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Types and usages of Smart card printer



For the success of the government smart card identification program, the proper combination of components must be carefully selected and certified to ensure that the identification card meets the government identification card’s longevity requirements. 

Interact daily with customers who are new to the idea of a Smart card printer and customer membership cards. Many are surprised to find out how profitable it is, but at the same time, they are worried about deciding to buy new technology.

This is exactly why ID Wholesaler created our photo identification system. We work on our behalf by bundling components that work perfectly.

 Most ID card printing systems include:

• Card printer

• Identification software

• Printer ribbon


• PVC card

Many Smart card printer systems also include a warranty kit and a cleaning kit. You can also buy these kits separately if they are not already included.

The ID card printer system not only makes purchasing decisions easy; it also makes it easy with a laptop. Purchasing a package identification system is cheaper than purchasing the items individually.

Types of smart cards

Contacts: The plastic card surface of the contact smart card has an embedded metal chip contact pad that must be inserted into a smart card reader and directly connected to transfer and read the card data. .. Repeated insertion into the ID card reader throughout the life of the card causes significant wear on the contact pad and the ID card’s surface, which has the greatest impact on the average life of the card. 

• Contactless – Contactless smart cards do not have a contact panel and instead use radio waves to communicate with the remote ID card reader. This connection is achieved by electromagnetic induction between the card reader’s antenna and the antenna embedded between the layers of the card body. Contactless smart cards last longer than contact smart cards because they do not require physical contact with the ID card reader.

• Dual interface: Dual interface smart cards have both contact and contactless connections to a single chip within the same ID card, demonstrating both technologies’ strengths and weaknesses. Dual interface smart cards are a recent development. Most of the smart Organizations in the card industry believe that dual smart cards can definitely achieve five years’ useful life. However, it may be too early to guarantee a 10-year shelf life at this time.

• Hybrid – Hybrid smart cards have two chips, one connected through a contact interface and the other through a contactless interface. It is basically two smart cards in an ID card body, and there is no communication between the two chips. Hybrid smart cards are generally considered the least durable of the major smart card types, suggesting that dual interface ID cards are superior. Most of the smart card industry supports the view that the five-year durability of hybrid ID cards may be feasible, but the ten-year shelf life is unlikely.

Benefits of using a smart card printer

1. Reduce costs in the long run

 Only two choices are required when it comes to selecting  ID cards. You can buy the finished card or print it yourself. With the latter, you can buy a high-end printer that can print the entire card, including personalization details (like photos and names) and security features like holograms and watermarks. Alternatively, you can use a pre-printed card with a basic design and security features, buy a less fancy printer, and add your name and photo.

2. Issue the card quickly

From a security point of view, everyone must have an ID card. This can be a problem if a new employee, student, or visitor waits for the card to be requested, printed, or sent before it is issued.

3. Eliminate temporary card security flaws

As explained above, the ability to issue cards quickly means you can eliminate the use of common temporary cards. This allows anyone to use a temporary card containing personal information, eliminating potential security flaws. They potentially allow people who find them to enter the building and for malicious employees to use them instead of their cards for fraudulent activities.

4. More precise control of the printing process

From a security standpoint, it can be advantageous to purchase a Smart card printer. If personal information or security features are printed, or smart cards are programmed internally, the possibility of external interference such as card copying or counterfeiting is eliminated.

Having your own printer gives you more control over the card creation process, allowing you to create different types of cards for different groups of users and regularly redesign them to prevent fraud.

5. Develop internal skills

Initial training may be required for some aspects of how the internal identity printing process works, but providing these skills to employees means they won’t have to pay for them in the future. Employees have the potential to train other employees.

This includes printer maintenance, card design, security management, and skills in linking printers and related software to your organization’s existing infrastructure, such as access control, logical access, and cashless vending systems

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J Muzique: A Music Industry Gem Eager To Get Noticed



Jonathan Harrigan better known by his stage name J Muzique is an on the rise Artist/Producer
and Songwriter from Worcester, Massachusetts. J Muzique caters very well to many genres
within music such as Hip Hop/Rap, R&BN, Pop, Alternative and EDM. This individual is very
versatile and quite clever with the way he creates content. After hearing a record that featured
mainstream artists Kanye West and Chance The Rapper, J Muzique was eager to create his
own music. His cousin granted him that chance at a studio he engineered at and gave J
Muzique a recording session. After working a shift he had his music playing in his car while
driving a client around, she did not know it was Jonathan. Listening to the song she began to cry
and asked who was the artist on the record. Once she found out it was J Muzique she told him
never to stop following his passion and the song had touched her very deeply. He knew that he
had an ability to reach and inspire others with his musical talent and that was the start of his

