Used Car Pricing: How Do You Know if the Price Is Fair?

Purchasing a car for the first time is exciting, but it can also be tricky, especially for finding out its right price. As a rule of thumb, we believe high-priced automobiles come with stunning design, high-performing engines and comfortable ride_ but it may not be true for the money it asks for a used vehicle. 

Sometimes you pay beyond its standard only because you are unaware of its right price. And that ultimately becomes the price of your ignorance to the car’s fair price. Sounds pretty straightforward! So here is how you know if the price of a used car is fair, less or extra high. 

Purchasing a car by a reputed brand name is one thing but the model you are specifically opting for tells the flip side of the story. There are even electric cars for sale in san diego which can be available to be purchased.

Knowing the Right Price of Used Car – Here’s how

The one and best way to buy the right in terms of its price is to do a little online research. For second hand car prices it becomes even easier since you can also get more details about the vehicles. Here are the top sites that you should consult;

  • For price, Kelley Blue Book® is a site that is free and gives you the freedom to find your desired car models amongst the rest and give you the precise, nearest and supposedly accurate estimate of the “fair price” of the car. The sire actually tells you the estimation as per your local area.
  • ●       Edmunds® is another name that is recommended for knowing the right price of a second-hand car. Enter the car’s information and zip code that you want to know about. It tells you regarding the price of similar models in your area.
  • For checking out the fair price, the Appraisal tool is also the best that tells the right market value, current Trade-In, Private Party, and Dealer Retail Values information.

Know the Age of the Car

How old the car is will easily decrease its price. For a second-hand car, you need to know when it was first released. The value of the four-wheeler starts to decrease right after it is bought (first) and by each passing year it “adds” to its low price. Mainly the price gets low by 10-25% per year.

Personalized Car Lessens Its Value

You may find the add-one as a bonus but for its price it can be a big no. for a used car things like, huge car tires, stereo speakers etc. lower its price. Likewise, colors that are regular such as metallic grays, silvers, blues and other common hues have a sellable approach then the odd ones like pink, orange or brown for that matter.

Factors that Affect the Car’s Price


Certainly poor and bad looking used cars have less value than good looking one. For a second-hand car, check out its interior and exterior with a critical view. Rust, color, dents, scratches, everything matters.


Mileage of the car is the backbone for its performance. If the car has higher mileage it has been used more for sure and hence, the engine is prone to wear-and-tear. Watch out! It lessens the price for used cars. The low odometer means the car is still in new condition and hence it can be priced as new.

Brand and Model

Purchasing a car by a reputed brand name is one thing but the model you are specifically opting for tells the flip side of the story. In simpler words the model that is not in production anymore by the company, would decrease its price for sure. So if you’re buying a used car, never miss out on its model and brand insights.

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