility, and flexibility.

By creating a strong brand, startups can stand out in a crowded market, build trust with customers, and establish a loyal following. With the help of a branding agency, startups can create a brand that resonates with their target audience and helps them achieve their goals. Please feel free to share your thoughts regarding the discussion and queries below in the comment section.

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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Move: How to Pack and Organize Your Closet



glass closet doors

Are you getting ready for a big move or change?

Whether you’re relocating to a new city or just downsizing to a smaller home, packing up your entire life and getting it ready for transport can be a daunting task. But, don’t worry! One of the easiest ways to make your move a little less stressful is by focusing on closet organization.

Think about it, how many times have you moved and found yourself surrounded by a pile of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you don’t even remember owning? By taking the time to pack and organize your closet, you can make sure that you’re only moving what you actually use and love. Plus, when you arrive at your new home, you’ll have a perfectly organized closet waiting for you, making it easy to unpack and settle in.

In this article, our friends at Déménagement Crown Montreal has given you 5 tips to make packing and organizing your closet a breeze. From assessing your current closet systems to sorting your clothes into categories, these tips will make sure that your move is as stress-free as possible. So, let’s dive in and get started on making your closet move-ready!

II. Tip 1: Assess your current closet space, hanging space, wall space and storage space.

Before you start packing up your closet, it’s essential to assess your current closet systems. Take a look at your closet space, hanging space, wall space, and storage space. Look for areas where you can optimize your closet organization. Are there enough shelf dividers or closet organizers to make the most of your vertical space?

Closet Space and Closet Organizers

One of the best ways to organize your closet is to start by measuring the space you have available in each bedroom closet. This will help you determine what will fit in your new space and what needs to be replaced. For example, if you have extra space, you may want to invest in some storage boxes or additional shelves. On the other hand, if you have limited space, you may need to downsize your clothes.

One of the most effective ways to save space in your closet is by maximizing your hanging space. Utilize your closet door by adding hooks and hanging clothes directly from the door. Another way to save drawer space is by using shelf dividers or a clothing rack to keep your clothes neatly folded and organized.

There are many different closet organization ideas available, and the key is to find the one that works best for you. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or a more elaborate closet system, the goal is to create a functional and stress-free space that makes your move as smooth as possible. So, take the time to assess your current closet systems and optimize your closet organization to make your move as stress-free as possible.

III. Tip 2: Invest in new closet rods or clothes racks

When it comes to optimizing space in your closet, new closet rods or clothes racks can be a game changer. These closet organization ideas are essential for making the most out of your newly organized closet, and can help you store more clothes and shoes in the same amount of space.

Optimize Space With Closet Organization ideas

When selecting a new closet rod or clothes rack, consider the size of your bedroom closet and the types of clothes you need to hang. A clothes rack is perfect for hanging t-shirts, while a closet rod is great for hanging pants and dresses. And if you’re short on drawer space, consider adding closet shelves to store shoes and other items.

When you invest in a new closet system, you’ll also have more hanging area, as well as drawer and shelf space to store your items. If you have a tiny closet, consider using storage containers or bins to maximize empty space. And if you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, consider installing closet dividers or shelves to keep your clothes organized and easy to find.

And don’t forget about matching hangers! Ditch those old wire hangers and invest in matching hangers for a cohesive and polished look. Plus, using matching hangers will save you more space on your top shelf.

Overall, a new closet system with new closet rods or clothes rack can make a world of difference in your closet organization. Not only will it give you enough space to store all your clothes, but it will also make it easy to find and access them. So, say goodbye to the stress of a cluttered and disorganized closet and hello to a beautifully organized and stress-free closet.

IV. Tip 3: Hang clothes and bulky items

When it comes to packing and organizing your closet for a move, hanging clothes and bulky items is key to saving space. Not only does it prevent wrinkles and damage, but it also allows you to easily see what you have and what you need to pack.

