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Using mock API while coding and testing apps



What is API?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. This is an intermediary software that allows two applications to talk to each other. Nowadays probably the most popular type of API is a so-called RESTful API. It is a standard or set of rules for communication between client apps and server apps over the HTTP protocol.

Why do you fake API?

While the API is in development, most likely its web services are not reliable or even unavailable. Still, the business does not want the development of other apps that are dependent on this API to be blocked. For this case programmers are using mock data and mock API services in particular. It is really useful not only while coding apps, but also for running automation tests.

Types of mock API

There are a number of different approaches in order to create your mock data. Many developers just use some dummy data inside their code, methods, classes etc. Some of them are using files to store the information that needs to be mocked. There are also a variety of mock servers available like Mockoon. Finally, you may also create fake API services using some online API mocking tool or online mock server, for instance QuickMocker or many other alternatives.

What do you need to create dummy API services?

First of all you need to choose the type of your mock data, whether it can be local or it should be external. In case it will be API web services, the information about it could be provided to you by your back-end colleague. Each web service will have its own URI (URL Path), HTTP method, response headers and body and finally response status code.

This information could be provided to you in a well-known format for REST API specifications like OpenAPI (formerly Swagger). Some of the dummy API services like QuickMocker will allow you to import specifications even in bulk.


API mocks or dummy API services became vital and crucial for developers and business in order to unblock dependencies on a real API that is not available yet and continue coding apps and running automation tests.

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PTCL Bill Payment Options




Do you want a convenient option to pay your PTCL bill? With the advent of technology, PTCL facilitates you to pay your bill by using a number of PTCL bill payment options. Lets discuss them.

Pay your bill through credit card or debit card

Most of the people confuse how they can pay their PTCL bill online. You can pay your PTCL bill at the comfort of your home. It is an easy and quick method to pay your PTCL bill. From anywhere, you can pay your bill. To pay your bill through credit card or debit, you need to register your email address on the E-payment portal, sign in, and pay your PTCL bill. Through this option, you can pay either Evo or broadband bill online.

Pay your PTCL bill through easy paisa.

If you do not own credit card or debit card, you can still pay your bill through easy paisa. You can download easy paisa mobile app and pay you PTCL bill through easy paisa mobile app. It is another expedient option that saves your time as well as energy. 

Pay your PTCL bill manually

If you are not interested in paying PTCL bill online, you can pay it manually. You can pay your PTCL bill at the nearest MCB banks, at PTCL One Stop Centers, at UBL and at Ufone centers. 

So what are you waiting for? Pay your PTCL bill by deploying one of the above-mentioned options. Hope so, this informative guide will help you in paying your PTCL bills conveniently.

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An Expert’s Guide for Your Customizable Vape Cartridge Packaging



The vape business is a prosperous one. Many people are vaping nowadays. It has become a trend. It has led to more demand for the product. Different businesses are producing these. They need to stand out to attract consumers towards wanting to buy their product. This can be done with the help of vape cartridge packaging. This can draw potential customers towards a particular brand and try out its products. This is when it is done right.

Interesting facts about vape cartridge packaging

Vape products are sensitive. They need to be secured in something strong so that they remain safe. Vape packaging can help out here. Vape cartridges include fuel for vapes. The boxes package these.

If any harm occurs to these it can result in the product not being suitable for people to consume. The business also gets a bad impression. Therefore, a brand should invest in the best packaging which will stand out and attract.

The following is an expert’s guide to help you when it comes to customizable vape boxes:

Packaging should attract customers

No doubt, the packaging has to be strong. But if it does not attract people, how will they be drawn towards the product and consider it. Therefore, you need to know what your consumers want from the packaging so that you can design the boxes according to this.

There are some important points to find out. It includes the age range, gender, location, buying habits that people have when it comes to vape cartridges. They are usually brought by teenagers and adults of both genders. They may buy these online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Packaging will therefore be simple and professional so that it attracts this consumer base. It has to be made of strong material so that it can remain in one shape in a store. It must also not break when being transported to the customer if it is brought online. It has to look attractive allowing it to stand out on a store shelf.

Must be made of high-quality material

Custom vape packaging needs to be made with good material if it is to give a good impression of the business. Boxes which are breaking in a store will not attract people towards them. If you show people that you care about quality, they will be more likely to buy from you.

Look at the nature of the product and choose the material which will keep it safe. It should not harm the vape cartridges in any way as well. Material that can be selected includes cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are all strong and will not harm the merchandise.

Give an image that your brand is responsible

Nowadays you need to have “green” vape cartridge packaging if you want to succeed. The boxes should be environmentally friendly. They should not cause much harm to the environment.

More people are aware of the impacts of careless packaging practices. These are not good for the Earth. There are producing many negative effects leading to diseases, changes in temperature, etc. To counter this, individuals need to contribute to limiting their carbon footprint.

Therefore, businesses need to focus on getting packaging that does not cause harm to the Earth. The above materials are suggested for this.

