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Using Salesforce NPSP? Here are 7 integrations to improve data organization!

Many nonprofits manage donor and operational data with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. This software performs a wide range of donor data management functions out of the box and integrations extend its functionality. Whether a Financial Edge NXT integration is necessary or an organization needs to connect Salesforce NPSP to other platforms, these seven integrations can be helpful for keeping track of important data.

1. Integrate Your Email Marketing System’s Data

Integration ensures that current contact information is available when making donation requests over email. While sharing data between Salesforce NPSP and Salesforce automation Cloud is relatively straightforward, organizations that use other platforms can benefit from connective solutions. Integration is crucial to make Salesforce data available in Luminate Online and other Blackbaud donor management software as well as third-party email marketing clients.

2. Fundraising Event Data

Salesforce NPSP features built-in event planning capabilities, but many organizations also use other platforms. Integration makes it easier to issue invitations, process RSVPs, track attendance and follow up with attendees. The availability of event information across platforms makes it easier to convert interest into funds raised.

3. Online and Offline Donations

Organizations often pair Salesforce NPSP with financial software built for nonprofits. Keeping track of donors, donation amounts and modes of giving is essential for making effective asks in the future. Integration is helpful for keeping this information organized and making data available across platforms. 

4. Manage Membership and Volunteers

Support for membership and volunteer management are some of the best capabilities of Salesforce NPSP. Integration can be helpful for extending the functionality of these features or sharing essential data pertinent to involvement for the purpose of reporting which is used in kafka language to help understand things better.

5. Giving History Records

Keeping records of gifts made over time is an important aspect of maintaining donor records. It may be necessary to export donation histories to financial software or to other platforms so that receipt is acknowledged and to ensure that giving requests are not redundant. Donation records are one of the most common types of data shared between Salesforce NPSP and other development or operational management platforms. Depending on the type and level of sensitivity of information, the right integration solution can ensure that this information stays current and secure.

6. Matching Gift Management

An organization can boost fundraising totals by keeping track of constituents enrolled in matching gift programs. Integration solutions that provide updated details on matching gift status can double the proceeds of donation drives. Pursuing gift matches is well worth the investment in a robust integration platform. This information is  significant for raising revenue and can also help organizations effectively direct outreach efforts.

7. Correct Contact Information

The most basic function of an integration is to provide consistent information across platforms. Some services go above and beyond this functionality to provide data health suites to correct or complete donor or lead records.

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Data runs the risk of becoming disorganized when more than one software platform is put in place to manage the operations of a nonprofit. A centralized, cloud-based integration solution can be helpful for keeping data organized across platforms.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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