Here are some tips for hanging clothes properly and maximizing space:

  • Hang pants and long dresses using pants hangers or clips. These take up less space than traditional hangers and keep your pants and dresses wrinkle-free.
  • Nest bras inside other clothes to save space and prevent damage. You can also use small bags to keep them together and organized.
  • Install drawers or built-in shelving for extra storage. These can be used to store smaller items such as socks, underwear, and other accessories.
  • Use wicker baskets or small containers to store Halloween costumes, scarves, or other items that take up a lot of space.
  • Use rack tags or labels to organize your clothing categories. This will make it easier to find what you need when you’re unpacking and organizing in your new space.
  • Stack sweaters or other bulky items on a mid-level shelf. This allows you to see them easily and also saves space on your closet rod.
  • Use a spice rack or hanging rods to store scarves, ties, or other items that take up a lot of space.
  • Make use of your morning routine to keep your closet organized. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.
  • Take advantage of every square inch of available space. Use built-in shelving, hanging rods, and other ways to organize your closet and make the most of the space you have.

These steps are an easy way to make the most of the space in your closet. By following these tips, you can make your move a stress-free experience and ensure that your clothes stay wrinkle-free and organized.

Tip 4: Use storage solutions

Let’s face it, moving can be stressful. But one of the best ways to make the process smoother is by utilizing storage solutions for your closet. Think about it, what’s worse than trying to find that one piece of jewelry you need to complete your outfit on moving day? Exactly, not fun at all. But with the right storage solutions, you can say goodbye to digging through piles of clothes and accessories and hello to a stress-free move.

Storage space Storage bins

First things first, when it comes to the way to organize and store items, it’s important to assess your current closet and decide what works best for you. Open shelves and drawers are great options for storing jewelry and other small accessories. Not only do they give you easy access to your items, but they also help keep your closet looking neat and tidy. If you’re short on space, consider installing pull-out drawers under hanging clothes or using hanging organizers for jewelry and scarves.

When selecting storage options, it’s also important to think about the type of items you’ll be storing. For example, if you have a lot of delicate jewelry, consider using soft-lined drawers or jewelry trays to store jewelry safely during the move. If you have a lot of bigger items, like hats or bags, consider using storage boxes or storage bins on the top shelf to keep them out of the way.

The benefits of using storage solutions are endless. Not only will they make packing and unpacking a breeze, but they’ll also help keep your closet organized and stress-free. So, don’t wait until moving day to think about storage solutions. Start planning now and make your move as smooth as possible.

Tip 5: Sort your clothes into categories

When it comes to packing and organizing your closet for a move, sorting your clothes into different categories is key. Imagine arriving at your new home and being able to easily find that little black dress you need for that special event or the cozy sweater you want to wear on a chilly day. It’s all about making the unpacking process as stress-free as possible, and sorting your clothes by type, color, or season is the perfect way to do it.

Smart way to organize clothing items

But how do you sort your clothing items into categories? One way to organize your clothes is by type, such as separating your dresses, shirts, and pants. This way you can easily grab what you need and you’ll know exactly where to find it. Another way is to sort your clothes by color. This can be especially helpful if you’re someone who likes to coordinate your outfits. Lastly, you can sort your clothes by season. This is a great way to keep track of your summer clothes or winter clothes and makes it easy to pack and unpack.

Sorting your clothes into categories not only makes the unpacking process a breeze, but it also helps you to keep visual your closet organized. When you arrive at your new home, you’ll be able to easily find the clothes you need and you’ll know exactly where everything is. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of clothes you no longer wear or need. It’s a win-win!

Here is to a stress-free moving day!

In summary, we’ve covered 5 essential tips for a stress-free move when it comes to packing and organizing your closet. From assessing your current closet systems and investing in new closet rods or clothes racks, to hanging clothes and bulky items, using storage solutions, and sorting your clothes into categories, these tips will help you make the most of your space and make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Sorting your clothes into categories is a great way to make the moving process stress-free and keep your closet organized. Take the time to sort your clothes by type, color, or season and you’ll be glad you did. Happy moving!


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