Proper size and shape

The boxes need to be of the correct size. Vape cartridges tend to be smaller. They do not need much space. You can get the product in various flavors. Some brands may choose to package various flavors in one box. The size of vape packaging should be such that it keeps these safe.

Those that are carelessly and loosely packaged can get damaged. They must not be too much space present which can lead to movement. You will be spending more money on extra material and transportation.

It is possible to get a box of any shape that you want. The rectangular one is a common shape. You can look at various other shapes as well. However, it is important to choose a practical one that will be easy to store and keep the vape cartridges safe as well.

Let customers know about the vape cartridges

Vape boxes need to include important information about the product. Customers have to know what they are buying. If they do not know this then they will not think about buying it.

Research on what has to be added and include it with a good and readable font on custom vape packaging. For instance, you will need to include the flavor or flavors, warnings, quantity, composition, expiry date, etc.

The typography you choose should be a readable one. People must not be confused with what is written. The color should also be one that will not mix in the background.

Design according to trends

It is no waste of time looking at trends in the vape cartridge packaging industry. You will get some ideas from this that can help you design something that will stand out. Trends will help you know what the competition is doing to stand out.

You should not copy anyone in the industry. Look for ways to follow the trends but create something different.

Vape cartridge packaging can help you get customers and increase sales when it is designed right. It will allow your brand to be known therefore increasing brand awareness. You can stand out on a store shelf in this way. However, you need to invest in the best material which is suited to the product. It should be lightweight yet strong. Design the boxes so that they attract the right customers. Children must not be drawn towards the boxes for instance. Put in the effort to create something outstanding so that it will stand out on a store shelf. If you do this your business will be helped.

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Agricultural Innovation at its best!




Agriculture, like any other industry, is expected to make money and give profits to the owner. A wise owner, on the other hand, is worried about the farm’s long-term sustainability. A wise farmer looks for low-input, low-resource-consumption methods that do minor environmental damage. Farm management tools greatly help precision and sustainability in agriculture. But now, there is one more thing on the list, and that is- Smart agriculture software. 

Some use open-data satellites, while some have their personalised tools. Others rely on spatial images, which are considerably less costly. The price of a commodity is influenced by the data sources used. Innovative applications make enterprise management easier and provide real-time field insights. They reduce risks, cut costs, and ensure quality compliance. Farmers are now paying much attention to the applicability of smart agriculture software, in addition to the appropriate features.

Satellite images are paired with heavy in-field equipment and remote sensors in some applications. Some tools have been around for decades. Others have new, ambitious teams with cutting-edge problem-solving visions. Continuous development is a must in the ever-changing world of technology, and intelligent software provides an agricultural product with helpful functionality and new features on the horizon.

Since agriculture is one of the most ancient and powerful traditional methods humans have used to feed themselves; however, owing to technological superiority, this sector is on the brink of a significant upgrade. Farmers nowadays are willing to try out modern, creative, and profitable innovations to help them with their farming operations. Some of the best agriculture development companies are currently offering smart agriculture software solutions for farmers, allowing them to establish a robust online presence for their agricultural sector.

These businesses have aced the management of the agriculture industry for many years. They will continue to do so in the future because they have incredibly talented and accomplished developers on board. 

Now, talking about the primary goal of farming apps and smart agriculture software is to make the entire farming process more effective. Though most of the features are accessible through a smart device such as a computer or a cell phone, they assist farmers in planning their farming operations. Migrating these technological features from a laptop to a mobile device can be very useful because it allows farmers to use the technology anywhere they want.

Farm management system systems offer a range of advantages to farmers. 

Utilising a GPS Tracker Farmers will benefit from GPS monitoring because it prevents them from wandering between fields and gaining access. This enables them to locate every location in the area in a matter of seconds if they need to.

Weather Forecast: When it comes to farming, one of the most critical aspects is weather forecasting. Farmers can be alert about poor weather using agricultural apps. It allows farmers to make more informed decisions about their crops.

Farm Management System Solutions and smart agriculture software help to Improve Fertility. We all know how beneficial new technology has been to farmers in the agricultural industry. 

Agricultural Products on Display Farmers can demonstrate their goods to potential buyers with an agriculture app’s aid. That way, they’d have a good image of what a farmer is selling. Customers will make a buying decision after looking at the items.

Custom Agriculture Software Development and Drone Use can be used to water plants or keep an eye on anything in the farming sector. This will help to ensure that the yields are high. Farmers can easily keep track of the area where they need to water more or less using an app with a thermal camera embedded. Also, these tools can be connected with smart agriculture software, and farmers can track live results. 

Keeping Track of Calendars: Various farming applications available on the market help farmers keep track of their farming schedules. Farmers who use a farming app can prevent themselves from failing to complete a task at a given time. Finally, we can claim that the agriculture industry is rising day by day due to technology’s impact. With the most successful implementation of various farming and agriculture applications,

To continue using the Best Farm Management Software, you can get Expert Advice also. Taking a close look at the crops and having expert advice is essential. They can also assist the farmers in selecting smart agriculture software. 

