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Unusual Causes Of Blood Sugar Changes That You Must Know

In diabetic patients, checking blood sugar regularly is essential. Regularly checking your blood sugar keeps you on track to help you know better what is effective and what you can do effectively to remain in your target zone. Choose the best diabetologist in Nagpur in the know your safest zone and get your diabetes treated. 

Sometimes even lots of efforts you make don’t match your safest blood sugar level like eating balanced meals, hitting a great workout, even taking medications on time. 

Many of the times managing diabetes is not just simple as it seems, you need to take care of things other than just eating right and exercising. 

There are many other factors that may impact your blood sugar and we never knew about it. Here is a list of some unusual causes of blood sugar changes.


Sickness or Illness secured the first place in our list, while in illness the human body secretes hormones that raise blood sugar. It becomes necessary to get your blood sugar level checked from time to time to understand such trends.

It is also important to get a health plan with your diabetologist for what to do when you’re sick, also when you come out of your sickness. 


Again, stress also plays a very important role in spiking blood glucose level. Elevation of blood sugar level happens because stress triggers your body’s fight or flight response, which releases the hormone resulting in elevation of blood sugar.

Improper sleep

Night rest is vital for everyone, but for diabetic people, it should be their priority to get a proper night’s sleep. Sleep rejuvenates our body at night and also helps our body reset and regulate hormones. Lack of sleep releases ghrelin responsible for hunger, which results in consuming more energy in the form of food items. 

Food and medication timing

Do your food and medication timing match properly? Taking the medication on time is a great way to keep your blood sugar level in the required range. If you take medications too early, you may experience hypoglycemia, or taking it too late may lead to hyperglycemia. 


Although there are mixed reports on how caffeine affects blood sugar, still some studies showed that taking coffee can make you more insulin resistant. Insulin Resistance in the category of type2 diabetes, where cells of fats, muscle, and liver stop taking glucose for creating energy. 

Dawn phenomenon

This phenomenon typically takes place in the morning, this happens when your body does not release enough insulin to match morning requirements. This also happens when you notice normal blood sugar after dinner or before bed but in the early morning you measure a higher blood sugar level. It is recommended to talk to your doctor.

The takeaway

Diabetes can lead to many serious issues, in some cases death too. It is better to know in advance how to prevent it and what are those things you can take care of control your blood sugar. If you want to live in a win-win situation visit Dr vina bang and appoint a schedule with the best diabetologist in Nagpur

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