He began to purchase his own equipment and teach himself how to engineer his own content.
April 19,2020 was his first full year of recording and mixing his own music. After upgrading his
equipment and gaining more producer knowledge he finished his EP called “A Very Very Boring
Session” Prod. OG_Bay, Black Beat, Rolan Joe C and Distro released on May 15th. Since a kid
Jonathan has always been surrounded by music, but he wasn’t always a just a musician. He
used to play Football and do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but due to knee surgeries had to hang up his
cleats. He kept his positivity after hitting a downward spiral and that’s when his new admiration
for music really peaked and he became this musical mastermind we see today. His music has
been heard in 69 countries and he has over 200,00 streams on Spotify. He states ” Trust is
something I’ve learned more about and had keep a level head and a eye open, not everyone
out to fail you. It’s all hit or miss, making, producing, engineering music is a business you have
to take risks to achieve results whether is a W or Loss. Opened myself to more criticism,
criticism is everything from ya best friend to a family member, or random person. You have to be
open to criticism it’s only gunna make you better as a person and artist. Your gunna run into real
n fake people, ones who are ready to work and the ones that “say they ready to work”. I really
don’t see them as principles or values but more so lessons. It’s all a learning process at the end
of the day. I’m learning more and more everyday whether it’s through a right or wrong move. It’s
teaches more and more, I learn how to move differently, I know how to Handle music/ business
moves the right way. Who to work with who not to.” Wise words from this talented artist.

Stream his music here

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5 Common Reasons for Word File Corruption




An MS Word file can get corrupted due to myriad reasons. In this article we look at the 5 most common reasons which can lead to corruption of MS Word data files. 

In the Windows world, the MS Word application is the default word processor application that nearly everyone runs on their systems. The application is unparalleled in its class and it simply does not have a match in its desktop version.  For most of us, Word is a part of our daily lives, whether we work in a large corporate office, study in college or run a small business. Quite expectedly we end up creating numerous Word documents that contain valuable information. However, in certain cases, we may encounter a situation where a single or a batch of Word files get corrupted. While it is not possible for us to predict every possible scenario that can lead to corruption of MS Word files; we have listed below the 5 most common causes for you to be aware of. 

Incompatible Document Format or Template Use

One of the most common issues which can lead to corrupted Word file is the use of an incompatible template or document format. At times some templates are designed to work with certain versions only or have fonts which a standard Word version may not be able to process. 

Data Corruption due to Download or File Transfer

Word files are known to occasionally get corrupted when we download them from a web server or a remote file drive. Most such issues occur due to an unstable internet connection or a faulty network device. 

File Format Conversions and Introduction of Unsupported Characters

At times we need to convert an MS Word file into another format say PDF etc. Now the converted file may be worked upon by another user and shared back with us. If we try to reconvert the file back to the Word format, we may receive an error message. This occurs due to incompatible data elements like unsupported characters getting introduced into the Word file. 

Virus Attacks 

The MS Word application is a common target for numerous viruses that exploit weaknesses in the Windows system to affect Word files. Such viruses have been there for decades and Word users should always keep an antivirus tool installed in their machines to deal with them. However even after the virus infection has been removed, the underlying Word files can remain inaccessible and a specialized tool may be needed to recover them. 

Hardware Issues 

In many cases hardware issues like bad sectors in data storage drives or magnetic interference can cause the corruption of MS Word files. A disk failure due to contact of the read-write head with the rotating storage platter too would lead to corruption MS Word files present on the hard disk. 

Invest in DataNumen Word Repair Application to Keep your Data Safe

If you really wish to always keep the data present in your valuable Word files accessible after an incident of data corruption, make sure you have the DataNumen Word Repair application handy. The tool is designed to repair Word documents, extract compromised Word documents from nearly every media type and can recover multiple files in one attempt using its Batch repair option. The application can also prove useful in recovering contents from temporary word files in the event of a power failure or improper system shutdown. 

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Parameters in Underwriting Motor Insurance



The underwriter uses several parameters to underwrite vehicle insurance risks. Here we explain three of these parameters:

Insured driver  

The driver is also an important parameter in underwriting. The best car, if driven by a bad driver will result in accidents and losses. Hence the underwriter will take into account a lot of information related to the Driver. 

