Using Silkscreen Printing to create Promotional Items

If you are wanting to print your logo, image and branding on promotional materials like bags, t-shirts, and such you might consider finding a service that offers custom printing. There are a few things to consider first though before you settle on the printing method but it is one of the more popular ways businesses make a visual impact with various branding efforts.

Why create promotional items?

There are a lot of great things to be gained from having promotional items you give away. If you have your brand, logo, image and such on things like clothing, bags, patches, caps, and more, when people use them and wear them, you are getting easy marketing from them. As they use your bag to shop at the store others will see your brand. Your brand becomes more and more well-known and more people come to you as customers. You could have giveaways in your store, carry out social media marketing, give away loot bags during exhibitions and such. Reward loyalty and at the same time they can spread awareness of your products and business. t shirt printing can also be done with using silkscreen

What do you want to print?

The key to getting it right is making the best choices in what you have printed and what items you will put your branding on. Make sure you have the right to use the image you select if it is not one you have designed. Make sure it is the right size. Taking a very small image and trying to make it larger on a shirt does not always work out well. There are issues with blurring and dimensions. Silkscreen printing could work well but choose a logo that stands out. You also need to think about the coloring. With this kind of printing, it needs to use a different screen for each color. So the more colors you have the more the design will cost as it takes longer to set up. 

Choose the best promotional items

When you are thinking of choosing a company to help you with custom printing choose one that shows experience, and has worked with more than just t-shirts if you are using more than just t-shirts as your promotional items. For things like clothing and bags, you need to think about the fabric they are made from as well as their style. What are people more likely to wear? What is the weather like? Caps would work in the summertime, but perhaps some promotional beanies for the winter? Will printing work or will you add embroidery?

When it comes to bags people like to think of environmentally friendly options. This makes them far more likely to re-use it which is what you need them to do for the marketing to be effective. Also, consider durability and whether the item is something that is washable. People will want to be able to clean these items without running into leaking dye issues or damage happening. Is your item something versatile so that it appeals to several kinds of people?


Silkscreen printing is a great way to create promotional materials you just need to think a little first before you rush into your decisions!

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