Computer applications are one of the most critical aspects of farming. Taking a close look at the crops and getting expert advice can be no better than having innovative software around. Farm app production helps farmers communicate with crop experts to address various issues and obtain solutions. It helps to ensure that the display is not harmed.

The more people there are, the more profitable the farm and the agriculture industry would be. Since we all know how quickly the population is increasing, every effort should be made to produce more agricultural products to eat them. Farmers can have the best results possible using various farming tools, smart agriculture software, and agriculture applications.

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What Is The Blockchain?



Blockchain is a scattered ledger which basically means that a ledger is spread across the complex among all peers present in the network, and each peer has a copy of the entire ledger.

Specialist In Blockchain Employment:

Too much blockchain turn out to be famous from side to side crypto exchange such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple. Well thought-out theoretically, the Blockchain is a decentralized file. The information put aside within it can be observed next to every moment in time through any person and is store up at the same time at a variety of places. Therefore, it is approximately impossible to misrepresent the stored information.

For the reason that safety measures and belief are the important brass tacks of the buy and sell, middle institution which builds this belief such as banks be able to be substituted through the Blockchain. Not all company wants its own Blockchain, other than the procedure choices are never ending: on or after provider of chain organization to elegant agreements to the organization of the IoT.

If you are giving the impression of being to get ready for your business planned for the opportunity and earnings from the defense of blockchain recruitment, get in touch with Rainmakrr. As influential in blockchain employment, we are talented to present you appropriate applicant in presently 30 days. Our only one of its kind software supports investigate procedure put us away from each other. Observe the Rainmakrr differentiation for yourself, search out and get in touch with today.

How Does Blockchain Work?

What creates blockchain a game changer is that it is totally decentralized and completely translucent. Some type of information is under arrest on a ledger transversely various places to a certain extent as compare to the one solitary member of staff serving at table or tip of entry. And that is what keeps it in safe hands from tremendous proceedings like control outages or swig, hackers. Specialists are working it the knowledge of fact for the reason that not no more than is blockchain safe and sound, it is also totally deception resistant. That is right. No more untruthful on resumes and work applications. The blockchain’s decentralized organization builds it not possible to makes a replica way in as any copied information would be repeatedly unwanted.

What Does This Denote For The Employment Industry?

That is motivating and the whole thing, but what does this in fact denote for recruiters? Yet although blockchain is at rest a baby, it is possible to transform the method we believe about employment is previously launching to give you an idea about. Think about this state of affairs. You have presently originated your ideal applicant and now you necessitate to entire their recommendations. As an alternative of hunting up aged bosses or professors, you now have on the spot right of entry to the applicant’s complete, translucent work and educational times past, and even presentation reviews, all in one completely protected digital ledger. It is not tough to observe how blockchain technology works.

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What Is the Istanbul Museum Pass?




The location of Istanbul, together with its rich and vast history, means that it not only acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe but also between past and present. Istanbul has been the capital of great empires and is therefore rich in treasures, history and culture. A visit to the city is never complete without going to the several museums it has to offer. Perhaps the most efficient way of planning your visit to Istanbul is to use the Istanbul Museum Pass which allows you to travel to a number of Museums in Istanbul. Here is a list of all the museums you can visit with the Istanbul Museum Pass Basilica cistern entrance fee.

Aya Sofya Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum

Harem Apartments

Istanbul Archeological Museums

Istanbul Mosaic Museum

Yildiz Palace Museum

The Museum for Islamic Science and Technology

The first two places on the list, Aya Sofya and Topkapi Palace are a must visit for anyone who travels to Istanbul. Aya Sofya is a great example of the architecture during Emperor Justinian’s time in the city and shows how they had reached a high level of technological advancement over 1500 years ago. The Topkapi Palace on the other hand houses the treasures and culture of the Ottoman Emperors who ruled over Istanbul. Since these two places cost you TL45 in total, a visit to these means you have already covered half the cost of your Istanbul Museum Pass!

The Istanbul Museum Pass costs TL85. Even if you visit the first 4 museums on the list, you have nearly covered the cost. And to be able to visit 3 additional museums is a blessing. Hence, it is advised that when you go to Istanbul and plan to visit a lot of museums, get the Istanbul Museum Pass.

The advantages of the museum pass do not end there. Istanbul is a popular city that hosts tourists throughout the year. If you go to Islamic museum istanbul like Aya Sofya or Topkapi Palace, you will always see a long line of people wanting to get in. With your pass, you do not have to stand in line to get through. All you have to do is to get in front of the line and show your card. You’ll be allowed inside without a moment’s hesitation!

In this way, the Istanbul Museum Pass not only helps you save money but also enables you to save precious time. People who visit Istanbul just for the weekend find this pass extremely useful as it helps them visit all the landmarks within the time they have at their disposal. Don’t forget however, that you can only use the card at each museum once.

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