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Ultimate Guide to choose, and buy stunning wedding rings together

Are you getting married? Apart from tasting cookies and shopping for clothes, one of the exciting things you can do is choose a wedding ring.

Are you getting married? Apart from tasting cookies and shopping for clothes, one of the exciting things you can do is choose an emerald cut halo diamond ring. It’s fun to do together. However, some couples will submerge because of all those available options. So it can be beneficial to make a list of what you want and don’t want. This best guide for choosing your wedding ring can help you.

Let yourself be Inspired Briefly

Now it can help you find inspiration online. Check out Pinterest and other platforms such as (online) jewelers shops like wedding rings alexander sparks. That way, you can show what you like.

There are five main factors to consider:

  1. Matching versus non-matching
  2. Metal
  3. With or without stones
  4. Combine or arrange with engagement rings
  5. Budget

When you look at these five factors, you will find what you mean.

  1. Matching or non-matching wedding rings

One of the first things to consider when choosing your wedding ring is whether you want a matching wedding ring set or not. There are three options. The first option is for everyone to choose a regular ring they like and wear it as a wedding ring. The second option is to look at the wedding set. Your last chance is to choose two rings that are not an “official” set but; that fit together well.

The choice is yours

Especially if you have very different tastes, you may prefer to choose your ring. Maybe one likes thin, simple rings, while another prefers big flashy cocktail rings. It may seem like a very individualistic approach, but in the end, the two of you will wear rings that you like. You both wear rings as a sign of your love and commitment. At the same time, there is room for both of you as individuals.

Wedding set

Although this limits your options, wedding sets are much popular. The classic wedding ring set has two rings. This one for women is a broad gang without a sound. The woman has a thinner ring of the same style. Sometimes your ring contains one or more stones (precious stones), but we’ll get to that later. Of course, two wide rings or two thin rings could also be an option. However, these two rings form a set.

A ring that looks harmonious

If you are dissatisfied with your collection of wedding sets but don’t want the rings to be too distinctive, you can choose a ring that looks great. It took longer to find the perfect ring. But basically, this is the golden mean of the options above. You can think of a wedding ring that has some common characteristics, such as B. Gold color. However, they differ in other aspects such as (color) stones, carvings, or symbols. If you hold the rings, side by side, they will look (more or less) as a set.

  • Choose the best metal

In choosing the best metal, you need to select the top material for you. The most well-liked metal for wedding bands is gold. Many people immediately think of yellow gold. But there are a lot of distinct colors. There is also white gold, rose gold, orange gold, and even black gold.

Wedding rings without gold

While most people prefer gold, it is not the only option. Some materials make great wedding rings. You can choose simple materials like silver, hard materials like stainless steel, or titanium. And then there’s palladium and platinum, which are even more valuable than gold. All ingredients have advantages and disadvantages. So it all depends on your choice what you like.

Two color wedding ring

What we are increasingly seeing is the so-called two-tone ring. This ring consists of more than one color (gold). A typical example of a two-tone ring is a combination of white and yellow gold. However, the combination of white gold and rose gold is also beautiful. Another option is to combine gold with one of the other metals, such as stainless steel or titanium. However, these rings are hard to make, which means you will need to go to a specialist jeweler or specialized goldsmith.

  • With or without stones

It’s no secret that diamonds and gemstones are famous in engagement rings. However, we often see it on wedding rings, especially with the one for the bride. There are roughly a few options:

  • Without stones
  • With a stone
  • With lots of stones

In the above items, stones can mean diamonds, precious stones, or a combination of the two.

Without any stones

We see this particularly for wedding sets: wedding rings without the stones. Men’s rings barely come with diamonds or gemstones. But women also prefer rings without the fuss, so no diamonds or gemstones.

With a stone

You probably already know solitaire engagement rings. But who says only engagement rings have gems or stones? There are also wedding rings with stones, usually diamonds. Usually, a wedding ring with a diamond is different from an engagement ring with a diamond. Solitaire engagement rings often feature a diamond that rises on top of the metal. Meanwhile, diamonds in wedding rings are frequently embedded. Another option we looked at for one diamond wedding ring is a stretch kit.

With lots of stones

A wedding ring with many stones is the alternative option we make out most often for wedding rings for women. There are many possibilities and examples of wedding rings with diamonds (or precious stones):

  • Semi-allied alliances and rings
  • Offset Union and Semi Union
  • A ring with several diamonds
  • Curved wedding ring

These four are the most common diamond wedding rings. But as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless, especially if you decide to make your ring.

Match or arrangement: combine wedding ring and engagement ring

It is an influential factor for women when they are choosing a wedding ring. More often, a woman wears an engagement ring, but a man doesn’t. The first decision you have to make is whether the engagement ring should match the wedding ring. Some couples wear both rings on the same finger. Others wear an engagement ring on one side and a wedding ring on the other. If you don’t plan on wearing both rings on the same hand, that’s fine. However, if you plan to wear both rings on the same hand or finger, it is critical to consider engagement ring designs.


One of the most crucial factors while choosing a wedding ring is the budget. It’s so vital to have at least an idea of ​​what you want to spend. As you can imagine, a bigger budget means more choices. A tight budget can mean that you have to make compromises. You need to make sure to find a balance of the golden mean: a budget you can afford and a ring you like. You don’t need to pay out money that you don’t have. But also make sure that you choose the wedding ring of your choice. You will still wear it for the rest of your life!

If you considered the focal point beforehand, you probably already have an idea of ​​what you want. Is it within your budget? Or do you have to compromise? A wedding ring with lots of fine diamonds certainly will be more expensive than a wedding ring without stones.

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