The age of the driver has a bearing on the loss ratio. The younger drivers are prone to make accidents and cause losses. The younger drivers are more enthusiastic and easier to make bad decisions which will end up in accident and loss. 

Age of the driving license and the years of experience of driving a motor vehicle. A holder of a new driving license is considered a high risk. Apart from this the insured might have obtained a driving license but did not get an opportunity to drive hence the age of driving license may be more but the experience may be less. The underwriter must get detailed information in order to understand the real experience of the driver in driving the vehicle. 

The underwriters should also know whether the driver is suffering from any physical and or mental infirmity, hearing problems or defective vision, or even color blindness. These attributes will have an impact on the accidents. The healthy and physically fit drivers will have more endurance and will cause fewer accidents compared to the person with some of the defects as mentioned above. 

The gender of the driver may also be a criterion for underwriting. Studies have been done on this issue and it has been found that women are much safer drivers compared to men. Once again this is not the major criteria for underwriting. 

Apart from the age of the driver some even consider marital status, which has a bearing on the risk. There is an assumption that most married people tend to stay at home compared to bachelors. This assumption makes married people a safer risk compared to bachelors. 

Driver past accident records also help in making the right underwriting decision. If a driver has more accidents then the chances are that he may be a bad driver or a careless driver. The careless driver reflects a moral hazard. Hence, he should be rated higher and even the deductible can be increased. 

The occupation and educational level of the driver is also important as there are certain occupations that have proven to have bad accident records. Even driver with good education seems to be good drivers. Some insurance companies treat these as important underwriting criteria for motor insurance. 

Convictions of the driver for traffic violations is also an important criterion for evaluating the risk the underwriter is assuming. A person with numerous convictions will be a morale hazard and may cause a loss to the insurance company. The underwriter should be able to probe the detailed information obtained with regard to convictions normally during the last five years. 

No matter what type of driver you are, you can get a cheap Aflac auto Insurance. Just compare various quotes and get the policy that best meet your insurance needs. 

Geographical area of usage

Some insurance companies have differential ratings for different geography. Like a vehicle plying in the city, roads are considered at a higher risk than a vehicle plying in the countryside. Then the underwriters also categorize areas of risk, as the vehicle when used near a sea coast is more prone to rusting and may cause more accident and depreciation than the vehicles which are used in places away from the seaside.

Similarly, some areas are prone to natural disasters like floods. The rating for vehicles coming from such areas may have higher compared to the vehicles coming from other safe areas. There are also areas prone to theft and some areas are considered safer areas. The areas which are prone to theft will invite additional premium and a higher deductible the areas which are considered safer. 

Regardless of where you live or drive, you may qualify for cheap insurance such as car insurance with no down payment. Get fast and easy quotes online and find the policy you need. 

Insured estimated value or sum insured of the vehicle  

Insured estimated value (IEV) also known as the Insured declared value (IDV) is an important requirement of motor insurance. IEV becomes sum insured under the own damage section of the vehicle. It is required for package policies. This is not required for third party insurance. The rating for the vehicle is based on the IEV and the underwriters usually work out a percentage of the IEV and if the value is low then there is a minimum premium criterion that will take care of low-value cars.

This value is provided by the insured and the insurer will only make a judgment as to the correctness of the value. The declaration of low value will go against the insured. Whereas declaring a higher value than the real price of the vehicle will cause the insured to pay more premium without any benefit. 

For example, if Mr. X wants to insure his car which is worth US$ 100,000 and the underwriter decides to rate it at 4% then the insurer will charge 4% of 100,000 which comes to $ 4,000. The insurer has minimum premium criteria of $1,000. In another case, if Mr. Y wants to insure his car and the IDV or IEV is $ 20,000 and the rate arrived by the underwriter is 4%. Then based on the value the premium should come to US$ 800. But in view of minimum premium criteria, the premium charged to the insured will be $1,000, which is the minimum premium criteria.

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Advantages of Buying Facebook Page Likes or followers



Facebook Page Likes

Nowadays, Facebook is a popular marketing tool with the highest record of the top-visited social networking website. It is common throughout the world, connecting people on a single platform. Millions of users are active participants on the website, and in no time, they are looking for some new feed on their page.

It possesses many benefits for business, especially for products, brands, artists and vlogger. It is a fact that Facebook can potentially sell your brand, products, or other services in a short time without investing much. That is why people often choose to buy Facebook Page likes and establish their business online from trusted marketing agencies such as Famoid.

The need for Buying Facebook likes

Well, when you want to expand your business, your posts, campaign, and services must get millions of likes, your page has high numbers of followers, and your videos get a large number of views. This is when buying Facebook likes, and followers become significantly important, and it becomes wise to buy the service.

