It can be challenging to purchase a TV. Having so many different types of tv screens and different types of tvs to choose from. There are dozens of acronyms, formats, and technical terms connected with all these types of tvs and tv screens. It is all designed to build awareness of modern television features – but if you don’t know how to look for anything, finding the perfect set can be a bit of a minefield.

The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the different types of TV screens. We will discuss Plasma, LCD, LED & OLED and explain how they work. Afterwards, you can choose what you want to watch and enjoy the show or movie!

Best types of TV screens 

  • CRT

Let’s start with the basics and a TV format that hasn’t been mentioned yet… CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) describes a traditional style ‘chunky’ television set (and monitor) that people probably envision when they think about TV sets. TVs in this era utilized a screen plus a projector ‘gun’, which made them bulky. Fired from the gun, electrons excited the particles on the screen and created the image. Since the early 2000s (when LCD screens became more and more popular), these TV formats have been on the decline, and you would be hard pressed to find any retailer selling them today.

  • LCD

LCD displays are thin displays normally found in computer monitors, laptops, and TV screens. Displays that use liquid crystals are called LCDs. There are two types of liquid crystal displays: those that allow light to pass through, and those that block it.

Founded in segments with each block containing liquid crystals, the panel is composed of segments. By increasing or decreasing the electrical current, you can change the colour and transparency of these blocks. From Samsung Smart TV LG’s best types of TV screens offer you a huge array to choose from. In order to create an image on a LCD, a fluorescent bulb must be attached to an external source of light.

  • LED

Contrary to popular belief, LED TVs don’t have any major changes in their design. As an update to the previous LCD generation, they are nothing more than an improvement. A LED TV employs the same technology as an LCD TV, only that it uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of fluorescent lighting from behind.

Due to their efficiency, these are smaller and can fit into even smaller spaces, allowing TVs to be even narrower. In addition to direct (backlit) LEDs, there are two major types of edge lit LEDs.

Due to the low cost, size and versatility of LED screens, it has become the most popular format of TV on the market. However, it does not provide the highest quality picture.


When it comes to contrast and colour accuracy, plasma is considered superior to LCD and LED. Because of cost, this format is typically limited to larger screens (often 40″+). In these larger screen sizes, Plasma can be a more cost-effective option. Additionally, plasma screens are used to produce those ultra-large screens of 80 inches and larger, as it is easier and more affordable to produce those screens at those larger sizes.

  • OLED

The advent of OLED displays has greatly advanced display technology. In contrast to what its name implies, OLED has nothing in common with LED. OLED stands for ‘Organic Light Emitting Upon direct electrical current supply, diodes create light using ‘organic’ materials such as carbon.

LED / LCD TVs require backlights to illuminate the screen, while OLED TVs do not. The OLED screen can be super thin and flexible without the restriction of an external light source.

Because the individual areas of the display are directly lit, rather than using an external backlight, OLED TVs have better contrasts and colors. In general, OLED displays are thinner, more flexible, faster at processing images, produce more vibrant colors, and have a sharper contrast ratio. The cost remains high, however.

There you have it, the different types of tv screens. Your next step will be to determine which type of TV screen size is the best for you. It is possible you would like to think about other aspects or features. Would you like a TV with 4K resolution? Buy TV online at the best prices today!

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