Tudor Heritage Black Bay Timepiece : Classic and Exceptional Collection

Tudor Watch was established in the early ’90s. This watch brand was founded by Hans Wildorf, who is also the founder of Rolex SA. He wants to have an affordable yet same quality as Rolex; that’s why he came up with this brand. Today, the Tudor watch is still considered as a sister company to the famous brand.

If you dreamed of having a Rolex in your collection but hesitant to buy one because of its hefty price, then you might opt for a Tudor watch to satisfy your desire. There are many Tudor watch collections to choose from, and this Heritage Black Bay is one of their excellent models.

Vintage Inspired Look Dive Watch

Tudor brand is very well known for its diving watch throughout its history. The dive watch collection of this brand was launched in 1954. It is a fusion from the remarkable features of the previous watch models that this Tudor Heritage Black Bay brings. You can identify this watch model as modern yet inspired by the past.

This watch will, indeed, exude your expectations. If you love vintage-inspired watches, this model features an oyster case, a large crown, and a fluted bezel. The straps are made from leather and add to its vintage-inspired look. Well, not just that it has a classic look, but the quality of this watch will match any modern watch in the market today.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Collection

Looking for dive watches might be challenging, especially when there’s a lot available in the market today. But, Tudor Heritage Black Bay watches will surely capture your heart. It will provide anything you like for a dive watch. You will surely not regret buying one because of its design and quality.

Heritage Black Bay Fifty-Eight Black Dial Men’s Watch 79030N-0001

This men’s watch model features a stainless steel case with a unidirectional bezel. It also has a sapphire crystal for scratch-resistance. The black dial and snowflake hands add to its magnificent look. This model is 200 meters water resistant, perfect for your swimming sessions.

Heritage Black Bay Chronometer Men’s Watch 79230B-0008

The high-class appearance of this model will capture everyone’s eye. This is perfect for people in business or those who are into formal events. It features a black dial and silver-tone hand markers. This model has a rotatable bezel and matte blue disc to have a more great outlook. It has a 70-hour power reserve and comes with self-winding movement.

Heritage Black Bay Men’s Watch79230DK-0004

This watch model from the Black Bay Dark Collection is an epitome of brilliance and accuracy. It also features Tudor’s trademark of classic style and elegance. This watch has a 41mm black PVD steel case and a satin finish. The strap is made from black leather, adding to its sophisticated look.

Heritage Black Bay Swiss Dive Men’s Watch 79230N-0009

If you’re looking for a contemporary design, then this watch will suit you. It features a 411 stainless steel case with a satin finish. The dial is black with a touch of gold on its hand edges, and the strap is made from rivet steel with a folding buckle and clasp to secure its hold.

Heritage Black Bay Men’s Watch 79230R-0012

This model is from the Black Bay series. The luxurious piece features a black dial and gold-toned hands. The watch is made from a stainless steel case that contributes to its durability. The watch glass has sapphire crystals for scratch-free. Its power reserve can last up to 70 hours.

Heritage Black Bay Men’s Watch 79500-0002

If you’re looking for a classic and elegant timepiece for your collection, do not forget to include this model. By the look of this watch, you can already see its vintage-inspired look. It is made from stainless steel case and sapphire glass to prevent any scratch. It comes with a brown leather strap and black dial with luminous hands.

Black Bay 41 Men’s Watch79543-0001

At a glance, you would think that this watch model is from the Rolex brand. Well, we can’t blame it as this brand is a sister company to Rolex. It features a black dial and snowflakes hands. This model’s best features include its two-toned strap in silver and fold, adding to its classic yet magnificent look.


This watch brand is not as cheap as it is a sister company to Rolex. It offers a reasonable price for those who can’t afford to buy the actual Rolex watch. The feature and its design are comparable or the same as Rolex, so if you’re looking for an excellent watch that offers undeniable great features, then Tudor is the perfect one.

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