Advantages – Why Should You Buy “Likes”

  1. The best option for a newly launched business

Buying Facebook likes and followers is the best choice if your product or brand is newly launched as getting likes and followers is usually a slow process. In fact, your target group might be unaware of your page, which is why buying likes is the only option to boost your new page in no time.

  1. Legitimate your page or service

It will legitimate your page or service campaign which you are running. It is not easy for people to trust a service which holds merely 23 or 30 likes. Buying “Likes” gives your product or brand an instant rise in the marketplace. Buying thousands of likes on your Facebook page will likely advertise your product, brand or service to a huge number of people.

  1. Make a good brand reputation.

More likes will help you in making a good reputation for your brand or product. With a huge number of likes, your page will surely be visible to more people more frequently. It is a practical way to create an environment that will support your brand’s establishment to remind more people to think about your product or service.

  1. Increase your Page Fans

This is an ideal way to make an increase in your fans. A huge number of likes on your page will attract more people who see your page in their news feed through Facebook ads and another campaigning.

  1. Optimize the credibility and sustainability

Buying Facebook page likes or followers optimize the credibility and sustainability of your product, brand or services. Your content becomes more competent and reliable if a large number of people will back it up. Obviously, you will have an opportunity to reach a large community in a short time.


It is hereby being concluded that buying Facebook page likes or followers will help you grow as a business with more ease. No matter what is your product or service, it needs to be recognized by more people. Buying Facebook page likes is a quick way to reach a large number of people in no time.

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The aging population and the younger ones, creating a perfect balance – caregivers in Nj




One’s health refers to the traditional, objective and biomedical view of the absence of infirmity or disease. And for this we say home health care at home. But to a holistic view, that adds mental resources and social well-being to physical health. So, Health services goes beyond health education and disease prevention. In as far as it is based on that concept and enhances the analysis and development of the health potential of individuals.

The WHO Ottawa Charter defines health in a broader concept as: “the process of enabling people to increase control over, and improve, their health”. Based on this notion of health as a positive concept, the Ottawa Charter put forward the idea. And their idea is that “People create and live health within the settings of their everyday life; where they learn, work, play and love”. This approach on health, founded on the experience of community and organizational development led to a number of initiatives. And in which one of these is the ROYAL CARE GIVERS.  Royal Care Givers is a local family-owned boutique care agency with a focus on maximizing the health and quality of life of each individual served.

Who are Royal Care Givers?

We are a religious oriented, cloister-affiliated institution providing flexible personalized care to the elderly, psychologically deviant and others in need.

Eventually, parents become older. They become sick, weak and frail. With their conditions come the need for more attention, more love, more understanding, and more importantly, quality elderly care. While you as a child or relative can care for your elders, often, the challenge can be huge as you juggle caregiving with your own family, life, and career. Caregiving for the elderly can be a demanding task, and you can find yourself torn between your own needs and those of the elderly you’re caring for.

While elderly care can be difficult with its many demands, it is still important to provide them what they deserve for their own health, safety, and well-being.

This is where you can fully count on us. We provide

  • Companionship
  • Personal care
  • Transitional care

And additional services such as

  • Medication reminder
  • Long-term care
  • Errands (grocery)
  • Light housekeeping, among others.

Providing elderly care with the help of ROYAL CARE GIVERS stops them from feeling isolated and depressed. We help to partake in social activities, community engagements and exercises that empowers and energizes them.

ROYAL CARE GIVERS do more than just care for your elderly parents or loved ones, we also become almost part of the family. We nurture, care for, interact, and bond with the elderly as well as their families.

How we do home health care at home?

Part of our properly caring for your elderly is providing them a sense of purpose so they will always look forward to the days ahead of them instead of filling with dread or uncertaintyWegain insight into their values by spending time to talk to them and getting to know their history, how they lived, how life was in their times, and learn values that we can also apply to your generation.

Empathy, patience, attentiveness, dedication, creativity and trustworthiness characterize us.

Our caregivers are highly skilled accredited and licensed professionals dedicated to providing the highest degree of personalized home care services in an efficient and professional manner.

Our services are very flexible as we have live-in and live-out options available to our cherished clientele.

We provide flexibility in terms of payments too. We strive to be an inclusive agency and care for clients with different budgets.

Royal Care Givers, love and excellence in home care!

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Toll-free: 1-800-668-2317

Emergency Hotline: 973- 991-3736


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