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Unsure About New Hires? Consult with Background Verification Companies

We live in the most uncertain times, an unbalanced and unscrupulous world where trusting anybody and everybody without any concrete certification of their goodwill is entirely out of the question. The working staff plays an essential role in making the company grow and function, and adding them into the team is the most critical task. 

For this very reason, during recruitment, the employer has to be extra careful about the upcoming employee’s intentions and motives. This is where checking each employee’s background comes into the picture. It is the process where the employer at the time of employment asks for various documents from the shortlisted applicants before providing them with any job contract. These are personal documents that ensure the legitimacy of the candidate. 

Importance of Background Check

A background check is part of the screening process, which takes place during the pre-employment term. It is deemed extremely necessary to ensure and safeguard the company’s interest from any potential threat or liability, especially when the person has applied, seeking a higher post that requires high security or a position of trust. A background check action saves the employer from hiring any wrong person who may have motives otherwise and may prove obligation in the future and make the company accountable for his/her misdeeds. 

Help At Your Disposal

There are companies nowadays that provide background verification services to clients through a very flexible and viable approach, ensuring their virtue and candour throughout. Why choose them, you may ask? The customers of these companies can set up a consolidated program across their organisation; simultaneously, small-scale employers can run a multinational background check on their shortlisted candidates. These companies have a team of specialists, all experts in their fields, striving to give clients definite results in less time without compromising the efficiency of the process. 

These companies design their services in a way that is adaptable to the current and future needs for screening. Their methods adhere strictly to the standard benchmark and procedure that are industry-set and recognised. Since the world has now become a universal village, employers need to verify their job candidates’ profiles worldwide. The global reach of such companies will enable you to do that. The team at such firms comprise extremely efficient professionals who are members of PBSA- National Associations of Professional Background Screeners, providing the best of best services, having years of cumulative experience, clients can completely confide in them.  

Procedure of Background Checks

For extensive background research, the companies in the market provide 2 different categories, basic and advanced checks. Basic checks include education check, Misleading/Incorrect/False information provided in the resume, civil/criminal record, advance verification, reference check, and employment history. 

Every year an average organisation loses more than 6% of its revenue to its fraudulent employees and their wrongdoings. Hence, offers like biometric, company legitimacy checks, drug testing, identity verification, Form 16 Verification, and Media Searches are implemented with an advanced check by various firms. 

All this testing and authentication of documents is fundamental for the growth of smooth functioning of any and every company. Such groundwork is not only necessary for the sole purpose of the organisation itself but also for creating a safe and secure workplace for other working and non-working staff members.

The background check mainly takes place at the time when someone applies for the job, but it can also be done whenever the employer feels the need for one. Some organisations do it on an annual or bi-annual basis to check the status of their employees. Basic documents required in doing so are the candidate’s full name, date of birth, Social Security number (SSN), and current or past address, and more importantly, the candidate’s consent to run the background check. Generally, all the information compiled spans about the past seven years, although some states may allow for ten years as well. Data gathered in all these years is sufficient enough to decide whether the candidate is suitable to be hired or not. Once the employer feels satisfied with the compilation, he/she may offer the appointment letter to the candidate. 

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