Using Cell Phones as Learning Tools

Cells phone are a source of distraction in the classroom. It is a major challenge for educators to prevent students from bringing cell phones in the class. With no significant success in doing so and the advancement of technology educators have found a solution to this problem.

The solution we are talking about is that educators have started using cell phones as a learning tool for students. According to the research conducted by Killer Papers experts, if used appropriately, cell phones can help to improve the learning outcomes of the students.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of cell phones when used as a learning tool in the classroom.

Replacing Personal Computers:

As time passed by, technology has made it possible for cell phones to be more powerful and have extended capabilities that you can compare with a computer. Due to this increase, the personal computer market has seen a decline in 2019. What do you think was the reason for this decline? It was because the concept of the personal computer has become older and replaced by the idea of the personal device.

Now you can install all the software and tools on your cell phone and smart device that is with you anytime instead of your personal computer that is available in your home only. With all these smartphones as powerful as a personal computer is you can use it for research purposes and all the tasks that were specific for your personal computers.

You can use the internet, read a digital version of a book on your cell phone, and even write on some of the smart devices with a special pen.

Application for Teachers and Students:

Another advancement of technology that has made cell phones a learning tool, is the development of different educational apps. There are several apps available specifically for teachers and students that help them to learn and practice specific skills and subjects. Now, these apps can be used in the classroom with a cell phone available to every student and teacher.

Apps that are designed specifically for teachers enable them to prepare lessons, plan the curriculum of a specific subject, add innovation to teaching methods, using different software and tools for creating infographics, and much more.

Student apps are designed to make them learn specific skills through practice. These apps use quizzes, games, puzzles, and innovative methods to engage students and make learning fun for them. Teachers and parents should maximize the benefits of cell phones by constructively using these apps.

Some of the famous learning apps are Duolingo, Instructable, and Evernote. There are several other apps designed for a specific skill set for students. You can find apps based on the skills and subject your children want to learn.


In a nutshell, if we talk about cell phones, they can be perfect learning tools. If parents, children, and teachers put a collective effort to use cell phones appropriately there can be a significant improvement in the learning outcomes of the students. Teachers and students should consider cell phones as a learning aid in the classroom instead of a source of distraction.

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